Everything that you wanted to know about CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and other international syllabi

By Captain Unni Krishnan,

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Education in India is very highly dependent on the syllabus offered and most parents choose schools based on the syllabus it offers rather than on the kind of education imparted by the school.

Schools in India offer both Indian and International syllabi some of which are:

  1. NationalCBSE - Central Board of Secondary Education.
  2. ICSE- Indian Certificate of Secondary Education
  3. State Board- Approximately 30 State Boards.
  4. InternationalCambridge University Programs.
  5. IBO Programs and a few others such as – Ontario from Canada, EDEXCEL- From UK.

Why and how CBSE ?

  • Started by the NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) with the aim to operate a chain of central schools (Kendriya Vidyalaya) that could cater to government employees who are in transferable jobs that involve mid year movements.
  • A number of private schools have started to offer CBSE since a number of private sector employees are also moving place to place
  • The CBSE Syllabus is very structured, highly predictable and, highly controlled
  • All national entrance examinations are conducted as per this syllabus.
  • A number of changes have been incorporated lately, the prominent decision being to make board examination at the end of Grade -10 optional
  • Board exams conducted:
    •  Grade-10 (Optional )
    •  Grade-12 (Mandatory)

CBSE Question Papers

ICSE – Indian School Certificate Examinations

  • An offshoot of the Cambridge IGCSE that existed during the British regime was taken over by the Anglo Indian Board and is now governed by the  ‘Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations’.
  • Has taken in a lot of structures from the NCERT
  • At Grade-10 as of now is the toughest board examination
  • Almost similar to CBSE in terms of controls, difference being this is quasi Government.
  • Board Exams conducted:
    • ICSE – Grade-10
    • ISC- Grade-12

State Boards

  • Each state has its own variance from the NCERT syllabus and adds up its local flavor. State government predominantly dictates languages taught and medium of instruction.
  • Relatively easy syllabus for board exams.
  • Age is another factor that varies from state to state.
  • As per the new government directive, many state boards have adopted the NCERT syllabus for Math and Science in Grades 11 and 12. This move is aimed at a common entrance examination for Engineering and Medical colleges which is expected soon.
  • Board Exams Conducted:
    • Grade-10.
    • Grade-12 (Also called P U- Pre University).
    • Some states also conduct a Board Exam in Grade-8.

Alternate education

National Open School- Highly suited for students who have Learning difficulties or who are involved in other activities such as Sports at National / International level. Accepted as equal to other streams.

International Education-

  • IBO- Three levels PYP (Primary Years Program -Up to Grade-5), MYP (Middle Years Program – Grade 6 to 10), IB Diploma (Grade 11 and 12). IBO conducts an External Exam only for Diploma; School assesses other programs. Currently there is a plan for introduction of External exam at Grade-10 level (Completion of MYP).
  • Cambridge Program- Currently focused on IGCSE at 9 &10 and A Level at 12 Grade (Also commencing Cambridge Diploma Program at Grade-12).
  •  Biggest advantage of International curriculum is freedom offered in delivery of curriculum.
  • This provides opportunity to school to try innovative approach to help children understand concepts than just follow textbook teaching.
  • Assessments can be differentiated and thus learning can be made fun.

While International syllabi are compatible with higher education in India, the biggest limitation of International Education in India is that, as of today it is offered only in the high-end expensive schools. 

Boards of Secondary & Senior Secondary Education in India

State Board Year of Establishment Administrative Set-up
Andhra Pradesh (i) Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary  Education, Hyderabad – 500 001 1953 Part of the State Department of Education
(ii) Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Hyderabad – 500 001
1971 Statutory
Assam (i) Assam Board of Secondary Education, Guwahati – 781 021 1962 Statutory
(ii) Assam Higher Secondary Education Council, Guwahati – 781 021 1984 Statutory
Bihar (i) Bihar School Examination Board
Patna 800 017
1952 Statutory
(ii) Bihar Intermediate Education Council,
Patna 800 001.
1980 Statutory
Goa Goa Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education
Goa- 403 521
1975 Statutory
Gujarat Gujarat Secondary Education Board,
Sector 10-B, Gandhi Nagar – 382 043
1960 Statutory
Haryana Haryana Board of Education,
Hansi Road, Bhiwani – 125021
Tel.  91-1664-44171
Fax: 91-1664-41611
1969 Statutory
Himachal Pradesh Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education, Dharamsala-176216. Distt. Kangra. 1969 Statutory
Jammu & Kashmir J&K State Board of School Education, Rehari Colony, Jammu- 180 005 (Nov.– April)
Lalmandi, Srinagar 190 005 (May–Oct.)
1965 Statutory
Karnataka (i) Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Bangalore 560 003 1966 Part of the State Deptt. of Education
(ii) Karnataka Board of the Pre-University Education
Bangalore-560 001
1970 Part of the State Deptt. of Pre-University Education
Kerala Kerala Board of Public Examinations, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 012 1949 Part of the State Deptt. of Education
Maharashtra Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Shivajinagar, Pune 411 010.
Home Page : http://www.mah.nic.in/msec
1966 Statutory
Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education, Bhopal -462 011 1959 Statutory
Manipur (i) Manipur Board of Secondary Education,
Imphal – 795 001
1972 Statutory
(ii) Manipur Council of Higher Secondary Education, Imphal – 795 001 1992 Statutory
Meghalaya Meghalaya Board of School Education, Meghalaya-794 102 1973 Statutory
Mizoram Mizoram Board of School Education
Aizawl-796 012
1976 Statutory
Nagaland Nagaland Board of School Education, Post Box, 98, Kohima -767 001 1974 Statutory
Orissa (i) Orissa Board of Secondary Education, Bajrakabati Road, Cuttack -753 001 1965 Statutory
(ii) Orissa Council of Higher Secondary Education, Bhubaneswar – 75 1955 Statutory
Punjab Punjab School Education Board,
Mohali -160 059
1969 Statutory
Rajasthan Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education,
Ajmer- 305 001
1957 Statutory
Tamil Nadu (i) Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary Education, Department of Govt. Examinations
Chennai- 600 006
1908 Part of the State Deptt. of Education
(ii) Tamil Nadu Board of Higher Secondary Education, College Road,
Chennai-600 006.
1982 Part of the State Deptt. of Education
Tripura Tripura Board of Secondary Education
Agartala, Tripura West -799 006.
1973 Statutory
U.P. U.P. Board of High School & Intermediate Education, Allahabad – 211 001 1922 Autonomous Body under the Deptt. of Education
West Bengal (i) West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, 77/2, Park Street,  Calcutta -700 016 1951 (Reconstituted in 1964) Statutory
(ii) West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education
Calcutta- 700 091
1929 (Reconstituted in 1962 Statutory
All-India Boards (i) Central Board of Secondary Education 2, Community Centre, Shiksha Kendra, Preet Vihar, Delhi- 110 092
Tel.# 91-11-2249602, 2249628
Fax:  91-11-2215826
Home page:  http://www.cbse.nic.in
Autonomous body under the Government of India
(ii) Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations, Pragati House, 47/48, Nehru Place,
New Delhi – 110 019.
Home Page : http://www.cisce.org
1958 Registered Society
(iii) National Open School
A-38, Kailash Colony, New Delhi-110 048
Home Page : www.nos.org
1989 Autonomous body under the Government of India

About the Author:

Captain Unni Krishnan is a Founder and Director of LearnHive; he is also the Founder and Managing Trustee of Primus Public School, Bangalore. Prior to that he was the Founder and Trustee of Indus International School. At Primus, he has been instrumental in implementation of new teaching pedagogies. He has seamlessly integrated the International and Indian syllabi to help prepare students for higher studies both in India and Overseas. Capt. is a ‘Sword of Honor’ from the prestigious Officers Training Academy of the Indian Army.

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PS:  I hope that you found the most definitive guide related to educational boards in India very useful. We thank you for submitting your questions and making this blog one of the most popular blogs. Due to the high volume of questions that are being submitted, we would require you to Register (Click Here) for free at Learnhive before submitting a question. After you sign up, please feel free to submit questions using the form at the end of this blog; Captain will answer them in a timely manner. 

CBSE Question Papers

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About Unni Krishnan

Captain Unni Krishnan is a Founder and Director of LearnHive; he is also the Founder and Managing Trustee of Primus Public School, Bangalore. Prior to that he was the Founder and Trustee of Indus International School. At Primus, he has been instrumental in implementation of new teaching pedagogies. He has seamlessly integrated the International and Indian syllabi to help prepare students for higher studies both in India and Overseas. Capt. is a 'Sword of Honor' from the prestigious Officers Training Academy of the Indian Army. Learnhive (http://www.learnhive.net) is an online learning community of students (K through 12), parents, tutors and educational content creators. Our goal is to enrich the curriculum based learning experience of the students and to make learning more fun and effective.

1,757 comments on “Everything that you wanted to know about CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and other international syllabi

  1. Musuk on said:

    is it possible to get my science paper rechecked??? as i was expecting full marks in it but got some 10-12 marks less….. i am a student of Kendriya vidyalaya (cbse board). Please help me asap.

  2. Rohan Rajpal on said:

    Dear Sir,
    I am presently studying gr 12 ISC syllabus in Rama Global School Indonesia. In 11th I had taken English Maths physics ,Chemistry and Biology . However in order to focus on I SAT EXAM and such other competitive exams I wish to drop biology. As per ISC regulaions I need only 4 subjects to get a pass certificate. Am I allowed to drop biology at this point of time?

  3. SK Singh on said:

    Dear Sir,

    My daughter has completed IGCSE Cambridge International Board exam with five subjects and obtained D grade in English As a Second Language, Chemistry, Biology and E grade in Math and Computer Science in 2015 and now she has appeared in A1 level Cambridge international board exam. I am serving abroad but due to some domestic issues I have to shift my family in India. A1 level result will be announced in Aug 2016 and in the meantime I have to take admission in grade 12 in CBSE board with humanity stream. Please clarify the following:-
    (i) IGCSE only passing marks is mandatory or minimum C grade in each subject is required to take admission in India.
    (ii) Whether she can be admitted provisionally in grade 12th and passing certificate of A1 level can be produced after announcement of result.
    (iii) Whether eligibility certificate from CBSE board or equivalency certificate from AIU is required. I think equivalency certificate from AIU is required for taking admission in university.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear SK ,
      You cannot change Boards in Grade-12. You will need to continue with A level or else re join a CBSE school in Grade-11.

  4. R SWaminathan on said:

    Dear Sir
    My daughter has completed her IGCSE in Chennai in Grades D, E and F. According to IGCSE they say that she has cleared her exams and is eligible for XI standard equivalent. I have the following questions.

    1. Is she eligible for admissions in XI standard in a Tamilnadu State Board School or a Central Board school and can she write a XII standard exam in HSE or central board?
    2. IF she passes her XII standard from Tamilnadu State Board or a Central board school, Is she eligible for a graduate program (Say B Com or BA etc) in an Indian university. (I.e her IGCSE X and State/Central Board XI – is it eligble for college admissions or should she have a X and XII from only Indian schools)

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      If she has passed in IGCSE exams in at least 5 subjects including English, She is eligible to join any Indian Board in Grade-11 and can join any Indian University after passing Grade-12.

  5. pagare Ashish on said:

    Dear Sir
    My son is studying in Grade V in Gujarat Board. can he promoted to Grade VII as he is having appropriate age and knowledge

  6. A Kumar on said:

    Do you know what % of CBSE grade 10 students take French as their second language?

  7. Aditya on said:

    Hello sir,
    I recently gave my 10 cbse board exams. I am a resident of gujarat and i want to go outside gujarat for my higher studies and even i want to try for IIT. So my question is that which board shoul i opt for my 11 and 12 education?? Gujarat board or should i go with cbse only because i want to go outside gujarat for my higher studies.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Aditya,
      Since you wish to try for IIT and also have the option of going outside Gujarat, in Grade-11 & 12, CBSE will be a better option.

  8. Manju Bhaskar on said:

    Hi , My name is Manju Bhaskar.my daughter is in grade 3.Shes follows the cambridge curriculum.We are planning to relocate to Banglore this year.Can you please recommend some good schools that follows similar curriculum? What time the term begins in banglore? is it possible for her to join the CBSE International curriculum.
    Would really appreciate if you could provide your expert advise.

    Thank You & Best Regards,

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear manju,

      There are a number of IGCSE schools in Bangalore, I suggest, you must visit the schools personally and then decide. Yes you can join CBSe International also but I feel, you must choose IGCSE or else go for a regular CBSE school. The School Term in most schools in India begin in June and International schools start their session in August/ September.

  9. Darshini Vellanki on said:

    Dear Sir

    Good Morning. My son is currently pursuing his grade 9 in CBSE. His aim is to go to USA for his bachelors. Many of my friends and I personally feel IGCSE will help him to get into the universities easily. How far is our thought right. And the IGCSE is for 13 years is this required for entering in to universities in US.

    Your kind advice is very much appreciated.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Darshini,
      Since your son is in Grade-9 , let him complete Grade-10 in CBSE only. If you are keen on him studying in the US, then it is surely a good idea to get him take up an international syllabus in Grade-11 & 12 (Grade-12 ,CBSE is also accepted in US) The option of International Syllabi you have are A level from Cambridge and IB Diploma from IBO. Both of these syllabi are accepted in US with IB having a slight edge over A level. In any case, if US is the preferred destination, right after Grade-10, your son must start his preparation for the SAT examination . SAT scores are very critical to get into a Good University.
      Warm Regards

  10. Yash Trivedi on said:

    Is M.P board easy then CBSE….. And I will be in 10 but give exam private in other center provided will I get different paper??????

  11. Dharini on said:

    Respected sir,

    I am Dharini and have written 10th CBSE board exam in tamilnadu will there be any issues if I join 11th and 12th in Karnataka .Most of the people say me not to join in Karnataka and it will affect my future.Is it true?? Please give me your valuable suggestions…

  12. nitish on said:

    i going to grade 11. i had given board exam form igcse and i wish to do medical in india, but igcse syllabus different form state board and cbse so i think to go in state board.but confused to go or not because i do not the marks need in 10 for igcse medical to enter…

  13. N. LATHA on said:

    Dear sir, My daughter completed her VII standard in ICSE Auden Public School, Bangalore. And the marks secured is :Eng I – 80, Eng II – 89, Kannada (2nd language) – 97, Hindi (3rd language) – 90, Maths – 64, Physics – 73, Chemistry – 63, Biology – 75, History civics – 80, Geography – 93, Computers – 95. Now, we are planning to continue he in the ICSE syllabus for the 8th standard.As you can see her 7th standard marks – she is very weak in Mathematics and Science.Please inform you opinion.Further, after completing her 10th standard in ICSE, can she be shifted to karnataka board syllabus for the 1st PUC.We request you guidance in this regard.With thanks, Latha.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Latha,
      Please continue with ISE since your daughter is doing well. After Grade-10, you can join PU-1 of Karnataka State Board.


  14. HITESH on said:


  15. Nitha on said:

    Hello Sir,

    Could you please advise if my daughter who has completed her grade 10 in CBSE can join grade 11 in British Curriculum.
    I am trying to admit her in schools in Dubai and Sharjah and the administration didn’t admit to grade 11 as they say the admissions are only at grade 9 instead grade 11.

    We are planning to shift to UK next year so we need her to join in UK curriculum this year and then next year she can continue her studies in UK.

    we are worried about this situation now and don’t know how to proceed with this now.

    Your valuable advise would be appreciable.


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Nitha,
      If your daughter has passed Grade-10 Board exam of CBSE, then she is eligible for joining A level (This is equivalent of Grade-11 from Cambridge). You can contact the Cambridge Regional office in Dubai for getting help in admission.

  16. PG Thomas on said:

    Dear sir,

    I have take admission on my son in CBSE board on 1st standard in Gujarat, Basicaly we are from Kerala, but our job not transferable to other state. so that i would like to change from CBSE to Gujarat state board.

    His admission take on 1st April 2016, and Gujarat board admission start from 1st June 2016

    What can i do formalities, pls send your valuable replay

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      You can apply for admission to State Board school as a fresh students per policy of school where you are taking admission. I am not sure if you will get a refund of fee from the CBSE school since they have already confirmed admission.

  17. aishwarya sharma on said:

    respected sir,
    I have just given my cbse class 10 board examination and and i want to go for an igcse school for class 11.I don’t intend to give any engineering or medical examination.Is it a good decision? What problems I will face if I change my board of education in class 11?
    please suggest !!

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Aishwarya,
      From an understanding perspective, it is a good move to take up Grade-11 from Cambridge which is called A level.As a good student, you will not face any specific problem . The only thing to bear in mind is that in A level, questions will not be directly from the book and answers will need to be based on analysis of concepts. What you learn during these 2 years will remain with you and you will be able to understand application of concepts.

  18. Respected Sir,

    i have gone through your blog and some of the questions you have previously asked. it is very informative.
    My daughter is PU1 she is doing fine with her studies. But this year PU board not conducting exams properly (paper leak), exam centers not good,students left to suffer and unable to get enough time before other competitive exams start..etc. is making me think should i shift her school to CBSE for PU2.Lots of confusion in this

    1.Is it allowed to shift board from PU to CBSE is PU2
    2.When will PU2 registeration happen in CBSE
    3.Will she have any other issues to write the exam which we are not aware of.
    4.I think the books are same which is followed between PU and CBSE. please clarify. Before enrolling for the next academic year i want to make a decision so that child does not suffer due to administrative issues in the board.


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Devi,
      Please do not make any such changes at this stage. I understand the concern but it will be extremely difficult to manage change of school , change of board etc in a year that is very crucial for the student. Transfer from PU to CBSE is also not permitted. Please ask your daughter to continue her studies and do not let such external factors bother you.

