How to protect your kids with safer Internet web browsing?

By Tajinder Singh,

In the open Internet, have you wondered which web sites your kids stumble across or go to? Is it safe and age-appropriate? The risk is further multiplied; with the access devices being so widely prevalent like the tablets and smart-phones.

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With 2 growing kids, one a teenager now, I have been using K-9 free Internet filter for a few years, and found it quite effective. Based upon your protection settings for the kid’s user account, it does an excellent job of blocking out what is inappropriate and does it unobtrusively, with minimal to zero maintenance headaches. Some of its features that I find very useful are:

  1. Very easy, pre-defined web categories to choose from.
  2. Safe search enabled for all search engines, to display “sanitized” search results.
  3. Tamper resistant to tinkering by tech-savvy kids.
  4. Supports custom “always block or allow” site list.

The best part is it works across Windows, MacOS, and most importantly across iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. You can hear the “bark” from the study room computer if your kid stumbles across a restricted site! Eventually I turned the “bark” K-9 audio off, though it still provides the underlying filtering

You can find the complete K-9 details here –

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Other points you should keep in mind for safer browsing and setting up K-9:

  1. Setup a separate user account for your kid(s). Do NOT entitle their user accounts with Admin privileges, unless absolutely needed.
  2. Always browse the web using a user account that does NOT have admin privileges on your Computer.
  3. Do not share the Admin password used to install the K-9 software, with your kids or others.

You can download K-9 free from

For iPhone/iPad, look for “K9 Web Protection Browser” in the Apple AppStore.

For Android phones & tablets, look for “K9 Web Protection Browser” in Google Play.

Happy and safe browsing!!

Disclaimer – I am not associated with K-9/Blue Coat in any shape or form, and neither is Learnhive.

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Tajinder Singh Sidhu is a Founder and Director at Learnhive. He has over 20 years of experience in various leadership roles designing and managing complex technology solutions. Prior to Learnhive, he worked for over 14 years at Goldman Sachs in New York. He holds a BTech degree in Computer Science & Engg from IIT, Delhi, and a Master’s in Computer Science from College of William & Mary, Virginia. He has taught students as part of the NSS scheme in India, and currently is a teacher with the Literacy Volunteers of America.

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