  19. hello sir ,

    my 6 year old daughter has just completed her K2 in icse board. we are based in ahmedabad. the school also has IGCSE board. while i m considering the option of shifting her from icse to igcse , i am worried if this would be the right thing to do . which board has a better future .. is what i want to ask ??

  20. Suhasini on said:

    Hello Sir,

    My daughter is Nov’11 born and she is 4.4yrs old. I am confused with the age limit for appearing for the board exams in various boards – ISCE, IB and IGCSE. There are kids who are Aug’12 born, almost one year younger to my daughter in her class (Nursery).
    Could you please guide me if there will any challenge if I try to get her in to 1st std, at the age of 5.5yrs. Thank you.

  21. Hi
    i have complete my 12th science from icse Delhi board so i can gat admission in Maharashtra medical collage..

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Please check the Maharshatra medical college site and check eligibility. Generally all states accept students from CBSE and ISC

  22. Sudhanshu on said:

    I need some guidance on difference between cbse and cbse-i boards, which one will be better in terms of achieving high ranks in Indian competitive exams or both will be at par?

  23. navin khaitan on said:

    My son is studying in class 8 in ICSE Board in reputed school, this year he plugged in the said class, Now I think if we can change his Board from ICSE to CBSE he can manage the study,I do not want to continue him in the same class, Pls suggest

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      If you are interested in the child’s education, you must make him repeat the class . One year is not going to make any difference in life but passing with average marks is detrimental. I suggest you change his school and syllabus to CBSE but have him repeat the class.

  24. Rajani Sathish on said:

    Hello Sir,

    My two children are currently doing their CBSE schooling in 7th and 5th grade, daughter and son respectively. My husband has got an offer to work for a long project in Germany from this year (2016). This can extend from 5-7 years. I am worried on the education aspect of my children. They study well with very little help from me. I don’t want to be confused and spoil their future. Few of the points that I want to clear and would like to get answers to are:

    1. How is the education system in Germany? I have done my search on the three systems of education there but would like to hear from you as well.
    2. If we have to come back after 10th grade of my daughter (we are looking for International schools there), will she be able to cope up with the competition here?
    3. If we come after 12th grade will it be difficult to get into professional main stream colleges here?
    4. I have heard many parents getting their children to do 11th and 12th grade in India and then again go back. i am confused as to why do they do that.

    I would greatly appreciate if you could help me clear my doubts as I want to decide if I have to stay back in India for my children to continue their education here or all of us move to Germany.

    Awaiting your earliest response.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Rajani ,
      I do not have info on all options of study in Germany but I am sure there are 2 streams The Cambridge IGCSE and IB are Internationally offered and are chosen by Parents who are Internationally mobile to help in easy transition. If you chose to follow the IGCSE ,you would be able to come back after Grade-10 and continue in the Indian System however the challenge in that case will be of late announcement of results since Cambridge results are declared only in Second week of August and Grade-11 classes in India commence in June. With regard to adjusting to Indian system in Grade-11 after International education, if you rae keen on this, you must have the children practise Math and Science from Indian books even when they are outside India. Most parents chose to study Grade-11 and 12 in India so that the children become eligible nad find it easy to cope with teh Entrance exam to professional courses.
      Warm Regards
      Capt Unni Krishnan

  25. Rajaram Kalyanpur on said:

    My son is studying in 9th Grade – O Level – UK Syllabus in Dubai. His school has 10th and 11th IGCSE. I am told that the IGCSE exam is only in 11th Grade. I want to shift him to CBSE – Commerce stream from 11th Grade. Will CBSE in Dubai admit him to 11th Standard even if IGCSE does not conduct any exam in 10th Grade. Secondly, will a School in Bangalore admit him to Ist PUC Commerce ?

    Secondly, for 10th and 11th, his school says that he has to study 5 compulsory subjects (English, Maths, Arabic, PSHE, PE) and 6 Optional Subjects for IGCSE – Double Science (2 Papers), Accounts, Business Studies, Economics and Additional English. Are they correct ? I find some IGCSE schools says that only 4 optional subject but his school, which is newly starting their 10th and 11th, say 6 optional subjects.

    Will be thankful for your early reply.

    Regards, Rajaram

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Admission to Grade-11 in CBSE or any other Indian Board can be taken only after the IGCSE Board exam is completed. Hence it is mandatory that your son complete his Grade-11 with IGCSE Board exam before moving to any other board. The practise of conducting IGCSE Board exam in Grade -11 is common in many European, South East and Middle east countries. It is only in India that most schools conduct IGCSE in Grade-10.

      With Regard to qualifying for Grade-11 in any Indian Board, it is mandatory to pass in English and a minimum of 4 other subjects which means a total of Minimum 5 subjects with english being compulsory. Actually in IGCSE there are 5 Groups
      Group 1- Language – In this English is compulsory and Second language is optional
      Group -2 – Math
      Group-3 Science- In this you can do an Integrated Science or choose from Physics, Chemistry and Biology as separate subjects
      Group-4 Humanities- This has subjects such Economics, History etc
      Group- 5 is Vocational- This includes options such as Business Studies, Computer Science, ICT,Accountancy etc.

      Technically you have to pass in a minimum of 5 subjects . The only addition being if you would to choose for an ICE ( International Certificate Of Education) you should pass in a total of 7 subjects with a least one subject from each group and two languages from Group-1. Please note that Indian Boards do not ask for an ICE and offer admission to Grade-11 if a student passes in 5 Subjects including English.
      Hope this helps.

      • Rajaram Kalyanpur on said:

        Dear Mr. Unnikrishnan,

        Very many thanks for your reply.

        As I note that IGCSE in India conduct Board Exams in 10th, can you kindly suggest some schools in Bangalore who have IGCSE syllabus.

        I checked the web but I find it a little bit confusing.

        Kind Regards, Rajaram

  26. aswin on said:

    my son was studying in ICSE board from 2nd to 10th std in bangalore, later i put him to state pu board for 1st pu even though he was reluctant, he was telling that the state syllabus are little lower from what he had all these days and he took things litghtly, now for 12th std can i put him CBSE board, if ok, what is the procedure.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      CBSE does not permit transfer from another Board in Grade-12. However, you my check with the regional office. You may also find it difficult to get admission in a Good CBSE school in Grade-12. I do not know if you know that the syllabus of PU in Grade11 &12 are the same as in CBSE . All books followed are same. I suggest , your son must continue PU, put in hard work and work towards a good result in PU-2 so that he can join a good college.

  27. Ritu on said:

    My son is doing his igcse grade 10. We want to shift him to Indian board . Recently I came to know from an icse school coordinator that from the year 2016, they have made their science syllabus very similar to NCERT pattern ,so that the students will not face problem preparing for competitive and joint exams. Pls tell me has icse really changed their syllabus?? Or should I admit my son to a cbse school . Pls help me ASAP as the admissions in both the schools have started . Thanks a lot

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      There has been a talk of ICSE accepting NCERT syllabus in Grade 11 & 12 , however there is no confirmation as this is likely to be implemented only from this session. I feel CBSE is a safer option .

      • Dear sir thanks for your prompt reply. Today morning I went to the icse school and the coordinator said that the school has already got the new books for the new session of class 11 science beginning in April 2016. This school is very reputed and also near to our house. Sir just wanted to know that if the books have been changed then will the syllabus be at par with cbse ?? Pls reply.

        • Unni Krishnan on said:

          While the books may be same, there can be some settling issues and also the delivery, style of assessment may not be the same. CBSE is a safer option since it is tuned to the entrance exams.

          • Dear sir kindly throw some light on wether a student after completing A levels can crack joint exams or medical entrance in India or do they face difficulty ?

  28. Shamshed shah on said:

    dear sir
    a student is studying in igcse (10grade)
    and has decided to shift to gujart board for 11 and 12 a the option to choose the board is provided by school
    the student wants admission in the same school for gujarat board science (maths group)
    we werent told before until recently tat aatleast a C is needed in english which is not a problem
    but what grade is required in which subject to get admision in GSEB science(maths)
    if this years rules and regulations of grades required havent come out then what was it like last year

  29. dd jain on said:

    respected sir,
    my daughter is giving igcse 10 th exam,bt its very hard for her to get c in most of subject.she will get c or b in eco and computer science only mean she is an average student.now for 11th nd 12th what should i do ,should i change her board.if yes then which board will be suitable for her where her life would be easy pl pl pl help
    will she able to cope up in cbse as from nursary she is in ib and igcse

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      It may be a good idea to not admit her to any of the main streams of studies. It may be worth trying to get her to do English – AS Level and maybe Economics and Business Studies at A level. This will make her eligible for taking up Graduation in Streams such BBA , BBM and make a career in that direction.

  30. Shylaja Sukumaran on said:

    Dear Sir,

    We reside in Oman. Due to certain unforeseen situations, we are planning to continue her further studies in Kerala. My daughter is in grade 11. She is in Science stream in IAL Syllabus (EDEXCEL). How can i find her a seat in grade 12.She would like to continue in State Syllabus Of Kerala (SCERT) . can we find her a seat into grade 12 in any college.Or else should we choose CBSE?..Is it a better option? She is an above average student.Thanks in advance

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Shylaja,

      I do not think you will be able to join Grade-12 since all registrations for Grade-12 have to be done in Grade-11.You may however try by meeting the regional office of CBSE or State Board office.

  31. Sameera on said:

    Dear Sir,
    My daughter is in 12th class and is studying Kerala Board syllabus in U.A.E , Is she eligble to join any university in India after completing her Syllabus,,,
    Thank You!

  32. Respected Sir,

    my daughter is currently studying in grade 5 in ICSE school in mumbai. Woud like to shift her to IGCSE Board. I am confused on whether she will be able to cope?She is an above average student . Also what is the difference between the two boards? i would also not sent her aboard for her UG.

  33. MURUGANANDAN.P on said:

    Respected sir,
    My daughter is studying in CBSE 10th std she want continue in CBSE or STATE Board of Tamil nadu in her +1+2 with HUMANITIES stream [English medium but in coimbatore it\'s available only with ISC board [Except 1or 2 CBSE schools which we are not happy] and she want to continue degree also in the same stream in tamil nadu . kindly advice

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      It is perfectly OK to study ISC Humanities.CBSE is preferred only if the student wishes to appear for Entrance examinations for Engineering and Medicine.

  34. I would like to know the meaning of Anglo Indian syllabus in India. Also which board is implementing this syllabus.

  35. SRKSPrasad on said:


    My son studying CBSE upto 10 std. If he join AP intermediate in Since stream. Can he be able to study good? some one told me that it may be difficult to study.

    I appreciate your quick reply.


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      He can mange but will need some extra effort in Math and Science. Why don’t you continue with CBSE in Grade-11 and 12 since all Entrance exams after Grade-12 are conducted based on CBSE syllabus.

  36. S.Rajavelu on said:

    Hi Sir!
    My duaghter has completed 9 years of school eduaction in Singapore (from Primary 1 to Secondary 3 GCE Cambridge Syllabus). I’m planning to shift back to India and looking for admission to CBSE 10th Standard. When i approached a school in Coimbatore, they asked me to get an equivalency certificate (to show that Secondary 3 is equivalent to 9th standard CBSE) to admit her in 10th standard. Do you have any idea where to get such letter/certificate?

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Equivalency certificate can be sought from the CBSE central/ regional office. The challenge you may face is of registering for Grade-10 since all Board exam registrations are completed in Grade-9. Personally I would recommend you admit your son for the IGCSE program and after his IGCSE Board exam which is equivalent to Grade-10 exam , you can shift him to CBSE in Grade-11.

  37. sabitha on said:

    Dear Sir,
    My son is in Grade XI. He had written school based exam in gr.X. Now I want to shift my child to Dubai.Is it possible?

  38. Amit Thakur on said:

    Hello Sir,
    My name is Amit Thakur and I’m from Shimla. Sir I really need your help, I’m 25yrs old and only 10th passed from cbse board and after that i left studies. But now i want to continue my studies and want to do +1 and +2 in commerce stream,but only in cbse or icse board or any other board can be a state board except NIOS. Sir please help me out with this or suggest me any diploma after 10th in commerce line after which I can go for graduation degree in commerce, the main point is suggest only correspondence ideas with respect to all this.

    Your help will be highly appreciated ..!!
    Thank You
    Amit Thakur

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Amit,
      You can register as a private candidate for CBSE to take up Grade 11 & 12 commerce stream. You can contact the nearest CBSE regional office for all information regarding registration formalities.
      Warm Regards

  39. Mridula Kishore on said:

    My son is studying in 9th grade, CBSE curriculum, in Abu Dhabi. We have to shift back to Kerala immediately and join 10th grade there. He had chosen French as second language. Now that French is not available in most of the schools in Kerala can he change to Hindi? He had learned Hindi till 8th grade.

  40. Sabita on said:

    My son is in Grade 8th, Cbse in Dubai and had chosen the second language Hindi. But till now he is not yet up to mark for Hindi where as in other subjects he scores above 90% marks. Is it wise to change his second language in gr 9 and if so which is the language easy to pick up. Unfortunately he is not comfortable with any other language and it will be start from scratch. He knows little bit of malayalam,his mother tongue.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Continue with Hindi because it will be difficult to start a new language and do well.For admission to college, they will only consider marks in the subjects that he is pursuing further.Pass in second language is enough.

  41. Shrivastava on said:

    My son is in 10th CBSE, India, we are shifting to Dubai, is it feasible to take admission for 11th in dubai or should we get admission to 11th in india only

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dubai has a number of CBSE schools and your son can join any one them in Grade-11. The syllabus in those CBSE schools is same.

      • sanju sinha on said:

        sir we are leaving in zambia but now we shifted to india and my son is facing problem in taking admission in calss 10th my son has passed calss 9th board from examination council of zambia.its like a board exam.its euivallent to cbse/icse calss 10th board.??…and some schools are ready to offer class 11 entry on the basic of this certificate in delhi and i wanted class 10th entry but they refused…but my problem is personally i feel it may cause some problem in future that he dont have indian certified class 10th board.sir guide my i am in dilemma and worrying about my child future.

        • Unni Krishnan on said:

          I do nt think you can join Grade-11 after a Grade-9 exam. With regard to acceptance of Zambia Board, you must contact State Board or CBSE Office and find out details of its acceptance or else like you have rightly understood, it can create complications at a later date.

          • sanju sinha on said:

            sir so what should we do now..again i put my son in std 9th..suggest me a better solution.and thanku for the reply.

          • Unni Krishnan on said:

            I think the best option is to join Grade-9 to avoid any complications. One year is not going to make any difference in his life.

      • Shrivastava on said:

        Thanks for the reply. Will he be eligible to attend the entrance exams in India, even, though he completes 12th in Dubai and what will be the process

        • Unni Krishnan on said:

          If he has done CBSE in Dubai , he will be eligible for all entrance conducted by NCERT and similar entrances.

  42. P.Shanthi Senthamarai on said:

    my son is studying 8th class in cbse with 2nd language as tamil , we are planning on to shift our residence and to admit him in an ICSE board , will he be admitted to 9th class with 2nd language of hindi or sanskrit . He studied 3rd language as hindi in his 8th class.
    please reply as soon as possible sir.it will be very helpful

  43. anonymous on said:

    i am a IGCSE student in dubai. i will be giving me IGCSE exams in may/june 2015 and i am in 11th grade. please advise me if there are good engineering colleges in india which accept IGCSE students or if i could switch boards from igcse to cbse (is it possible) for easier admissions in india. please tell me what to do to get admissions in colleges in india

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      IGCSE is Equivalent to Grade-10, if you have to join Engineering program, you have to complete Grade-11 and 12 in any Indian or International syllabus.

  44. Shiv Ram Sharma on said:

    Sir plz tell me my daughter studying in +1 failed, whether she can promoted to to 10+2 if yes what are the creditaria.

  45. saritha on said:

    Respected Sir,

    My son is in Class 8 of CBSE in India… we are planning to move to UK due to onsite assignment. now i am really confused on the his education as the schools in UK support either GCSE or IB. which one out of these two are preferable? also we will stay only for 2 years and after that will be back to India… in that case would it be possible for my son to adapt and do +1, +2 or it would be difficult as the syllabus or teaching patterns are different. based on this i shall decide if we have to move to UK or not… could you please help?

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear saritha,
      The key points to remember are:
      a) IB program starts only in Grade-11. In Uk you will have to join the IGCSE program
      b) Most schools in UK Offer the Grade -10 equivalent IGCSE only in Grade-11 so you will have to check out what exam your son will complete in 2 years. Please remember, you cannot come back and join Grade-10 in CBSE since students for Grade -10 Board exam are registered in grade-9
      c) If you complete IGCSE in UK and come back to India, you can surely join CBSE Grade-11 , while there will be little adjustment problem but if you counsel your child properly, it is not difficult.

  46. abdul sharief on said:

    Actually my son is studying in india 7th standard in state board school.we are planning to shift Abudhabi as i have got a job there.Is it possible to pursue his studies in Abudhabi in CBSE. Can he pick up the arabic language there? please reply .

  47. Lakshmi A on said:

    Dear Sir,
    My son is studying in Chennai in Class 3 in CBSE syllabus with Hindi as Second language. Will it be possible to change second language to Tamil in Class 4? He is finding difficult to learn Hindi as we do not speak Hindi. He is interested in learning Tamil.
    We do not have any more plans of moving on transfer. The school insisted during LKG admission that it may not be possible to change the Second language once chosen. That keeps me worried. Please advise. Thank You!

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Lakshmi,
      There is no rule that prevents a student from changing second language except after registration for Grade-10 exam and that is done only in Grade-9. Please send a formal request to the school for change. They may have reservations about capabilities of the child to manage anew language from Grade-4 but please coach the child in Tamil to the Grade-3 level and in case of any restriction from school offer them that the student can take an entrance test in Tamil at Grade-3 level to prove proficiency.

  48. Navaid on said:

    Dear Sir,

    After going through multiple forums and message boards, I am posing my query here. I have recently relocated to UAE from Pune, India – where my 7 year daughter was studying in a prestigious ICSE school. While the initial plan was to relocate after she completed her Grade 1 in India, the family had to pre-pone moving here, for which I had to apply for my daughter’s Leaving Certificate – and hence curtail her academic year. Now, the dilemma is that I am a little skeptical about enrolling my daughter (who is average in studies) in a CBSE school here in the UAE capital. God’s Grace, I am getting a chance to enroll my daughter mid-term in either a CBSE school, or an IGSCE school. Considering that there is no long-term plan in mind (about relocating back to India), can you please advice me on the pros and cons of either curriculum? Will be really helpful if you can guide me.


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Javaid,
      If you would like your daughter to have a differential education, please choose IGCSE but if you would like conventional education , you may take admission in CBSE. In terms of content both syllabi are same only the delivery / study pattern will be different.

  49. Devakrishna on said:

    Hi sir,

    There is a doubt which is hanging on my mind.I am presently studying in grade 11 in dubai.I opted for bio with physical education in cbse .Till last year i studied in kerala.As you know the education system in india is way better than over here and I would like to change to my old school in kerala next year.But there they have malayalam as the optionl subject and this year I took P.E and my cbse registration was over before one month. So what should I do to change my optional subject from P.E to malayalam for changing my school.
    yours faithfully

  50. Anis Sheikh on said:

    Dear Sir,
    After completing her 10th my daughter had registered at NIOS in 2014-15 through a study centre at Mangalore. She is good at studies and had scored 87% in her 10th exams. Since she is doing some other course also we registered at NIOS for her 12th. The study centre at Mangalore is not very helpful. After studying for the last 18months now they are saying the exam for April 2016 will be as per the new syllabus. But the new course material was not provided.
    Could you please let me know if she appearing for April 2016 exams which syllabus she has to follow and also for the TMA whether the syllabus is new.
    Please note that I am working abroad and I cannot personally visit the NIOS centre and therefore requesting for your help.

  51. S N KASTURIR on said:

    After completing ICGSE in India , this student can go for intermediate

  52. Udhayakumar on said:

    Dear Sir,

    I am B.E (Mechanical Engineering Graduate) & currently working in Automobile OEM as an engineer since 2009.

    Being very much passionate in the field of education, I want to switch my career to Teaching field. especially in school education.
    I am having good practical & scientific knowledge.

    Please address my following query.
    1> Can I switch my field?
    2> Is my qualification being a roadblock? If so, what is an additional qualification should i posses?

    Thank you

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Udayakumar,
      Good to know that you love teaching. While actually the only requirement to teach is passion for teaching, many schools especially those following the Indian syllabus insist on an a B Ed degree. Some International schools may permit you to take up teaching since the International Boards do not have such regulations. As a qualification for teaching, you can take up a teaching course conducted by Cambridge University ( CIDTT) offered in some centres ( International Schools) in India.

  53. Dear Sir,

    Presently I am looking out for admitting my child in Class 1. There is a good school which teaches in IB methodology till class 5 and then in CBSE till Class 12. My personal preference is to make my child write the exams for class 10 in ICSE owing to the fact that it is more detailed, have interesting subjects and has good focus in English. Will it be a good option to make my child study in that school till class 5 in IB methodology and then shift him to an ICSE school. Have heard that IB methodology is more application based and does not focus on rote learning. This way I can have advantage of both IB methodology till Class 5 and then ICSE till Class 10.

    Will my child face any challenge once he switches from IB methodology to ICSE curriculum in Class 6. Thanks in advance for your expert comments.


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Anand,
      It is perfectly OK to study under the IB program and shift to ICSE in Grade-6. Yes there will be some challenges when you shift to ICSE since the method of study in ICSE is more Text book based but with some additional help, the child should be able to manage.

      • Dear Sir,

        Thanks your reply. I just got to know that ICSE is changing its syllabus in Class 10 and 12 to be in line with CBSE. There is a proposal to merge all the 3 science subjects into one. Also the history, civics and geography subjects are planned to merge into one. Not sure whether it is good or bad. The basic reason I was planning to join by kid into ICSE school was because of its detailed subjects. If the above is true, will it still make sense to make my kid join an ICSE school.
        Would appreciate your quick reply..

  54. Karthika on said:

    Dear Capt.,

    Your blog was very helpful to understand everything about the various syllabus available. Many thanks for your valuable comments.
    We as parents of 5year and 3months(September,2010 born) old son have few clarifications regarding choosing the best syllabusschool for our kid.

    My son is currently studying Upper KG in Chennai. His current school is affiliated to the CBSE but adopts the basic curricular outlines for the English & Languages, Sciences, Mathematics and Social Sciences from the NCERT and augments the curriculum with programs in English Literature and the Arts and Performing Arts from the University of Cambridge Programs.

    We now have to move to Bangalore and hence a little confused.

    1. In most of the CBSE schools in Bangalore that we have searched, he is only entitled to study UKG again for the academic year 2016 – 2017.
    Why is there a different age limit for the CBSE schools in Bangalore?

    2. Is is OK or advisable to waste a year to get into these Schools just because he is one month youger as per the age limit. Please enlighten us upon this.

    3. My son is not yet introduced to the traditional method of studies in his school as per the syllabus I have mentioned.
    Which syllabus (ICSE or CBSE) would be best suitable for my kid.

    We are looking for schools which gives equal importance to disciplinary, academics and extra curricular activities without much stress on the kids.

    Seeking your much valuable guidance. Thanks in advance for your time.


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Karthika,
      Age criteria is a state regulation and hence there is nothing one can do about this.The International schools and some of the newly set up CBSE schools are more lenient about age criteria and may permit deviation in age. However even if you have to give up one year, it should not bother you since that is not going to make a major difference in the career the child on the contrary , it will help the child have a stronger base and also be emotionally more better equipped when they finish school.
      With regard to choice of syllabus, it is strictly a personal decision and my only advice is that instead of choosing a school based on syllabus, you must choose a school based on the delivery of curriculum and emphasis on overall development of child.

  55. Hi

    My Son is studying UKG, now I have received request from school to select either ICSE or CBSE for 1st grade

    Please suggest which is the one is best and if I opt ICSE then when can switch to CBSE, means at any time (Like 5 grade or 9th grade or 11 grade) based on the situation in future

    Do the needful

  56. prashanth devendra on said:

    Respected Unni-sir.

    It may sound funny but we with my family (5 year old daughter and 1 year old son) are living in japan from past 10 years. Now its time that we are planning to get back to India (Bangalore)in consideration to my kids education (I got a decent job in Bangalore). So till now my daughter (starting from 2.5 yrs to 5 yrs) was commuting to a international school located in Osaka and her language (English) ability is very good and her thinking skills are very beautiful. Now am in a confusion to know what board I need to select in Bangalore as we have too many options with merits and demerits , just to list my concern
    1. Studying in IB will hinder her opportunity for KCET or any other local board entrance examinations.
    2. CBSE is more theoretical and doubting if she feels over burdened.

    Points: At this point I have no plans for her abroad UG or anything.

    Please help me to decide good way of start as this may have impact on middle term board switching issues.

    Thanks in advance and waiting your reply.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Prashanth,
      If you are keen to give your child a different option, You can have her study in the international school till Grade-10 and then shift to CBSE in Grade-11, There may be certain adjustments to be made to adopt to the change but it is surely possible if the child is willing to put in hard work. I have had a student who in our school and completed IGCSE and then went on to join a State Board school in Bangalore she topped the CET for Medicine. This is just an indication that if a student is willing to put in effort, adjusting to Indian syllabus in Grade-11 is not difficult.

  57. Rajasekhar on said:

    Dear sir
    My daughter in studying Gr.10 with IB MYP in South Korea
    Now she needs to select subjects fir IB DP
    As you know for IB DP she has to select 1 subject from each group , total of 6 six, the school said it is not possible to select 3 sciences. As I understand it is must to study 3 sciences(P,C,B) for entering into Indian Universities for Medicine.
    Could you please us the best option..
    1) Is it possible to admit her in India for Gr.11 & 12 in CBSE with Gr.10 IB MYP
    Please suggest.

  58. Dear sir’
    I’m sarhan and im 15 years old and i study in kuwait in 8th because of some issues I couldn’t go to school.
    So I’m asking you that if i go to india can i skip 9th standard and study in 10th?
    If u answer me or say me some information about that it would be very helpful for me.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear saran,
      You can take up Grade-10 in NIOS. All information abt NIOS is available on the net in the official website.

  59. Sadbhavna on said:

    I am working in a reputed DPS CBSE school, and we had a parent who enquired about the double promotion. According to him his child is very bright and he wants to put his child directly from class 3 to class 5. Is it possible and what are the rules pertaining to the same, can u let me know?

  60. SakthiSree Rajkumar on said:

    Good Day,
    I’ve completed Until Grade 10 in CBSE and now for 11th and 12th I’m willing to switch off to ICSE !
    would it be easy to cope up ? Should I mug up anything? Or something like that?
    I want to know which is better cbse or Icse ! But I’m in the state of doing my UG in Abroad !
    So please guide me !

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      If you intend to Study UG abroad, the best option is IB or Cambridge A level. Among Indian Syllabi, CBSE is a better option since it has larger acceptance and also all Entrance examinations in India are based on CBSE syllabus.

  61. Dipesh H Dahanuwala on said:

    My son is studying in class 11 CBSE in Abu Dhabi. He wants to persue class 12 from Mumbai in CBSE. Is it possible to change the location during class 12.
    Kindly advise.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Please contact the CBSE regional office and ask for transfer which is accepted. You will need to get a confirmation from the school where you are seeking admission in Grade-12.

  62. Jayashree Balaji on said:

    Sir, My daughter is in SINGHANIA COLLEGE, ISC Curriculum, XIITH SCIENCE.

    She has pursued PCMB in XIITH SCIENCE and would like to pursue career in Medical field or para medical field.

    Request you to suggest the career options available and the entrance exam she has to take up repsectively to enter in to careeer field in Medical or Paramedical field.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Jayashree,
      With the subjects that your daughter is pursuing in Grade-12, she is eligible to opt for all courses that are offered in India which are not just limited to science stream but covers all streams such as commerce, humanities , Law etc. I think the best option would be for you find out what interests her and then choose a course and the related entrance exam. If you send out her interests, I may be able to suggest some options.

  63. raghu kumari on said:

    Dear sir,

    Can we change the second language to third and vice versa in grade VI if the child could not do well with the existing language option? Our mother tongue is telugu and we opted Hindi as second language and telugu as third language.Now my son is not able to cope with Hindi as second langauge. Please suggest me.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Sure, the choice of languages is an internal matter within the schooling and changes can be made till Grade-9, Choice made in Grade-9 will need to be followed in Grade-10.

  64. Dear Sir,

    I have few doubts about ICSE and ISC. When I checked the syllabus, I came to know that from std VI onwards it is tougher than CBSE. But, I want to know ,
    1. Are they ROTE method ?
    2. CBSE way of questioning (from primary school onwards) is think and write. But, what about ICSE, ISC?
    3. What is the possibility of getting MBBS seat in Tamilnadu, on completing ISC
    4. If an student shifted from ICSE to CBSE in std XI, can they get it?

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Uma,
      The study pattern in CBSE and ICSE are more or less the same.Certain subjects are taught in little more detail in CBSE and certain subjects are so in ICSE . Overall the content is more or less the same. A good student can easily change from one syllabus to another without difficulty.
      If you are in Tamil Nadu, then as per current conditions, it is best to follow State Board in Grade 11 & 12 since admission MBBS course is based on the marks in the Grade-12 Board exam.

  65. Rathidxb on said:

    Dear Sir,
    My daughter is doing CBSE Grade-6 in dubai. She would like to do M.B.B.S in future.
    1. In which curriculum suitable for her to get Medicine?.
    2.She is struggling with Hindi language papers. Remaining papers she is scoring above 95%.
    3. If she is going to continue her studies here she will be consider as a NRI.
    4. What would be the good idea to study in dubai or in india?
    Thank you in advance!!

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Rathi,

      If you would like your daughter to study MBBS in India, then CBSE is a good option. You do not have to worry about arks in Hindi since only a pass in Hindi is required to apply for MBBS. She must get good marks in science. As of now students coming from outside India are considered as NRI students. However if she will do well in the entrance exam , she can apply for merit seat.

  66. Prathyush on said:

    I studied Hindi till 8th standard in a CBSE school and in 9th standard I switched to French as second language. and continued French in 10th standard. Is it possible to switch back to Hindi in 11th standard for both CBSE and Kerala state syllabus??

  67. GANASHREE on said:

    Dear sir,
    myself GANASHREE completed Bsc (biotech) and i studied PU from Karnataka state board, i eagerly waiting to become a Cardiologist but now i wish to take CBSE 12TH OR ICSE 12TH exam for 2017 as a private candidate but i didn’t know anything about the admission procedure, fee structure and also about theory marks practicals marks to CBSE OR ICSE EXAMS..
    now i also writing NIOS 12TH for april 2016 examination….but strongly I like to take CBSE OR ICSE 2017exam..

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Ganashree,
      Both CBSE and ICSE do not permit private candidates for science program in Grade11 & 12. Your only option is NIOS. However I fail to understand why you would go back to Grade-11 after your Graduation.

  68. kannan on said:

    will they add class 10 SA1 grades for final total points in cbse(2015-2016)?

    and explain me the marking scheme of cbse for class 10(2015-2016)

  69. Habeeb on said:

    Dear Sir,
    My son is studying in grade 9 CBSE in saudi arabia . i want to shift to india by December this year . what are formalities to continue the study in grade 9 in india. Is any problem of writing 9th grade board exam in india since he is registered here in saudi arabia.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Please speak to the regional office and seek a transfer of registration. You will also have to speak to the school where you are seeking admission.

  70. Dear Captain,

    I am IGCSE student about to do the board exam next year. I did like to know the consequences of passing less than 7 subjects for the exam. Will i have to do the exam again or do i have any other alternatives.

    Thankyou and waiting for your reply

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Aashi, to seek admission in Grade-11 ,you just pass in a minimum of 5 subjects including English. 7 subjects are required for being eligible for ICE ( International Certificate of Education) . However ICE is not required for qualifying for further studies.

  71. dear sir,

    i’m a B.E, graduate having six years experience in school teaching. can i eligible for the principal posting in a CBSE school

  72. Hedwig Alphonso on said:

    Dear Sir,
    My son is 10yrs studying in class V in Goa ,he has due to some issues developed a hatred to the subject konkani from the earlier school he was, this led to the problem of migraine and fright for school,on doctors advice we transfered him to a closer school near our home ,from the III std this transission also trigged the migraine hes under medical treatment on high dose which doctors call phsylogical migraine its affecting his health a lot ,and now he also has Hindi which he dislikes, hes been at home more than beeing at school due to the migraine attacks , to this we have taken him for councelling too but in vain, I would like to know is there any way that he could trade these two subjects for work experience subjects, he is good in art and craft,hes a perfectly normal child ,is there any such thing available in India and Goa please advice.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Hedwig,
      CBSE does permit students with learning disability to drop languages. Please meet a special educator and get your son assessed and then apply for language exemption. The local Government hospital will have a Doctor who is authorised to give a certificate. Your son can then take up other subjects that interest him and continue higher studies.

  73. Suresh on said:

    My son is studying Vth Std in a CBSE school in chennai with First language English and second language tamil. No we are planning to join him in a another CBSE school (Kendriya Vidyalaya Chennai, Tambaram) in VI std, Now we believe KV does not provide Tamil as second language. So if we join VIth std in Kendriya vidyalaya, can we opt sanskrit as second language? Will that syllabus (sanskrit in 6th) will be preparatory or easy one or will it be very tough for beginners in sanskrit to study?

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Yes Sanskrit ia an optional second Language in CBSE and with some additional hep he should be able to cope with the subject.

      • Thank you Sir. So using this we can avoid Hindi which would be tough for beginners. For Kendriya Vidyalalya school Is this this second language optional ‘Sanskrit’ available/starts from I std itself? Or As we understand that in KV the syllabus and class for Sanskrit starts only from VI th Std. If it starts only from VI then i believe it should start with basics of Sanskrit? Can you please confirm Sir?

  74. PRADIP KUMAR on said:


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Pradip, As of now there is no official intimation of additional weightage for CBSE results. However if you have shortlisted the colleges you wish to apply, you can check with them if there is any such specification.

  75. Hello sir
    My son is in 4th standard in ICSE board from INDIA but next year we are planning to move in Canada. I want to become him a doctor in future. So which is suitable option for him in canada.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Neha, It will depend on the country where he is taking up study of medicine. However , International Boards like Cambridge IGCSE, and IB are accepted in all countries.

  76. Kanupriya Jalan on said:

    hello sir…i have a querry for my brother…as we will shift to a new place after he completes his 9th…can he apper for the 10th boards examination as a private candidate being a fresher? from CBSE? and what will be the procedure to do the needfull??

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Kanupriya, generally CBSE does not permit private candidates for Grade-10 but his current registration to CBSE in Grade-9 can be transferred to the new place. Private candidates have to appear for Grade-10 under NIOS- National Open School.

  77. Mohamed Naim on said:


    My friends son is in a CBSE Boarding School in Ahmedabad and is in the XI Standard, Science Stream (Physics, Chemistry & Bio). My friends is fearful that his son might fail in the XI Board Exam as he is weak in Physics and unable to take tuition since he is in the Boarding School.
    My question to you is sir, in case the student fails, could he take admission in another school in XI Standard but stay away at home the whole year and study himself privately, appear for the XI Examination by himself and go and join XII standard after passing out the XI Exam. Kindly advise.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Mohamed,If a student fails in Grade-11, he can rejoin another school and continue studies.Staying at home and studying will not be permitted. Grade-11 is not a Board exam and you can request the current school to transfer your son to a school nearby so that he can get additional help.

  78. Ashish Jain on said:

    Hi Captain,
    First of all heartiest congratulations and good wishes for doing such a wonderful job of rescuing parents faced with so many complexities, in the evolving education scenario. You may might think, probably I am worrying too early but you would appreciate that as with any parent they would want a good start to their educational journey. I am looking at enrolling my child with a IGCSE nursery school this year. So my questions are:
    1) Is there remarkable difference between IGCSE and the conventional boards CSE/CBSE in terms of child development, assuming a good school?
    2) There is a common perception that IGCSE or IB only makes sense if you are planning to send your child abroad post 12th for further studies, else its pretty much the same and waste of money?
    3) How easy is it likely to be for a child to shift from IGCSE to conventional board school and vice versa?

    Appreciate you reading this long mail and helping resolve the same.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Ashish, The IGCSE program is not text book based and gives a larger clarity of understanding concepts which helps children. Parents who are willing to allow their children to enjoy the learning process choose IGCSE. The content learnt in all syllabi by the time a child reaches Grade-12 is the same so that is not a disadvantage. If you are keen to have your child study in India, then you may shift in Grade-11 after the IGCSE Board exam . There is a little bit of difference in the method of study but by the time a child is in Grade -11,he/ she gets focussed . The mix of IGCSE upto Grade-10 and Indian syllabus after that is a good option. Personally I have had my son do it very successfully.

  79. febeenababu on said:

    Dear sir
    i am from kerala.i have a daughter she is just 3 years old,We planned to admit school my daughter for he next year.So which syllabus can we select for her carieer .which is the best option ?either CBSE ,ICSE or state,Kindly reply

  80. Srinath S on said:

    Pls clarify my queries.
    1.How many subjects are available (6-8) and (9-10) grade. (As per knowledge , it is having collective of subject and student can choose based on their interest, if so how many subjects student has to select & learn)
    2. Suppose the student is studied IGCSE up to 10th grade, after that willing to move on State board. can we get the admission in India?


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Srinath,
      A student must pass in minimum 5 subjects including english to get admission to Grade-11.. After IGCSE a student can change and move to State Board or CBSE or ISC.

  81. Clifford Sawhney on said:

    Hello Sir!
    I am considering admission for my 12-year-old son in Vidya Sanskar International School, Faridabad, in Class VIII, which is affiliated to University of Cambridge, UK and has Cambridge International Examinations. My concern: are CIE tests/degrees recognised by all colleges of Delhi University as well as other universities in India?

    Thanks in advance Sir!

    Clifford Sawhney

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Clifford,
      CIE exams are considered equivalent to all Indian exams by the Association of Indian Universities.

  82. SAb_1997 on said:

    Dear Sir,

    This year I’m going to give Edexcel A-level exam, After completing my A-level I’m going to do MBBS but for doing that
    I have to do CPMT Exam (Combined Pre Medical Test). I have heard that they only accecpt CBSE and UPSE
    students for test. So please suggest me that do they accecpt my board Edexcel for CPMT Exam. If not what is other

    Waiting for reply

    S. Abid

  83. Sir
    My nephew is presently studying in x std in sharjah dubai and planning to shift to Goa in ponda . Is it possible to get my nephew admission in case school which is there in ponda so he can continue his x std studies without wasting the present academic year

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear John,
      If you shifting schools with same syllabus, you can ask the Board for a transfer and then move to Grade-10 . If it is not the same syllabus, then schools will not admit in Grade -10.

  84. shruthi on said:

    dear sir,

    can i know what are the optional and mandatory subjects in ICSE

  85. Aasmi aqib on said:

    Respected sir/madam
    I am currently studying in 9 th icse,i want to know is shifting from 9 th icse to 10 th kerala state syllabus god or bad?
    i also want to know is state or icse good for higher studyies.

  86. Thanigaivelan on said:

    Dear Sir,
    my son is now studying I std in matriculation syllabus.
    I want to know whether i can shift him to CBSE syllabus in II std.
    is it possible to do like that or not?

  87. Aesha Negi on said:

    Hey Capt,

    I am looking forward to start a CBSE school franchise. I want to promote education in India through franchise school. Some of my friends has suggested Mount Litera ZEE School, pls suggest some other but genuine reference.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Aesha,
      Franchisee is for a brand of school and not for starting a CBSE school. You can start your own school and get affiliation from CBSE Board you do not need a brand for that . Please visit the CBSE website for information.
      Mount Litera is the brand of schools/ Franchises promoted by ZEE another option is to approach DPS ( Delhi Public School) for a franchise.

  88. Manish on said:

    Dear Sir,
    Currently my kid is studying in Malaysia under CBSE-I syllabus. Soon we are planning to Switch back in India, Mumbai. But the location where I am staying in Mumbai has very few options of CBSE board schools. Thus, we are planning to switch our kid from CBSE to either ICSE or IGSC board. Could you pls. advice us which board will be better for her?



  89. putta kumar on said:

    Dear sirs,
    My son lost one subject in 1st puc. As we did not want him to sit home we have put for 11 th ICSC.
    After completing 11th ICSC, he is planing to do 2nd puc instead of 12th ICSC.

    My questions are
    1) Can he write the 2nd suplementry of the lost subject (from 1st puc) while doing ICSC.
    2) Can he move to 2nd PUC after completion of 11th ICSC.

    Thank you while I eagery wait for your kind reply.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      I would suggest you must get your son to either join PU-2 after passing PU -1 supplementary or rejoin PU-1 rather than try and take up ISC- Grade-11.

  90. Rathi on said:

    Do all the cbse school have fashion design subject for class XI & XII ?

  91. Farah Hussain on said:

    Dear Sir,
    I was in October 3.1993. I did my 10th from ICSE school(Nainital), at the age of 13years in 2006. I was asked for government approved birth certificate from my university abroad. Now the problem is that my local government authority is questioning my age in grade 10th. Is it against ICSE rules and regulation?

  92. Jayprakash on said:

    Dear Sir
    Thanks for all answers given to needy persons & I am really impressed.
    My grandson is studying in International School in Italy He is 10th std.
    He is planning to come back to India after 10th.The education methods
    in IB school is different I am worried whether 11th & 12 th in India will be
    suitable for him.Whether he will get admission to CBSE school & whether he
    will be able to compete through tuition culture & various entrance tests?
    Will you please advise whether it is advisable to bring him in India? Will he
    get admission ? What you will advise him for better results in 12th.
    Thanking you in advance

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Jayprakash,
      With a little bit of effort, a student can manage to adjust with CBSE after having completed Tenth Board exam. You will have to check with the school if they conduct a Board exam in Grade-10. If not, the student can join an IB school in India nd then apply to Indian colleges under the NRI quota.

  93. arun on said:

    my son studied in 12 class cbse commerce stream in uae and he failed in 2 subjects can he appear for those two subjects or he has write the complete subjects in 12th. expecting your reply
    Thank you

    best regards

  94. RAJU PANT on said:


  95. RAJU PANT on said:


  96. Zia Ansari on said:

    Dear Sir,

    My son studying in Saudi Arabia in grade 9, and we want to shift to Hyderabad next year, can we able to get admission in grade 10, currently he is in CBSE school affiliated to new delhi andf consequently go for EMCET entrance for a local seat in engineering,
    kindly advice as i am really confused.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Ansari,
      It is surely possible to change from one CBSE school to another. You do not have to worry about it. Entrance exams are all based on Grade-12 syllabus and studying in a CBSE school will help. Some additional coaching will be an added advantage.

      • Zia Ansari on said:

        thanks for your reply,
        please if you could shed more light my doubt, can i continue his studies till grade 12th in CBSE and after completion go India for engineering.
        what do you recommend,
        1. get admission through NRI quota or
        2. is it better to send him after completing 10th grade for EMCET for a local seat.
        please help.

  97. PriyaSankar on said:

    Hello Sir,

    i am from chennai.. I have a daughter who is now doing her pre kg in Kidzee…Next year i am changing her to nearby CBSE school for lkg. Which seems to be better in this area comparatively in all aspects… But the school is yet to be affiliated to CBSE as the school started just 4 years before and it has till 8th std as of now… Could i confidentally join my kid in that school hoping that they will get affiliation soon..??? Before my daughter reaches 8th std i believe higher classes also could have come.. is it okay if i select a school which is yet to be affiliated to cbse.. Also the school strictly follows only CBSE books.. Please advise me on this..

  98. sudhir goyal on said:

    hello sir,
    my daughter has just started class 10 with ICSE board.I want her to study with IGCSE syllabus outside India.
    What is your opinion,which year she should join year10 or year11 in IGCSE ?
    Is it ok to leave ICSE board now or should join after completing class10 with ICSE in India?

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Sudhir,
      Please let her complete her Grade-10 in ICSE and then join for A level which is the equivalent of Grade 11 & 12 after IGCSE (Grade-10). Shifting at this stage before completing Grade-10 will not be a very good move.

      • shreyas vankayalapati on said:

        sir, I am currently studying 9th class in cbse , but I would would like to join igcse . so is it possible to join igcse in 10th class or join cbse in 10th class and then join ibin 11th class?

        • Unni Krishnan on said:

          Dear Shreyas,
          You will not be able to join IGCSE in Grade-10 since IGCSE is a 18 month course so the best option is to complete Grade-10 in CBSE and then take up IB or A levels.

  99. Manojkumar on said:

    My daughter has completed IX in CBSE board and from this year, I have changed to Gujarat board. I have submitted LC, now school is asking this LC should be cross signed by CBSE authority at Ajmer. Please guide, is there any online form/process available to submit school to complete formalities.


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Manoj,
      You will need to check the website of CBSE or else contact the regional office. am sure there is a helpline on which you can seek this information. Since these are board regulations, I am not in picture.

  100. Suresh on said:

    Hello, i am confused on the age criteria followed by different schools and diff boards. It will be immensely helpful if you can help us with the below info: what is the age cut-off for a kid to write X exams in a IGCSE board (edexcel), CBSE board & TN state board. While letting us know age limit, please also tell the month by which that criteria should be met (few schools have March and many have Oct to Dec). Honestly, am not able to find this info anywhr in net.. so eagerly awaiting your revert!

  101. Mrs.RajiniRajakumar on said:

    Hi sir,
    My son is now studying std V in CBSE, can I switch over to IGCSE or ICSE. Will it be easy for him to follow and which one is the best.

    hi sir,

  102. Jasmin on said:

    Hi Sir,

    My son is currently studying in CBSE grade9 and I want to switch to IGCSE but my problem is that my husband keep on transferring and we might have to go India if no visa in new country. So if we switch to IGCSE will it make difference or is it that if we change he will have to continue till grade 13 in IGCSE?? which is better CBSE or IGCSE ? and what benefits?? will I get admissions in Higher Sec.S / college if he do his 10th in IGCSE?

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear jasmine,
      Do not change from CBSE to IGCSE in Grade-9. Continue with CBSE till Grade-10. You can choose after Grade-10 Board exam.

  103. Chitraansh Pandey on said:

    Sir plz help me cbse school in my city are not offering pcmb in eleven tell me what to do and also tell me minimum percentage require to take pcmb in eleven I will be very thankful to you plz reply on my email Id

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Chitransh,
      Minimum Percentage for admission is dependent on school and there is no minimum set percent. Please look for a nearby city where PCMB is available.

  104. Bhanu on said:

    I would like to know if it is possible to take chinese (Mandarin) as a second language in cbse. I am from Brunei and my kids are planning to join year 7, year 4 and year 2. I have three children. We plan to settle down in Ernakulam. I would like them to join Rajagiri Public school. The problem is they do not know Hindi or Malayalam. In Brunei they learn Chinese and Malay. Please let me know.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Bhanu,
      Please check the CBSE web site for options on second language and the options to be offered depends on the school. You will need to check for schools that offer the subjects of your choice.

  105. Prema on said:

    My daughter has completed Std X in NIOS can she opt for std XII in other boards, which is the best – we live in Chennai – she does not want to do language – she can do a bit of Hindi or sanskrit – pl suggest if schools will admit her. NIOS is good but no proper schools to teach this sylubus eps. science and maths.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Admissions are a school policy and hence you would have to check with schools that you plan to take admission. If it is eligibility, NIOS is accepted as equivalent to any other Board. IN CBSE there is only English and second language is not required.

    • shanti on said:

      Dear sir
      My daughter has finished her 10th ICSE in india and has not got marks enough. Can she rewrite her 10 th in a years time in the uk or finish GCSE in the UK in a years time
      Waiting for your reply

      • Unni Krishnan on said:

        Dear Shanti,
        All Grade-10 programs are 2 year courses and need that time to be thorough with it. You can seek admission to an IGCSE program Grade-10 if the school permits but I am to sure if you will get the desired results. I would suggest that a better option is to forget the past and start Grade-11 with the commitment to do well and focus on getting a good result in Grade-12. All admissions are based on Grade-12 results so having not secured very good marks in Grade-10 may not be a big disadvantage. Grade-12 results are very crucial .

  106. suhana on said:

    Respected sir ,
    My name is Suhana  ,am from Kerala
    I need help ,because am so worried abt this matter,
    I  have registered in nios in 2013(physics ,chemistry,biology,English,&data entry ) to appear 2014 examination due to  some problems I couldn’t attend the examination then I paid examination fees for April 2015 examination I attended the examination but physics was tough am not sure  whether I will pass or not
    Sir plz help me if  I will not get physics can I do diploma in pharmacy then I Have to apply  examination on October 2015 for physics my result will be on June 10
    So plz sir  give me solution becoz am so worried
    Kindly  reply to me as soon as possible.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Suhana,
      It is mandatory to pass in 5 subjects to be eligible to take up any curse. You will need to ensure that before you apply for any other course.

  107. Sujaya on said:

    When will Grade 10 CBSE international 2015 result be declared?

  108. Shekhar on said:

    Hello –

    I am planning to move to Ahmedabad and I will be taking admission for my child in Std 6 in Doon Blossom school that has CBSE board. I want to understand if she can opt another subject instead of Gujrathi and if not possible then till which grade she has to study Gujrathi as the third language.

    Your feedback will be very much appreciated.

    Many Thanks !

    Best Regards,

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Third language is required in Grades 5 to 8.

      • Shekhar on said:

        Thanks Unni Krishnan for replying back.. But my point is can she choose any other language other than Gujrathi as this is not her mother tongue ?
        Let me know.

        Best Regards,

        • Unni Krishnan on said:

          The Board does not specify an particular subject but offers a list of options and the school can choose any one of them. Some schools offer more than one language option and some even permit students to study a subject that is not offered in school on own arrangement. These are based on schools internal policy and so you must check with the school.

    • Achsah on said:

      dear sir,

      I have written my ices 10th in India and am going to continue my further studies in the UK. Thus before entering any schools in the UK my marks has to be converted . They have asked for a transcript from my previous school . Should i get the transcript form from the school or the broads because i don’t know where to get it .
      waiting for your reply,
      Achsah .

      • Unni Krishnan on said:

        School will provide the transcripts.

        • Achsah on said:

          thank you for your reply ..

        • achsah on said:

          Thankyou for your reply but when I asked about the transcripts to my previous school they had asked me for the format .I kindly ask you to send me a format of a transcript .Sorry for the trouble

          Your truly,

          • Unni Krishnan on said:

            Please ask the new school to which you are applying about the format since transcripts are based on the requirement of the school that asks for it. In many cases they are OK with school report card but if they have a specific requirement , they will specify that.

  109. Raman Sharma on said:

    i have passed my 10th from cbse board and dropped my two years so could i take direct admission in class 12th in any school affilated to cbse board

  110. kashish on said:

    Is it possible to repeat my 12th from ISC board if I have passed from Maharashtra board?

  111. S_Ab 2002 on said:

    Hi Sir,

    Is it possible to do intermidiate aftet doing igcse. If yes then what’s the procedure.


    hello sir/mam,
    i am schedule cast (Mahar) and i just want to know what is the procedure of scholarship of 7 th standard in ICSE BOARD……..
    NEED TO SUGGEST,,,,,,,,,

  113. S_Ab2002 on said:

    Hi Sir,

    I wanted to know that if any A level Schools are in Lucknow

  114. Manoj on said:

    Is it possible to shift form National open school for tenth to CBSE in 11 th?

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Yes , Students who pass Grade-10 NIOS can apply for admission to CBSE Grade-11 in the subjects they have passed in NIOS.

  115. Shri Krishna on said:

    Respected Sir,
    I wanted to pursue medical as my career but I love physics but in my family they want me to go for medicals as my biology is strong and they want me to be in a no-risk job and secure my future but I want to pursue “ASTROPHYSICS” as my career and research as being scientist all my life. I am currently studying in class xii just after passing class xi and want to drop my one academical year to score more and achieve more knowledge as I didn’t got sanctification knowledge in class xi as I was in a private Cbse school with Poor faculties. Sir will dropping of 1 academic year which I have passed matter both for seeking admission in other cbse schools and career ?
    Sir awaiting for your reply ……..

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Krishna,
      It surely is worth taking the effort to study Grade-11 again and applying for a course that interests you. All schools will consider your marks of Grade-12 for admission.

  116. SEEMA on said:

    good day sir,

    my son had studied till 7th grade in cbse school in gulf country

    now i want to transfer him to mumbai in the same cbse board school,
    in schools they say he has to take marathi compulsorily,
    i want to know how a child (who had not studied this language in his life)
    can manage to study at this level,
    or what is the option available for such cases,as military personnel
    might face such situation also.
    please help me what i should do.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Hi Seema,
      AS per CBSE , a student has to study a first language , second language and a third language. The Third language is to be studied in classes 5 to 8. It maybe this rule as per which he school wants the student to take Marathi as a third language. In such a situation, study of marathi may be only for one year ( Grade-8). You can request the school for an exemption or else even allow the child to go through Marathi class for one year since marks in Grade-8 actually do not make any difference. The other option is to choose an IGCSE school as over there Marathi will not be compulsory.

      • Shri Krishna on said:

        Respected Sir,
        Myself Shri Krishna Das and I am from cuttack Odisha and I currently Study In CLASS XI {cbse} in a private school but the faculty members of the school aren’t good or the environment is good. I took there admission because of my mistake as I feared of not getting admission into a good college after scoring 70% from ICSE board 2014. Sir my query is that, Shall I drop a year and study xi in Kendriya Vidyalaya ctc? Will the TC certificate of XI pass cause any problem to me in getting admission in KV?
        PS:- As I am very much stressed and confused, sir do help me…….

  117. PREM SINGH NEGI on said:

    Kindly guide me the difference between CBSE & State Board & what r the benefits of studying in CBSE schools & State Board.

  118. Harshita Mittal on said:

    Hello sir
    I m moving from 10th to 11th class.. i hav studied in cbse school till 10th.. i have opted for pcm in 11th.. n will probably be giving iit-jee 2017.. now i wanted to ask what is the differnce between the syllabus of cbse, icse and mp board.. which one should i go for? How do they make an affect on the results of 12th.. n jee mains and advance?

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Hi Harshita,
      Please check with the school if MP board has adopted CBSE syllabus for grade 11 & 12 ( Most State Boards have done that) and if yes the it is ok Tto join State Board or CBSE so that our preparation for Board exam and Entrance exam will be as per same syllabus. If MP state Board has not adopted CBSE syllabus then choose a CBSE school.

      • Harshita Mittal on said:

        Thnk u sir for dis info.. also is it okay if i dont go for iit coaching right now in 11th n instead go for it in 12th with continuation of schooling?? Many people suggested me for this.. what do u think about it..please suggest something. .

  119. Paawan kr on said:

    sir i want to know about a school either it is affiliated to cbse for 11 & 12th class or not
    details of school are :
    modern arya public school,saroorpur
    affiliation no:530929
    school code:20530

  120. Oormila Uthaman on said:

    I’m studying in 10th grade under the CBSE curriculum. Is it possible for me to change to IGCSE or IB curriculum for grade 11 and 12 ?
    Ps : I’m studying in Kerala

  121. Sunil on said:

    Thanks for the response. I had some more questions. :-
    1. You said some university accept English Litt at O levels. My son has done only English ( code for O levels 0500). Will that be OK.
    2. What are the requirements at Singapore for doing Engg. Which are good universities there.
    3. Our schools provides only max 3 full subjects for A levels. If we push for half more (AS) what will be a good combination along with Maths, Physics & chemistry. Other available subjects are Biology, sociology, psychology, English, History.
    4. What is the approx. cost of doing engg at Singapore along with boarding costs,
    5. What are the other in demand streams with the above options. Is there a website I can look up where I can find details of the career options subject combinations can provide. It may help for a focused approach.
    Thanks for your support

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Sunil,
      English language is OK for non Humanities streams.
      For Engineering in Singapore- Math, Physis and English are a Must. For some stress Chemistry is also required. You must visit the University site for exact information.
      The 2Good Universities in Singapore are NUS and NTU
      Please check both the university sites to know all details of courses and costs.

  122. Sunil on said:

    Thanks Sir for the response.
    Will the combination suggested by me help him apply for Engg in US. Is English a must subject for applying to universities in US. What are the options available with Maths, Physics and Chem both in India & US

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      English is mandatory but English at AS level should be acceptable. Though some universities insist on good proficiency in English and ask for English Litt at IGCSE ( Grade-10 ) Level.

  123. Sunil on said:

    My son is doing his O levels from IGCSE from a school in Bangalore. He has decided to take Maths, Physics and Chemistry for A levels and Biology for AS level, from the same school. Will he be eligible for both medical or engineering in Indian universities

  124. N Sethuraman on said:

    My son is studying in Year & under IGCSE curriculam in a good reupted international IB School in Africa. We are planning to relocate to India and we need guide whether it would be better to choose CBSE or IGCSE curriculam. Understand IGCSE curriculam is likely to be scrapped and in view of that which curriculum is better. Please guide us

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      I do not know, who has informed you that IGCSE is being scrapped. I have no such information. If you wish to have your child continue the kind of education he has had till now, then please go ahead with IGCSE. If you want him to follow conventional book based study, please choose CBSE.
      Personally I feel, upto Grade-10 IGCSE is a good option. .

  125. Divya JAIN on said:

    HI SIR,
    SIR I want now that in admission time which type of question come in DPS DIMAPUR FOR CLASS 11 COMM

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Hi Divya,
      They will ask you questions based on what has been taught in Grade-0. If you are a good student, you must not worry about it.

  126. venkateshwari on said:

    sir, my brother is undergoing CBSE syllabus upto 8th . now we are going yo change him to matric schools.Is there any permission / certificates required to change the syllabus.?

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Upto Grade-9 , there is no official permission required for change of syllabus . Only after Grade-9 you need permission t change Board.

  127. sameer chahar on said:

    sir i passed 12 class in 2014 frome cbse and i got less marks so i wanted 12 class frome haryana board what is the requriment is there sir please tell soon

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      You will need to take admission based on your Grade-10 marks. I feel that may not be a good idea. You must probably take up some Undergraduate program as per your liking and do well in that rather than reappear for Grade-12 Exam.

  128. neyonika mathur on said:

    can you please tell me about standard grading system in icse borad ?
    Is it differs in each board or remains same ?


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Neyonika,
      Please ask your school to provide you the Grading system from ICSE Board as this is available with the school.

  129. tanushree on said:


    sir, i have appeared for Th this year from cbse board. i am going to do civil engineering ahead. i wanted to ask you that for 11 and Th i must go for cbse or state board.

    Thanking you,
    your’s faithfully

  130. palshnt on said:

    we reside in mumbai.my daughter cleared viii grade exams this year. unfortunately the school had to be shut down as did nt get the affiliation. v shifted her to a new school. my concern is we do not have a GR. no . will this pose a problem in future?. plz guide us . v r very much worried. will be very grateful. thank you.

  131. marialuiza on said:

    Dear Sir.
    Thnx for ths service.Please tell me…….if i want to shift my child from ICSE Goa india to switzerland….are there such schools there?can u pls suggest?
    Thank u in advance.

  132. Kalpana Devi on said:

    Hello Sir,
    I want to clear my confusion as now recently i got job in one of the IGSCE school and now i am thinking to take admission for my ward also in same school under IGSCE but presently she is with CBSE in grade 7. so i am having confusion what to do with her either with CBSE or IGSCE. Is IGSCE syllabus have scope in the market?? which one is better?? please guide me what to choose and what would be correct one for her till grade 12.
    Kindly help to me to choose correct one.
    Kalpana Devi

  133. srinivas on said:

    Dear Sir, My son was born on 15-06-2006 and he has completed first class in a private school in state Board. Then he got admission in first class in Kendriya Vidyalaya. Now,he has completed 3rd class in KVand promoted to 4th class. Whether I can pickhim out of KVand put him in 5th class in State board without completing 4th class as he lost one one year in first class. Plase suggest whether boy can cover one year which he lost in first class double studying because 2 1/2 months lesss for 31st march date for admission into kv admissions for first class. I want to cover up my mistake please suggest me.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Srinivas,
      Admission to lower classes is as per prerogative of school and you will need to check this at the school you are seeking admission. Boards have specific guidelines only for admission after Board exam in Grade-10 and 12.

  134. afsar hussain on said:

    1. I wanted to know if we can study 11 standard in a cbse school after passing 10th under state board?
    2. If we can , then can we join after the sa1 exams?
    3. Is the result of 10th board required to get an admission in a cbse school if we can join it or can we submit it after the results are declared?


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Yes you can join Grade-11 in CBSE after Grade-10 from state board. Admission after SA-1 may be difficult since most schools close admission before the classes for Grade-11 start.
      Result of Grade-10 Board exam is required to get admission but if your results are declared late, you can apply after the results are declared or seek provisional admission and submit result later.

  135. balaji umanwar on said:

    My son has given exam of 10 th from ICSE pattern from Gujarat pl. guide me which stream would I preferred in which pattern

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      If you intend to appear for Engineering and medical entrance exams after Grade-12, then it would be better to join CBSE in Grade-11.

  136. faiza afsar on said:

    Hello Sir,
    I want to know if we can join CBSE after passing 10th from State Board?
    And also what is the process?

  137. Mathew Raju on said:

    Dear sir,
    I am studying in US in 10th completing on 5th june 2015. We are returning to kerala and intending to join state syllabus am i eligible to go direct in 11th.


  138. Dr Santanu Ghosh on said:

    Dear Sir,
    I am working at Ministry of Health, Oman but I am planning to relocate in family to UK. I ‘ll be joining UK National Health Services at Newcastle. Presently, my son is in class XI , opted for Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English. I want to clarify few confusion as below
    1). can my son can choose physics , chemistry, biology and english at UK GCE A level ( sixth form education) ? What is the cut-off level to get the above mentioned subjects ?
    2) to appear for AIPMT entrance exam in India, one should have passed physics, chemistry, biology and english as core subjects with 50 % marks ? I heard that it is difficult to choose physics and chemistry in medicine group , instead of maths in UK and USA and many of students could not appear for AIPMT exam/ could not take medicine seats in India as there was no physics at GCE A level.
    3) How to appear for AIPMT as UK board session will be over by June while AIPMT will be conducted during May ?
    4 ) Is GCE A level content of syllabus and CBSE are same or any difference ? should student find difficulties to write AIPMT as question format will prepared acc. to NCERT syllabus ?
    5). is there any online coaching classes for UK GCE A level students for AIPMT exam?
    6 ) I am really confused whether to shift him from CBSE board to GCE A level . How much difficulty my son may face to adjust in UK GCE A level ?
    Kindly guide me . Your kind help will be highly appreciated.
    Dr Santanu Ghosh

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Shantanu,
      For admission to Medical courses in India, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English are mandatory. Yes if you have studied these subjects in Grade-10, you can take up these subjects at A level also .
      You will find it difficult to be accepted for AIPMT if results are not declared before June-1st. However if you seek admission under the management quota / NRI quota, they will offer provisional admission and you can submit final results before the college starts.
      The content of A level and CBSE Grade-12 are almost similar but the study pattern is different and there is a need for adjusting study pattern to compete in the entrance exam that is conducted as per NCERT syllabus.
      Online coaching classes are available for AIPMT you can search for them.
      If you have an option, then , please continue with CBSE.
      From this year, Cambridge University has started a Feb – March exam session for A level and the results of this are declared in May but this is specific to India, You can check if the UK school will permit your child to take this session exam.

  139. Sudha on said:

    My son completed 3rd class in ICSE i want him to join in 5th class instead of 4th.
    Management is telling there is no double promotion in ICSE.
    pleaseu suggest

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Officially there are no rules governing double promotion and the decision is strictly at the discretion of the school.

  140. shilpa on said:

    My son has just passed 3rd standard and He is currently entering into 4th standard. We have just shifted him from a school which followed CBSE-i syllabus to a school following CBSE syllabus (English medium).

    His current 2nd language is Tamil. For choosing the 3rd language, is it mandatory to have Hindi as either 2nd language or 3rd language? Or he is free to choose any permissible 3rd language?(like French/German).

    Request your expert opinion on this. Thanks

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Shilpa,
      The choice of language is a decision by the school. Please discuss with them on the option. CBSE does not specify any particular combination but gives a list that schools can choose from

      • Illa Bhan on said:

        Dear Sir,

        My daughter is studying in 7th std IGCSE board. she would be pursuing further sudies in India, till graduation. In this context, is it more relevant to shift her in 8th std to ICSE board, to make her more capable of coping with needs of Indian study cirriculum, including various entrance exams for professional courses.

        Thanks & Rgds

        • Unni Krishnan on said:

          Dear Illa,

          IGCSE upto Grade-10 is a god option and then you can change to an Indian Board . Among Indian Boards, to prepare for entrance exams, CBSE is a better option.

  141. Ramesh Harish on said:

    Hello Sir, I wanted to know what exactly does 10+2 mean.
    I have my COMEDK exam on 10th May and frankly speaking, that’s the only exam I have hopes on. In the brochure and on the internet, its been mentioned as 10+2/ 12th std/ 2nd PUC.
    But until this year, both the years portions were included.
    One friend of mine told that 10+2 means both 11th and 12th.

    Please clarify my doubt at the earliest sir. I’ll at least have an idea on how to prepare then.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear ramesh,
      10 + 2 as mentioned of COMED K means a student must pass in the Grade-12 exam. With regard to syllabus for the exam, yes the questions will be spread over the topics taught in both 11 & 12.

  142. sritama on said:

    One of my friend tole me that i do B.Ed in special education i mean special B.Ed .then I can teach in special school & ICSC & CBSC board school also,Plesae tell me is it true or not?? also i want to know the eligibility criteria of a teacher for ICSC/CBSE board school?

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      For ICSE and CBSE Boards, B Ed is essential. With B Ed is Special Education you can teach children with Learning Disability.

  143. Christie on said:

    I would like to know if there is an age limit for appearing CBSE XII class exams.
    Thank you

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      If you have passed Grade-10 exam , you can appear for Grade-12 exam after 2 years from then. About upper age limit, I am not sure of a regulation but the school you register will give you information.

  144. Can i take admission in +2 isc skul in class 11 after doing 1year diploma

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      You can join Grade-11 if you have passed Grade-10 Board Exam.

      • Banasree Banerjee on said:

        i want to see the SA2 papers of maths an science of my child who appeared for 9 th gr CBSE. Since the school has not shown papers, am i eligible to see them on request? Is there any provision?

        with kind regards,

        • Banasree Banerjee on said:

          Dear sir,
          I have another query. My son has appeared for Hindi in
          gr 9 CBSE, can he appear for French in gr 10?
          Since the present school where he is studying now, have no French faculty, what can be done?
          Earlier he had French upto gr 8 in overseas CBSE school and he is finding Hindi very difficult. Kindly guide me.
          Best regards,
          B. Banerjee

          • Unni Krishnan on said:

            Dear banasree , if the student has been registered in Grade-9 , generally change of subject in Grade-10 is not permitted. Please try by writing to the CBSE Board and ask for a change on compassionate grounds.

        • Unni Krishnan on said:

          It is the prerogative of school to show the papers. Please request the school.

          • Banasree Banerjee on said:

            Dear sir,
            My son had hindi in 9 th grade. But now if i change school can he opt for french in 10th CBSE?

  145. Manohar Gosul on said:

    Sir My 2 sons studying is in 8th and 6th std in Andhra pradesh as state board syllabus.
    Now I shifted pune due to job. May I change state board to CBSE. Is it any difficulty for childs.
    Plz inform

    Manohar Gosul

  146. M. Sudhir on said:

    Our son has learning difficulties that have been recently diagnosed he is in class 8. He has been in CBSE syllabus. Would IGCSE board help him? This has been suggested by many principals we have met.
    Can Maths be exempted in either CBSE or IGCSE if a student has difficutlies?

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      I am not sure of the kind of learning difficulties of your son and so would not be able to offer the best solution. However the point to remember is that Math is optional in IGCSE and not mandatory . A student has to pass IGCSE with 5 subjects including English to be eligible for Grade-11. Another option that you may consider is the National Open School ( NIOS).

  147. Tanvi Jivani on said:

    I just completed my 10th standard boards in SSC and am considering to do A-levels for 11th and 12th. The thing is i don’t know whether it will be really difficult for me because SSC and A-levels are completely opposite things. So should I just go with the normal HSC collages or do A-levels?

  148. AKESH KUMAR on said:

    Dear Sir

    My son who completed his 9th grade from Phnom Penh Cambodia with american sllyabus but now he is interested to complete his 10th from india with CBSE board, so may i know the procedure for admission in 10th grade in tamilnadu ERODE.Your help will be highly appriciated.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Akesh,
      Admission is not granted to Grade-10 unless the student is coming from the same board. You will need to join in Grade-9 or else complete Grade-10 and join Grade-11.

  149. SAFIA BANO on said:

    Dear Capt. Unni Krishnan,
    Today i saw your site, i liked it very much. Its a very Informative blog…But i wants to know more about cbse, icse, ib other state boards and international educational syllabus as well. well…..keep educating. thanks.
    MY QUESTION..IS? ? ?
    Can i find an educational tablet with the syllabus/Curricullam, course of study material of all classes kg – 12 from all schooling boards at a place…………?Plz answer me If its an availability….?
    Actually I am a teacher….I have to know more n more n more to Impart them to improve quality education…..
    plz reply me as soon as posible…..I m looking forwrd to know…

    Thanks in advance,

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Safia,
      Great to see a teacher who is keen on learning more to help students. In today’s world the only constant is change and it is extremely essential to keep updating one’s knowledge. The educational service providers such Pearson, Educomp, Teach Next etc claim to provide content for all syllabi. I am not sure how detailed they are but it would be surely worth trying at least one of them. There is a company Editor which does provide tablets with content on it , you can check that out as well.

  150. Augustin on said:

    I have appeared for the class 10th exam in the year 1999 under CBSE but i failed in one subject that is maths, since then i never went to school, now i got married, yet I want to continue my studies. So will it be possible to appear in 10th exam under CBSE, Sir please explain iam really confused.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Augustin,
      You can appear for Grade-10 Exams under NIOS which is managed by the NCERT and is equivalent to CBSE. If you are above 25 years of age, you can directly apply for a Graduation program under IGNOU which is an open University.

  151. Reevathi Kumar on said:

    Hello Sir
    My son is giving 10th this april from NIOS. He wanted IGCSE board for 11th and 12th. Till 9th std he was in ICSE board. He is having Learning Disability which I got the certificate also. I just wanted to know which junior colleges entertain NIOS students and can he take admission in IGCSE . I stay in navi mumbai.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Revathi,
      IGCSE equivalent of Grade-11 is called A level and the standard of that is relatively high compared to NIOS or other Indian Syllabi. It may be better for your son to continue NIOS in Grade-12 or maybe State Board in subjects he s comforatble in.

  152. Susan Thomas on said:

    Sir, I am moving from kerala to Chennai. My children are studying in CBSE and I would like to take admission for them in Matriculation board in Chennai. Is there any problem for getting admission to CBSE schools if I move out of Chennai after few years. My children are studying in class VII, IV and I std.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Susan,
      It is surely possible to change from CBSE to State Board and vice versa. All schools have their own admission process and you will need to speak to them to find out the local regulation they follow. However it is not advisable to change Boards after Grade-8.

  153. Anand on said:

    Dear Sir,
    My son is studying IGCSE – Cambridge syllabus at A level apprearing for exam on May2015, also apprearing for Entrance exam at VIT and SRM , only these 2 colleges so far has given consideration so far my questions are

    1. how many colleges admit Cambridge syllabus
    2. how to manage other formalities while admitting especially final results ,since results will be out only Aug ( 2015)/

    Please advice

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Anand,
      As per Association of Indian Universities, ‘A’ level is equivalent to Grade-12 of all Indian syllabi and should be accepted by all colleges. Please check with colleges on acceptance. With regard to final results, Some colleges accept predicted Grades from school to offer Provisional admission and give final confirmation of admission on release of final result.

  154. priya sunsun on said:

    Dear Sir,
    We are planning to home school our 3 children aged 5 yrs, 4 yrs and 2.5 yrs. We have decided to follow the IGCSE syllabus. I understand that the 10th and 12th exams can be taken privately. Do you foresee any challenges to this in terms of higher studies in India/abroad, changing syllabus in between in case a need arises, or any other issues.
    Awaiting your response.


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Priya,
      The Cambridge University exams of IGCSE and A levels at Grade10 and 12 are accepted by most Universities for admission to college however some universities ask for a study certificate from a school and admission to these Universities will be difficult.
      If you are home schooling, the children can be admitted to school at any stage if the school accepts them. You may find admission to conventional schools difficult but new private schools will be accommodating. It would be ideal to get the children into school by Grade-7.

  155. Dishita sonin on said:

    Where can I get Hindi IGCSE past papers for 2006

  156. Preeti singh on said:

    I have got the job in kv as Tgt science and I have to shift to Jammu region for that. But my daughter who has just enter in 10 class of cbse board of cjm cbse school. She also wants to do her 10 from kv. Can u please tell me, it is possible that she can do 10 from some other school?

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Yes Preeti, it is possible to shift from one CBSE school to another . Please sk for transfer of your child’s registration. The school and the local regional office can help.

  157. smita indulkar on said:

    My daughter is studying in St Francis ICSE Mumbai she has gone to std IX she has opted for Science group but the school is forcing her to take up e commerce which she is not interested in or the school is asking us to change the school is this right and what does the rule book says

  158. Eshwari Anandan on said:

    Hai Sir, My daughter is studying in LKG in CBSE school in coimbatore we wish her to study in the same syllabus till 12 but some of our friends are saying that after completing eight take her to state board so that she can get more marks in the public is it true

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Unfortunately most parents consider marks as the only objective of education and hence look at such options. If the school is good and your child is learning well, you can continue with CBSE till Grade-12.

  159. Dear Mr.Unni,

    Feeling great to see your instant helping reply for every one & being an eye-opener about this board systems

    I would be grateful if you can clarify my queries here
    1. A student (till Grade 12) pursuing IGCSE can go for Medical/engineering courses
    2. If an IGCSE student can shift to CBSE in grade 11 & grade 12 & let me know about the vice-versa too
    3. Can a student undergoing CBSE till grade 10 can he/she shift to state board for Grade 11 & grade 12


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Sowby,
      a) The IGCSE equivalent of Grade-12 is called A level and A level is considered equivalent to Grade-12 Board exams of all Boards. A Students passing the relevant subjects at A level can apply for all Medicine and Engineering exams and courses.
      b) Yes a student can join A level after completing Grade-10 CBSE if he / she takes up the Board exam and not School exam.
      c) After Tenth board exam, student can join Grade-11 program of any syllabus.

  160. santhipriya on said:

    My daughter is studying 6th class in Andhra now we are shifting to banglore. Now i want her to join in CBSE school. May i Know how many subjects will be there and languages! which will be the better optional language

  161. Priti Sivaramakrishnan on said:

    Sir good morning . I want to understand the functioning of IGCSE curriculum. I am a teacher educator for a B.Ed college. I have to teach different boards to our student teachers. IGCSE has board exams at 5th, 8th and 10th standard. What do you mean by O level , Pre – U level and A /AS level . The difference between CIE and EDxcel . Also when I read your blog you had mentioned that IB board conducts external examination only at the DP Programme. So exams that are conducted at the Primary, middle years programme internal exams assessed by the school itself.

  162. Ajay S on said:

    Dear Sir, My nephew is presently completing his 7th std. UAE in CBSC affiliated school. His family is thinking of shifting to Nagpur, Maharashtra. He would like to take admission to 8th std, in any CBSC school in Nagpur with an option of teaching arabic as a third language. If he does not find a CBSC schools with arabic language then does he required to take other language ? We heard that Marathi is compulsory in Maharashtra. Does he need to take Marathi as a third language? He is not sure if he can take up Marathi at this stage. In this case Does he have an option to any other optional subject in place of third language if he takes admission to 9th standard next year, instead of Marathi?

    Kindly advice.

  163. Aditya Gidh on said:

    I want to pursue medicine. So can you tell me the subjects to be taken in 11th Grade?

  164. sagarika on said:

    sir , my younger brother has just completed 10th std from odisha hsc state board can he study 11 n 12 in cbse school??

  165. Venkat Rao on said:

    Hello Sir, i was going through your site and its helpful for parents like me, if son is completing ICSE -10th this year and he is showing interest to study further in ICSE -XII and XIII standards, i have couple questions on this.

    1) What is the difference between ICSE board and state intermediate board?
    2) After completing ICSE XII board, can he join the normal engineering or medical courses which is offered by different states?
    3) Does he needs to take any entrance exam to get the ICSE board XIII?
    4) what is the syllabus offering for ICSE board XIII?
    5) if possible can you please provide the list of schools/colleges which are offering ICSE board XIII?

    Appreciate your help on this.


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Venkat,
      Content wise ICSE Board Garden & 12 is almost similar to CBSE and State Boards. The only advantage of CBSE is that the Entrance exams are conducted based on same syllabus.
      After Completing Grade 12 in ICSE a student is eligible to apply for Engineering and Medicine courses. Almost all professional colleges have entrance exams and students have to qualify in that to apply for Merit seats.
      With Regard to schools, I am not in a position to make any recommendations.

  166. rishabh on said:

    I’m planning to do my 12th from state board………would this degree be applicabel if i apply for exams like GRE,TOEFL after my graduation???

    plz reply fast

  167. V Sadagopan on said:

    I am an employee in a private firm and getting transferred from hyderabad to chennai from April 2015. Currently my daughter is in class IV in a CBSE school in Hyderabad and admitting her in a CBSE School in Chennai. Accordingly I have otained TC from the school she is studying in Hyderabad. Kindly let me know whether the transfer certificate alone will enough for admitting her in the CBSE School in Chennai.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Generally all schools accept students based on Last examination pass certificate and TC. Some schools may ask for attestation of TC by Education officer. There may be an entrance exam also in certain schools.

  168. Prajwal on said:

    My brother is fail in 10 th ICSE chemistry can he join college

  169. if i have done my 10th from school but not from cbse boards can i take admision in class 11 in kerala. i am now studying in Delhi

  170. Vinod Kumar on said:

    Dear Sir,
    I am at present in the United States, and my daughter will be in the 9th standard (2016-2017). We are planning to return to India in 2017. Is it possible for her to join CBSE class 10 in 2017?
    Secondly, if we choose to stay back for a year and she completes Grade 10 in USA by 2018, can she join class 11 in CBSE?

    Best regards,


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Vinod,
      It will not be possible to get admission in Grade-10 since all Boards register students for Board exam in Grade-9. With regard to admission to Grade-11, if the Board that is followed in US is accepted in India as equivalent to Grade-10 and the final is conducted by the Board , then it will be possible to take admission in Grade-11. Please note in some US Boards, the final exam is conducted in Grade-11 and if that si the case then you may find it difficult to get admission in Grade-11.

  171. Harpreet on said:

    hello..my brother has passed +2 non-medical from ICSE board with 58%..but he has reappear in maths.Is he eligible to study in canada?? is it necessary to clear maths reappear to study in canada???

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Many universities ask for an overall Pass certificate which is issued only if a student passes all subjects but some universities do offer admission if the subjects a student wishes to pursue are cleared. Please check with the University you wish to seek admission in.

  172. Sir,
    Can a 11th pass student of cbse (KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA – com stream) change school with same subject to other KV school.
    With regards Sir

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Yes Arun, you can change school with permission from the regional CBSE office . This will help you transfer your registration and attendance to the new school.

  173. Mohammed Ali on said:

    Hello Sir,

    My son is studying in 7th standard (IB Curriculum) in Abu Dhabi..We like to know up to which standard it is possible to switch over to CBSE or ICSE and what are the language papers(like Hindi,Malayalam) compulsory in Kerala.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Mohammed Ali, you will need to shift to CBSE before Grade-9 since registration for Board exam happens in Grade-9. There are 2 subjects in CBSE First Language and Second language. Option of subjects in these categories is dependent on the school, so please check with the school.

  174. shreyash sen on said:

    hello i am shreyash sen and i am in 10th class in cbse board and due to some problems i have dropped my study for this year and i have didn’t went to schul for 7 months and i have decided to drop my studies and i have to continue my studies for next year so my question is this that shall i continue my studies next year in class 10th in mp board schul i want frequently answer

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Hi Shreyash,
      The best option for you is to complete Grade-10 in CBSE only. Most Boards want students to study Grade-9 and 10 in the same syllabus.

  175. Mercy on said:

    Dear Sir
    I just came across your site and your responses are truly appreciated.
    I have a query, my daughter is doing her 11th class in Muscat under CBSE board with Bio & Psychology streams and if we think of moving to another country where there are no psychology streams what do you suggest we should do?

    Looking forward for your response
    Thanks Mercy

    Kind Regards

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Mercy,
      Students are not permitted to change subjects in Grade-12 so it will be difficult to continue Grade-12 unless it is a subject that does not have practicals and the school allows private study.

  176. akshaya on said:

    hello sir I have passed senior inter(MPC) in 2014 and joined an engineering college on EAMCET basis in Andhra pradesh,India.There I have submitted all my original certificates including long memoas per rules,coz then I hadn’t decided whether to write mains again or not.Now I have once again appplied for JEE Mains 2015,BITSAT 2015 exams.In rules of jee mains it is mentioned that we must submit long memo at the time of exam.But I dont have a copy of long memo even.Will the college return my long memo atleast for few hours to take xerox copy of it and return.If they refuse to return what should I do.PLZ reply sir

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Akshaya,
      College are not permitted to retain original documents other Than Transfer certificate and hence it is mandatory that college returns all original documents. Please write a formal application to the college and in case of problem, approach the university.

    • akshaya on said:

      thank you very much sir

  177. Alwyn on said:

    Dear Sir,

    My Son (16 years) is completing NIOS Xth in UAE and I wish to continue his studies in UAE in a regular school with CBSE board for XIth and XIIth, I have a doubt whether the CBSE private schools can admit him since he is from NIOS. Your reply will greatly help me to take the right decision, since there are conflicting opinions about this. Also, please advise if my decision to change from NIOS to normal CBSE school (if admitted) is a right decision. Thanks.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Alwyn,
      As per the NCERT and Government specifications, NIOS( garden-10) is equivalent to all Tenth Grade Board Exams and a student can join any board if he/ she has passed a minimum of 5 subjects including English.
      With regard to ability to adjust, this is something you will need to assess based on your child’s capability. If the choice of subject is correct and the student has the ability to put in necessary hard work , then it is surely possible.

  178. Suruchi on said:

    If my child opt ib in class 1 then will she be able to cope up if I will shift her in cbse in class 5

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      It is surely possible. The only point to keep in mind is that under the International system, many schools do not have examinations which sometimes causes an adjustment problem but can be handled easily.

  179. tasif on said:

    respected sir,

    my son is 4yr n we r here in ksa . i have more options here for igcse then cbse schools, but after returning india after 4,5 years can i get
    admission in cbse school for my son, and he can manage the studies in cbse syllabus after studing in igcse, which syllabus is easy and better for him bcoz after 4,5 yrs will move to india

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Adjusting to CBSE on your return is not difficult. As an additional preparation, you can purchase CBSE books for math and Science for the corresponding class and check the gaps if any. By this process, your child can get exposure to the International learning practices and also be ready for the Indian system.

  180. varrshini on said:

    will maths toughness level for cbse bio strean and engineering stream be the same

  181. Dear Captain,
    I am from Trivandrum. My kid is turns 3 this April. We already started thinking about his education and we always end up in debate between CBSE and ICSE syllabuses. Our focus is more on the quality , personal development and hectic less education. Could you please suggest which syllabus best suits our requirements?

    It would be great if you could suggest some schools in Trivandrum following that syllabus as well


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Shyam,
      Please choose school based on delivery of education and not on syllabus. You must visit the schools and find the environment and then decide. The advantage of CBSE is that all entrance examinations are based on that syllabus. The other requirements that you are looking for are based on the school and not syllabus.

  182. RRAJESH BARDE on said:

    Dear Captain,

    At the outset, I wish you almighty’s blessings. I have a question that is haunting me. My daughter is in 5th std in ICSE syllabus. She is finding it very tough to cope up with the vast syllabus, home work, studies, projects etc.She gets stressed. By mistake I put her in ICSE. I want to put her in state board so that she can be stress-free and also get time to play and enroll into curricular activities. Please give your opinion on this and also suggest good state board schools around Tyagrajnagar area in Bangalore.

    Your help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear rajesh,
      I agree that some students find ICSE to be tough, while shifting to State Board is a good decision but keeping in mind the level of studies in Grade 11 & 12, it may be better to opt for a CBSE school. This will help perform well in those years.

      • Atul P on said:

        Dear Sir,
        I studied in CBSE. My daughters are in school but SSC Board.
        The school is private school and hence they learn a lot like diary, objective types question etc.
        I have started making my daughter appear for competitive exams to hone her for competitive.
        The CBSE/ICSE curriculums are great for a child who can adapt to that..
        but most loose their childhood.
        even in SSC board school my kids don’t get much time due to competition from other boards their school is also putting lot of studies and homework.
        I know one family who switched their daughter to SSC board and are fine.Most of the parents of icse school kids are of SSC Boards and hence feel better. as grass seems greener on the other side.
        Also, ICSE gives permissions to start a school easily so they are perpetrating everywhere. all builders have a school from ICSE.
        it’s way of minting money.
        check school and put your kid in it. the school sh’d not be v. far off from your house else kids spend long time in the school bus.

        The Boards are all same. the Govt. Boards are dumb and have some issues but then we have to take care of our children.

  183. mohd adbul SHOEB on said:

    i want to know what is the type of board paper (delhi ,outside delhi or foreign) given to Indian schools (cbse) abroad India like kuwait bahrain etc…

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Shoeb,
      All schools conduct their Pre Board exams in the pattern similar to the Board exam. Please follow that. You can also get the previous year’s papers to get an idea of the format.

  184. can i take IB board in 11th after completing my 10th from CBSE?

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Yes you can join the IB diploma program after CBSE Grade-10 if you have taken the Board exam and not opted for the school exam.

  185. Umapathy P on said:

    Dear Sir,
    My native place is Chennai & Presently am working in pune in Pvt sector company, I planned to join my daughter in one of CBSE school in Pune, As i enquirer here Regional language Marathi is compulsory in addition of English & Hindi, I need to claify that is this system is same for all other states also ? and if is it same of all states then now my fear is in future if I transfer to any other state then will it not effect the my daughter to study other regional language in respective states?

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Umapathy,
      In India languages are a state prerogative and hence all states try and bring in some local rules in this regard. Generally in most CBSE schools , they follow the policy of offering English as first language, For Second language they would offer options such as Hindi, French or the local language and in Classes 5 to 8 there is a third language which is different from the above.
      Many schools choose to offer the local language as the Third language. To help transit parents like you, schools can offer the option to continue with the subject the student has been studying if that language is available in that school or maybe self study but these rules are strictly a school policy.

  186. Ananth S Kumar on said:

    I am a student of std 10(CBSE) studying in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (Eroor-Kochi), residing in Kochi, Kerala. I wish to join an English medium state school which focuses on board as well as entrance examinations from 11th grade. The school (state) had been making good results recently. I wish to pursue my career in medicine, so I need to focus on entrance as well. I just wanted to know whether I could do my Post-Graduation abroad if I write the 12th board exams in state syllabus. Could you please let me know ASAP..? Thanks in advance..

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Ananth,
      Admission to Post graduate studies depends on your performance at undergraduate level so you do not have to worry about it now. As of now , you can focus on doing well in Grade-12 exam and then get admission to a good Medical college.

  187. Dear sir
    I m a student giving my school based cbse exams.. for the social science exam there is an or question from a chapter not taught in school.. is it possible for me to learn that chapter which is much easier as compared to the chapter taught in school.. will there be any problem..

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Rachel,
      Technically, it is perfectly OK to answer a question that you know if there is an option in the question paper. The point of whether it is from the portion covered in school or not is irrelevant.

  188. Dear Sir,

    I am from Visakhapatnam. My Son is now studying in 5th Std English Medium under State Syllabus. Now i am Planing to change him to join Under CBSE or ICSE from 6th Std.. Is it possible to join in CBSE or ICSE???, If it is possible to join both CBSE & ICSE then please advise me to choose better option for my son better future.
    And also Please advise me some schools residential or non residential in Vizag of the same syllabus.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear mahesh,
      It is surely possible to change to CBSE/ ICSE from state Board. If you are planning to join a professional course in India, CBSE may be a better option. You can not join both the syllabi. With regard to schools, I am not in a position to suggest specific schools.

      • Dear Sir,
        Thank you for your reply,

        sorry to say that my son is studying not under state syllabus studying in CBSE. Actually i am planing his professional courses in abroad so can i try to join him under ICSE.
        Can you advise me any best professional courses in India as well as Abroad.
        Thanks and Regads

        • Unni Krishnan on said:

          Dear Mahesh,
          CBSE is surely a good option and you may continue in that even if you intend to study abroad. You must choose a course your child is good at based on the subjects he likes best.

  189. i am 9th fail can i do 12th directly from mumbai university

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      You have to pass Tenth standard to appear for Twelfth If you are 25 years and above in age, you can appear for NIOS Twelfth

  190. Harihara Sudhan on said:

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    Please explain the IGCSC Board. I’m planning to put my daughter on this Board [UKG] . Currently I’m residing at Bangalore [Karnadaka -India]. Could you please list out the Syllabus of this Board.

  191. Sheesh Pal on said:

    I want to know shall i admission my child in kerala school ( Canning Road, C.P, Delhi). It is good for his future. I put up in delhi.

  192. Shabnam Mondal on said:

    I’m a student of the CBSE board, however I wish to change to IGCSE in 11th. But does DU not accept students of the IGCSE board? And what advantages do I get internationally if I pass out of an IGCSE school? ( I speak as a student who plans on making a career in subjects of art/humanities.) Sociology, symbolism, spirituality, philosophy, religion. What disadvantages do I stand at on a national level?

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Shabnam,
      Grade-11 and 12 in Cambridge University program are called A levels and this accepted by Association Of Indian Universities as equivalent to dian Board Grade-12. The only problem you will face when applying to Indian Universities after A level is that they will not give you additional weightage for grades and t will be difficult to compare with marks from Indian Board. If you are applying to International Universities they will give weightage based on your grades also many International Universities give students from A level exemption from SAT exams.

  193. I am a student of class 11 opted for medical from isc board.After completing class 11 fron this board it is it advisable for me to complete class 12 From pseb(punjab board education board)???

  194. kausik datta on said:

    My daughter is studying in class 7 under English medium state board. Will it be useful to switchn over from state board to CBSC or ICSE Board

  195. R. Gomathi Sankar on said:

    I intend to put my girl in IGCSE to start with UKG. My worry is if we decide to pursue her UG course in with in India itself what are the options?. Can we change her course after 10th grade or before?. Did Tamilnadu state board accepts IGCSE students in +1 level?

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Gomathi,
      Sure you can change syllabus any time but better to do so after IGCSE Grade-10 . All Boards accept IGCSE students some conventional schools and colleges use it as an excuse when they do not want to give seats.

  196. Jalesingh Yadav on said:

    Hello Sir,
    My wife completed his 10th exam in 2006 or 12th exam in 2008 from rajasthan board of secondary education ajmer,rajasthan.
    Now she want to study again in 12th class in Delhi NCR.
    please sir suggest me it is possible??
    if yes then what should i need to do because there are i a lot of gape also.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Jalesingh,
      It may not be possible to join a school and re appear for Grade-12 but your wife can take up NIOS exam as a private candidate.

  197. Hello Sir,
    My daughter is currently studying in grade 7 in a good school which offers the IGCSE curriculum. She has also been showing great liking as well as aptitude for Mathematics and Physics and is keen to do Engineering. We want her to pursue her education in India and I have understood after extensive research that it woud be best to opt for the CBSE curriculum. Would it be advisable to change to CBSE right away from Std VIII, or should I let her continue in IGCSE till std 10 and then shift over? I understand that it is very tough shifting from IGCSE to Indian system. Also to avoid that, if I shift now to CBSE, will I have issues with admissions, since private schools are affiliated to IGCSE only in 9th and 10th. I am not sure about their status before that and whether our school will be recognised by CBSE. It is crucial to take the right decision immediately as admission procedures for next year are currently going on.
    Pls advice asap. Thank you for your time.

    Warm Regards,

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Megha,
      It is advisable to change from IGCSE to CBSE after Grade-10 so that the student benefit from the analytical approach of IGCSE method. In Grade 11 & 12, all students need to put in extra effort and change over at that time would be an ideal option.

  198. Dear Captain Unni Krishnan,

    Please reply urgently to my following queries:

    1. Is the IB programme (A-Level) considered equivalent to Indian 12th Boards? Does a student have to compulsorily go abroad after the A-Level or Can he also pursue further studies in India? As of now, I plan to send my son abroad later but would like to keep all options open.

    2. What about admissions in India after the IB programme? When would be the IB exams and when would we get the results? Does the timing match the Indian Universities’ Admissions Schedule? Considering the timing of IB results, would he have to waste a year after the IB results if he wished to continue in India?

    3. Does an IGCSE / IB student find it very difficult to cope with Indian Boards/ Universities later?

    4. Do you foresee Foreign Universities setting up branches / campuses in India in future?

    5. If my son wanted to pursue engineering / Medicine in India, Would not his entrance exams clash with IB exams and would he find it extremely difficult after an IB programme?

    6. What do you personally feel about the future of IGCSE / IB Currulum in India with regard to its recognition and eligibilty for admission into Indian Universities?

    7. Would you recommend a student currently in Grade VI pursuing an IGCSE curriculum to shift to an Indian (CBSE/ ISC) Board after the Xth Grade if he wants to do graduation in India? Or Can this call be taken even after the IB – Level A?

    Your immediate reply in this regard will be highly appreciated.



  199. Dear Mr. Unni Krishnan,

    My son is studying in Grade VII in an IGCSE School and wants to pursue Medicine in future. Can he pursue medicine in India or does he have to compulsorily do it from abroad if he takes up an IB program (A Level) for the 11-12 th Grade? Please also let me know whether an IB A-Level is accepted by Indian Universities for Graduation in Commerce, Medical or Engineering Stream. Please advise urgently.

    Thanks & Regards,


  200. VishwaJeet on said:

    Hello, i am glad to read the whole content of this blog and am very excited and happy to say that the webmaster has done a very good job here to put all the information content and information at one place.

  201. Ravinder on said:

    Our son completed Grade-8 and daughter Grade-3 from an international school abroad. They never studied Hindi and can not speak/read Hindi. They are fluent in French and studied French. We are in Delhi and looking for schools in Dwarka where French is offered as language subject. We are thinking that our son can take English & French in Grade-9. I understand from Grade-9 onwards there are only two languages. And our daughter can take English and Hindi. I understand Hindi is compulsory in elementary/primary school. Is there any possibility that my daughter can also study English and French in Grade-4 in Delhi. After two years we would leave India and our children would go back to international school abroad. For this reason we would like them to study in IGCSE system in India. Could you please suggest schools in Dwarka where French is offered as language subject in Grade-9 or even in Grade-4. Also
    Dwarka schools offering iGCSE system.
    Thank you.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Ravinder,
      Your decision to get your children admitted to an IGCSE school is perfect. There are quite a few International schools in Delhi but unfortunately I do not know of any particular school You may be able to get the info from Google search or from a local person in Delhi.

      • Ravinder on said:

        Thank you Sir.
        Can our son study only English and French in Grade-9 and not Hindi. And can our daughter also study English and French in Grade-4 and not Hindi.

        • Unni Krishnan on said:

          In Grade-9 it is OK to take only English and French but in Grade-4 , it is as per policy of the school. In an International school, you can make a request to permit English and French in Grade-4 and hope they will accept.

  202. Srinivasan K on said:

    Hi Sir
    My Son is studying in a school in Bangalore with ICSE syllabus since 2009. Currently my son is completing his 6th standard. I am travelling to Philippines for 2 years. I have seen Mahatma Gandhi International School in Manila which offers IGCSE syllabus with Hindi Language.
    So the plan is to complete 7th and 8th Grade in Manila and get him back to ICSE syllabus for 9th and 10th in Bangalore. I need advice where its advisable to do such changes for my sons leaning at 7th standard level. Will he be able to cope up with it. Please advice.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Srinivasan,
      Since you do not have an option of continuing with ICSE in Manilla, IGCSE is a good alternative. When you return from Manila in 2 years , you have the option to get back to ICSE or continue with IGCSE in India. If you are very keen on getting back to ICSE , it may be a good idea to organise for someone to send you the ICSE books during the years you are in Manila and keep in touch with what is being taught here. As a sincere student these transitions will not make any major difference .

  203. Viradia Harshad on said:

    We have taken a TC from our Doha, Qatar DPS school for my son who was in 3rd grade becasue of visa issue. The TC does not say that he is passed and promoted to 4th grade. Now while trying to get admission in 3rd grade in Dubai, no school is giving admission in 3rd grade and also not registering for 4 the grade. kindly advise and help wayforward

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Harshad,
      Admission is a school related matter and each school has its own admission policy. You can try to impress upon the school with the last passed exam and try and get admission to the Grade that you discontinued in Qatar . Maybe also try and get a recommendation letter from the previous school.

  204. Bhikchand on said:

    Dear Sir,
    My daughter is studying in 5th class (CBSE pattern). I want to change the school and board also.
    I’ve read about IGCSE pattern and its learning approach and focus on overall development of child along with proficiency in English language. Also gone thru ICSE pattern which is more like traditional Indican academic pattern.

    I spoke to few of my friends. Someone is telling me that if child want to do graduation abroad then go for IGCSE. Someone is complaining that the IGCSE syllabus is very tough and someone is saying IGCSE is very easy and ICSE syllabus is tough.

    Now I am thoroughly confused as to with which board (IGCSE/ICSE) I should go with?

    I want overall development of my child and as of now haven’t thought about her graduation abroad. Post 10th, she should be able to return back easily to typical Indian curriculam without much effort.

    Please suggest.


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Bhikchand,
      IGCSE is a good study option and gives the child a good foundation. After Grade-10, you have the option to shift back to the Indian system if you plan to take up higher education in India.

      • Bhikchand on said:

        Thanks a lot !!!

      • Goldy Aloysious on said:

        Hello Sir, if the child were to move back to Indian education system after grade 10, how easy or difficult would it be for a child coming from IGCSE curriculum ?

        • Unni Krishnan on said:

          Dear Goldy,
          If a child is willing to put in hard work, then adjusting change to Indian system is not a problem. Actually a good student from IGCSE will have a sound foundation and ability to analyse and reason topics.

  205. Shanaya Hari on said:

    I am going to complete my 10th grade in cbse. But I dunno whether I should take igcse board for grade 11 and 12. What should I do if I want to pursue a medical career??

  206. dear sir/ma’am

    pls advice me that weather one should leave school in class 10 who is doing igcse or not

    and what are the consequences of failing in igcse class 9

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear rahul,
      Grade-9 is a school exam and a preparatory to Grade-10 exam. You must work hard and pass in the Grade-9 exam and continue with the school.You will also find it very difficult to get admission to Grade-10.

  207. Chandra Shekhar Silori on said:

    Dear Sir,
    We live in Bangkok and my daughters, grade 9 and 6 respectively are currently studying CBSE syllabus. However, due to extremely low strength of students in grade 9 (only 2), we are planning to move our elder daughter out and put her in international syllabus school either IGCSE or American Syllabus. In this regard, I have two questions -first is if makes sense to move her out at this stage to other syllabus. School says that she will not get grade 9 passing certificate, which to me sounded like a bit strange. Secondly, if we manage to convince school to allow her to move out, which syllabus do you suggest would be better option – IGCES or American.

    Thank you very much for your kind advice.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Chandra Shekhar,
      IGCSE is a good syllabus, but the problem you will face is in joining any new school or syllabus in Grade-10. In all syllabi , registration for Grade-10 is to be intimated in Grade-9. The option you may have is to shift to IGCSE school and try and manage the studies of the complete syllabus in one year. or else try and seek transfer to Grade -10 in another CBSE school in India.

  208. Hi Sir,

    I ve been going through your blog lately…. My School is offering IB in grade 11 and 12. I have completed my 10th grade IGCSE exams successfuly.And i have interest in studying my undergraduate Engineering degree in india. So moving to CBSE board for grade 11 and 12 ,is a better option ?

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Hi Kavin,
      Yes, if you intend to take up Engineering in India the CBSE is the best option in Grades 11 & 12. Please note that you must put in more effort in Grade 11 & 12 to get good results which will help in admission to a good college.

  209. Maimuna Sailani on said:

    Dear Sir,

    I have to do my child’s admission in nursery
    I am confused as to which board is better… ICSE or IGCSE?

    Please help

  210. Swarali Kale on said:

    sir i’m studying in class 9th (cbse) now. i want to select bio+maths stream in 11th. are cbse schools providing them? plz tell me.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      CBSE has the option of Physics , Chemistry, Biology and Math as a a combination Grade-11

      • Swarali Kale on said:

        but it is difficult to find it bcoz the least schools provide it. also the paper is on the same day of both the subjects. plz clear about it to me.
        also thnks for rplying

        • Unni Krishnan on said:

          Physics, Chemistry , Math and Biology is the most preferred combination and so many schools would provide that option. CBSE Board will also not have Math and Biology exam on same day.

  211. Dear sir,

    My son was born on 14.04.2004 presently studying in 6th std in a CBSE school chennai. Here he has been learning tamil as his 2nd language till 5th std and from 6th std he started learning hindi as 3rd language. Now my husband got a sudden transfer to Mumbai. Please advise me whether it’s advisble for us to relocate to Mumbai and admit my son to a Mumbai cbse school and whether it’ll affect his studies to learn hindi as 2nd language there!!

    Thanking you,

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Prabha,
      You can surely relocate to Mumbai. There is option of continuing with Tamil as second language in Mumbai also. I am sure there will be some schools in that category. You also have the option to take up Hindi as second language and with little extra help by way of tuition can in a period of one or two years get your son to manage Hindi as second language.

  212. dear sir
    my sister is doing her 10th standard cbse in dubai. for 11th admission she is interested to join biology group in kerala board syllabus in dubai. i would like to know whether the syllabus of kerala board is equivalent to cbse syllabus or higher than that. i mean whether kerala board syllabus is tougher or easier or same as cbse board.

  213. Ancy Elizabeth Antony on said:

    Dear Sir,

    Very happy that i found learhive site. It is very informative.

    My son is doing PYP year 5 in Zambia. If we plan to go back to India we have to admit him in an IB school or IGCSE as he doesn’t know the languages Hindi or any other Indian languages. In my place (Alleppey, Kerala) I can’t find any of these type of schools. Is it possible to study CBSE syllabus replacing indian languages with english and French? Kindly help me with your suggestion.

    Kind Regards


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Ancy,
      Some CBSE schools do offer French as an option for second language and in Grades 5 to 8 they would have a third language which could be malayalam. Since third language starts only in Grade-5 and is only upto Grade-8, maybe your son would be able to manage.

    • Rajesh beniwal on said:

      GOOD MORNING SIR,My daughter is read in 5th cbse board ,,,,,I have change is the school ,,,plz board is the best board cbse and igcse.plz answer sir.

      • Unni Krishnan on said:

        Dear Rajesh,
        Both IGCSE and CBSE are good boards the point to look out for is the delivery at school. Please refer the blog for the salient points of both syllabi.

  214. Arul Jothi on said:

    Can a student studying 11th Standard in the ICSE Pattern, be detained / failed?

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Yes , if the performance is not up to the mark a student can be failed

      • Arul Jothi on said:

        Is there any RULE in ICSE to detain a student? or Is it a discretion of the school management?

        • Unni Krishnan on said:

          If it is ICSE or School management both do not want to fail a student, a student fails because of lack of performance and must work hard to pass in the exams. As per government policy, compulsory passing is only till Grade-8.

  215. stella pandhare on said:

    How to appear for tenth board as private candidate for cbse or igcse board

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      CBSE does not accept private candidates, you have to take up the exam through NIOS ( National Institute of Open Schooling). For IGCSE, you can register as a private candidate with any Cambridge International Examination centre which is closest to you.

  216. Sai Sudheep on said:

    Sir, I am now going to complete 10th Standard in a CBSE School. I would like to remain in CBSE for my Higher Secondary Education. Can i know about 11th Standard in CBSE? (I mean, do we have to choose any groups or we would have to study the whole lot, i.e., Science, social, languages and maths)

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Hi Sudeep,
      You have to choose a steam of study in Grade-11 and that is the case in any syllabus.

      • Sai Sudheep on said:

        What options are available for me to choose, sir?

        • Unni Krishnan on said:

          Hi Sudheep,
          You can choose Science , Commerce or Arts stream. All of them have different subject combinations to choose from. Please visit the school/ college where you intend studying and choose from the list they offer. You can slo visit the CBSE/ ISC or State Board web site and find the combination of subjects.

  217. Rekha Rao on said:

    Hello Sir,

    I’m required to relocate to China this year and my son is currently in 9th std (going to write his exams in March), CBSE Board, National Public School, Bangalore. However, in China, I find that they have British & American schools where IGCSE, USA plan and IB are curriculum offered. I would like to know

    1) Is it going to be very challenging for a student to a transition in 10th std to a new board from CBSE.
    2) Which board would be better to transition to among the options of IGCSE, IB, US Board (American International School, British International Schools)

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Rekha,
      In all syllabi, Grades 9 and 10 are to be taken up together, you cannot join in Grade-10. So the best option for you is to make your son complete Grade-10 CBSe and then shift to a different syllabus.

  218. Hi sir.
    my daughter is studying in 10th cbse now in uae. After her 10th we are planning to move to Jakarta.As there is no cbse school in Jakarta ,she has to choose IGCSE or IB. For A level ,when does the new academic year start and when does it end ?I heard that the A level final exams in June and result comes in August. So can she join in the medical or engineering college in India after
    that ? or she will loose one year as the 12th result (A level) comes late.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Shaji,
      Both IB and A level results are out in Mid August . You can apply to colleges in India with predicted Grades from the school and before final admission submit the final result. The only limitation will be that your daughter will be eligible only for Management quota seat and not merit seat.

  219. sangeeta on said:

    My 12 yr old son has been an ICSE student till now. But I think he is now getting stressed out with the syllabus, I want him to grow freely with all choices.Is IB syllabus advisable frm Class VIII for him now? Thank you

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      IB is a good option. Most IB schools schools in India follow the IGCSE program in Grades 8-10 and this will give you an option to return to an Indian syllabus after Grade-10. Please check this before you admit.

      • shazia parmar on said:

        My son will turn 3 in dis April n searching school which board is best as wanna give best to my child if I choose cbse as all my relatives kids chose Icse n if choose cbse it will be a good choice or not in south Mumbai only one cbse board Der orchids international school it will be a best choice cbse or Icse pls. Suggest me thnks

        • Unni Krishnan on said:

          Please choose a school especially for lower classes based on delivery of education rather than syllabus. Please visit schools and check before you make your decision.

  220. sir I have a doubt I am at 10th std icse now I don’t score good in maths I only get so so marks in maths so in future I want to study medicine suggest me what combination should I take in puc is there a chance of omitting maths totally. if so is there that chance in all collages.

    • pls give a reply sir

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Suma,
      In PUC there is option of taking a combination Phy, Chem, Bio and Home Science and you can drop Math. With that combination, you can apply for Medicine. In Medical entrance exam, you do not have to appear for Math.

  221. kshitij raj on said:

    sir is it allowed to participate in state board as well as cbse board and is giving exams from two boards permissible

  222. shashi on said:

    my daughter is 2 years 1 month old ,she is very clear she will tell almost 10 rhymes of english & kannada , 1 to 10 numbers, A to Z, she will identify 60 animals name,in kannada ha to la. i can choose for her ICSE syllabus.

    but one confusion is some students will be very good in studies in primary school after high school they will be very stressful for the heavy subjects, patterns, very fast processing they will not adjust that, after parents will put them to CBSE syllabus. Please replay & suggest me for this i am worried of my child will do like this r not.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Sashi,
      Any student who wants to do well in studies has to work hard when they grow up. It is necessary that children understand concepts from the young age so that as they get to higher classes , they are able to manage their studies well. Choose school where the child will learn well and even as parent do not focus only on marks but try to assess how much your child is understanding.

  223. Bal Krishna on said:

    My daughter has completed her IGSCE ‘O’ level exams now., I would like to know if there are options form her to study under CBSE through private mode since she is very interested in learning arts and prefer a home based study programme. Thanks for your patience in answering such variety of questions and guidance.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Balkrishna,
      Students who have passed IGCSE with 5 subjects including English are eligible to join CBSE and all Boards for Grade-11. CBSE does not permit private students but students who wish to pursue private / home schooling can appear for Grade -12 exam under NIOS ( National Institute of Open Schooling) which is accepted equivalent to CBSE Grade-12.

  224. Possible chances to join CBSE board Gr 11 after completion of IGCSE board Gr 9-10

  225. GEETHA SARAVANAN on said:

    Hello sir,
    I have a mind confusing doubt.kindly clear my doubt.
    My son has been put in Euro kids blossom play school; and now we have planned to put him in IGCSE Board. My doubt is in Indian system of education which board is found to be preferable either CBSE or IGCSE.

  226. Priya Nadkarni on said:

    Hi Captain,

    I wish to start a small learning centre for tribal kids in rural Madhya Pradesh. This will only be initially for primary kids (till grade 5). Do you know if kids can write grade 5 exams through NIOS and get admitted to grade 6 in a Government or private school?


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Priya,
      If I am not mistaken, NIOS conducts its first level of exam only at Grade-10 level and registration to the Grade-10 exam is for students who have attained 14 years of age. I do not think students can take an exam at Grade-5 level.

      You have decided to undertake a noble cause and I feel it would be ideal to take the students through to Grade-10 under NIOS and then shift them to some other syllabus. Please Feel free to contact me at captunni@gmail.com if you would like any assistance in your effort to help the tribal kids.

  227. pradhan on said:

    Dear sir,
    i am in grade 8 igcse of south bangalore . how much ever i study i am unable to write it down in the examination,i have also practised by the way of writing down notes.i also want to attempt the IIT test .getting a tution especially after i have changed to igcse is become difficult,since most of the tutors prefer to have a icse or cbse student.my problem is that I like to continue my studies in igcse board.
    1) I want to do igcse 11 and 12 in Bangalore. Does Cambridge International has any further courses for me if I have to do some technical course after 12 igcse? where should i study this course?
    2).what is my future after the igcse 11 and 12.

    kindly answer my problem as soon as possible


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Pradhan,
      The IGCSE/ Cambridge University equivalent for Grade11 & 12 is called A level and you can choose subjects to appear for A level. After A level program, you can join college in India or Abroad. A number of Universities Abroad offer Vocational courses in addition to regular courses and you can choose courses/ subjects that you are good at prepare for a career .

      • Hello captain ! My son is now in 9th and now I m planning to change his school: IGCSE do you think it will be wiser if I change the board? Is the board more tougher as my son is interested in sports and not many good state syllabus r there .

        • Unni Krishnan on said:

          Dear Jatin,
          It is perfectly OK to change over to IGCSE in Grade-9 . It also helps reduce number of subjects required to be taken in the Board exam which will help your son in his sports.

          • Vaishika on said:

            I’m a 9th grader currently in a CBSE based school and I want to move to IGCSE syllabus for grade 10. Do you think that is possible?


          • Unni Krishnan on said:

            No, Please complete CBSE Grade-10. All syllabi have Grade 9 & 10 combined thus preventing change after after Grade-9.

  228. Mayur Panchal on said:

    Dear Sir,
    It was really a very useful information. Thanks a lot for the same.


    We wish to put our child in the Nursery program in 2015-16 session and are exploring various school/board options for my 2.5 year kid. As a parent I want my child to get best education and all round development and if he is interested will put him abroad for studies at later stage. I have evaluated CBSE/ICSE/IGCSE and IBDP and I have following queries;

    1) At Nursery stage, does it make huge difference, if we opt for CBSE, ICSE or CIPP, IGCSE?

    2) Though I wish my child to study abroad and for that matter IGCSE would definitely be my choice, however since we are working in a private firm and not sure about our own job or financial stability and if my child needs to continue Study in India and has to compete with others, I feel he will have a problem later on in switching the board to CBSE. By this view I feel that CBSE or ICSE is better option for the child if as a parent, we are not sure about our own stability.

    3) Between CBSE and ICSE, ICSE is the tough one and most of the competitive exams are based on CBSE, then is it worth to go for tougher ICSE option?

    4) Though most of the parent will say that they want different education program for their child rather than beaten CBSE route and put their children in ICSE or IGCSE. Later on when they grow up and could not get admission abroad or for some reason, have to study in India, they will need to compete with the mass, there is no escape. At that time the children will have a problem.

    5) The drawback with CBSE is that they don’t focus on extracurricular and hence apart from textbooks the child won’t get much exposure. Is it the same with ICSE? By that way IGCSE is the best one but if there a change of board involves at later stage, I feel that it will be a problem for the child.

    As, you might have rightly guessed, we are totally confused and unable to take decision (even at Nursery stage..!) which board we should opt for my little son.

    I sincerely need your advice.
    Thanks a lot.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Mayur,
      Details about each of the syllabi have been listed in the blog. Please remember that there is no perfect solution to choice of syllabus or school . If there had been one, everyone would have chosen only that and there would be no options. You are getting too stressed out on making the best choice when you must actually look at providing your child an opportunity to enjoy childhood. Look for a school where the child will have a good atmosphere to improve social and emotional skills. The rate at which the world is changing, what is in vogue now would become out dated soon, the focus must be on having a good foundation of basics so that the child can adapt to any situation in life. For all you know, by the time your child will get to High school/ college, CBSE, ICSE etc may become irrelevant.
      For a child at that young age, Choose a school that instills a good value systems , ethics and morals.

    • Chhaya Shah on said:

      Respected sir,
      I m a student of class 7 and in year 2015-16 I will be shifting to state board of same schl and in state board maths , science and English is of Oxford, and in CBSE board math & science r of Cambridge eng. of Nine hats & SS is of ncert so shld I join cbse or state board?

  229. Anand Lobo on said:

    Dear Mr. Unni Krishnan,
    A great website with valuable information.
    A couple of questions about the Cambridge IGCSE ‘O’Level.
    1. Is the O Level Final exam done in standard 10 or standard 11?
    2. How does the IGCSE O level transfer into the South Australia Certificate of Education (SACE)? (as we plan to migrate to Australia)

    thanks & regards

  230. Dear Captain
    I am currently studying in the 10th grade,in the CBSE system.
    My university plan is to pursue music as a degree in one of the top music universities in the United States of America.
    So henceforth, after an exhaustive search of what the universities want from their admission appliers, I was left dumbfounded on whether I should apply to an IB school or not.
    I am most certainly aiming for a scholarship and would like to post my most important yet not so far answered question-
    Will an IB diploma improve my chances of admission and scholarship when compared to CBSE?
    Another question is , is the IB system scoring as compared to the CBSE system. I am a 10CGPA student and would definitely prefer to be a top scorer in my future studies as well.

    Waiting patiently,
    Thanking you

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Terumi,

      If you intend to take up Music in a Us University, surely IB is a very good option. With regard to Grading, for a good student , that should not be a worry. Just put in your best and you will get the best results.

  231. Sir,
    At the outset, I should thank you for giving such detailed explanation about different options for the students – its really very helpful.
    We are currently residing in China where my son is in an international school, under IGCSE syllabus grade 8. He was told that by the beginning of next year he will have to select his subjects for the Grade 9 and 10 examinations, such as advanced math or regular, ( I am not sure of the exact name),co ordinated science or pure science etc. My son wants to do engineering after completion of IB diploma. We are not sure of what subjects he should choose for pursuing engineering – he is not sure whether he wants to go for Information Technology or other branch in Engineering.
    We are new to this IGCSE, having moved from India two years back from ICSE curriculum. We are also unsure how long our overseas posting will be, hoping to finish his grade 10 atleast here.
    If you could guide us on choice of subjects so that no matter where he pursues his higher education he should not be at a loss.

    Thank you very much.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Valli,
      Your ambiguity on selection of subjects is quite understandable. Keeping in mind the need to have all options open after completing IGCSE and also getting the advantage of studying under the IGCSE system, It may be ideal to Choose the following subjects:
      First Language – English,
      Second Language- Hindi/ French/ Chinese or any other that your son is comfortable with,
      Mathematics ( The options are Extended or Core and I suggest you choose extended),
      Science Stream- Physics, Chemistry ( he can take Biology if he likes but foe engineering, t is not important).
      Humanities – Economics (he can also choose History )
      ICT/ Computer Science.

  232. Dear Sir,

    I am planning to admit my son into U.K.G (PP2) for the academic year 2015-2016. I don’t have any plans to travel to states. But I want to choose best curriculum ( IB / IGSCE / CBSE) for my son. Can you please advise me.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Ram,
      All syllabi are good if they are delivered well and that depends on the school. Please choose a school that will not take away the fun of learning especially in the early days of schooling. You can worry about the syllabus when he gets to middle school.

  233. Bairavi Narayan on said:

    Dear sir,
    First, I congratulate and thank you for taking interest to answer to the specifics of queries around this topic!
    My daughter was trained under Montessori method and is now in 6th Std, we chose this method simply because we wanted her to be a learner for life and not chase her up for marks. Currently we have decided to go with IGCSE syllabus. She wants to pursue medicine post 10th. However off-late several questions around this is looming us. I want to understand, what is that we need to do post 10th(IGCSE) if she wants to pursue medicine in a foreign University (assuming top 50 universities in the world in the list). Further to make that happen, right now what is that we need to do ((she is in 6th). With the kind of learning environment she is going through I doubt she will be able to take competitive and Entrance exams for Medicine here in India.
    On a diff note, is doing Medicine abroad for Graduate level advisable?

    Best regards

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Bairavi,

      To target the top 50 Universities, one of the good options is to take up the IB Diploma course which is preferred in most US universities that rank in the list. Study in the foreign universities offers students a wider spectrum of exposure, makes them more of a self learner, and most importantly the course content is very dynamic and as per industry requirements.

      • Pramod on said:

        Hello Sir,
        I was told since one cannot choose three sciences (phy Che and Bio) in IB, you cant sit for Indian medical entrance. Is that true?
        Thanks inadvance

  234. Rupali Kajrolkar on said:

    Hi Sir,
    I am a single parent and working in IT company. I have a 2.5 year old son. I want a best education along with other extra curriculum activities for my son.
    1. Because I am in IT, may be in near future I will have to travel onsite for longer period and will be taking my son along with me. I have visa but have denied to go overseas for an year.

    2. In IT profession we have to spend more working hours than other profession, so I should be able to manage his studies as a parent.

    3. I am quite earning reasonable at present however due to unstable IT career I am not sure if I can earn good in future. For such an unstable career I am not sure going ahead if I can able to send him aboard for higher education. However I do not want to limit his present about uncertainty on future finance.

    By looking at this scenario, could you please suggest accordingly which board of school is better for him (and as a parent for me)? ICSE/IGSCE/CBSE or IB? Please suggest.

  235. Aneeka Kothari on said:

    Hello Capt. Unni Krishnan,

    Firstly, I must appreciate the wonderful initiative you have started for parents, students and educators.

    I was reading through your blog , “Everything that you wanted to know about CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and other international syllabi” and it provided me with a wealth of information.

    You have patiently replied to each and every query that has been posted on the discussion and provided much needed answers for anxious parents.

    I am a relatively new entrant to the education space and so my knowledge of curricula is rather lacking. I have interned with ‘The Riverside School’ in Ahmedabad and am looking to open up my own school in the near future. I have been doing extensive research on the different curricula that are out there. I would love to get your expert opinion on the same.

    Although the discussion thread gave me a lot of information about different curricula, I had some questions from an educator’s perspective. Would it be possible for me to discuss this in more detail with you.

    My email address is aneeka.kothari@gmail.com.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.




  236. Anil Patel on said:

    Dear Sir,

    It was really a very useful information. Thanks a lot for the same.

    We wish to put our child in the Nursery program in 2015-16 session and are exploring various school/board options for my 2.5 year kid. As a parent I want my child to get best education and all round development and if he is interested will put him abroad for studies at later stage. I have evaluated CBSE/ICSE/IGCSE and IBDP and I have following queries;

    1) At Nursery stage, does it make huge difference, if we opt for CBSE, ICSE or CIPP, IGCSE?

    2) Though I wish my child to study abroad and for that matter IGCSE would definitely be my choice, however since we are working in a private firm and not sure about our own job or financial stability and if my child needs to continue Study in India and has to compete with others, I feel he will have a problem later on in switching the board to CBSE. By this view I feel that CBSE or ICSE is better option for the child if as a parent, we are not sure about our own stability.

    3) Between CBSE and ICSE, ICSE is the tough one and most of the competitive exams are based on CBSE, then is it worth to go for tougher ICSE option?

    4) Though most of the parent will say that they want different education program for their child rather than beaten CBSE route and put their children in ICSE or IGCSE. Later on when they grow up and could not get admission abroad or for some reason, have to study in India, they will need to compete with the mass, there is no escape. At that time the children will have a problem.

    5) The drawback with CBSE is that they don’t focus on extracurricular and hence apart from textbooks the child won’t get much exposure. Is it the same with ICSE? By that way IGCSE is the best one but if there a change of board involves at later stage, I feel that it will be a problem for the child.

    As, you might have rightly guessed, we are totally confused and unable to take decision (even at Nursery stage..!) which board we should opt for my little son.

    I sincerely need your advice.
    Thanks a lot,

    Anil Patel

  237. Dear Sir,

    I am writing this for my elder daughter.She is studying now in 5th grade CBSE. .Presently we are in Muscat,Oman .We are planning to relocate to India by March 2015.But , back in India(Kerala) I am planning to put her in 6th Grade IGCSE Curriculum.Main reason is for this is to feel her that she is in a comfortable zone.So my question is after the completion of 12th,is she possible to write entrance tests in India(Medical/Engineering).I have heard some where that children from IGCSE are not allowed to write JEE,CAT or state level entrances.Is this true?

    Awaiting your valuable reply
    Sobha Iyer

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Sobha,
      It is absolutely possible to appear for JEE, CAT etc after passing A level exams which are the equivalent of Grade -12 in India (IGCSE is equivalent to Grade-10). Preparation for A level and the entrance exams are generally different and hence children find it difficult to manage both. It may be a better idea to undergo IGCSE till Grade-10 and then move over to CBSE for Grade 11 & 12 so that the Board exam and entrance exam preparation can be managed easily.

  238. Hello! Very informative site! Thanks for putting it up, Sir! My son is studying in an IGCSE school in 5th grade. We are in a dilemma about letting him continue in the same board or moving to a CBSE board. We are hearing that kids from International boards find it difficult to secure admission into colleges for 11th and 12th and graduation in India, and also to cope with the Indian pattern of education at that level. Also will they find it difficult to crack competitive exams versus those kids who have studied in Indian boards? Or be forced to seek admission into professional colleges in foreign countries.. We are hearing about foreign universities opening up centres in India but are uncertain about their future.. Can you please guide us..

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Meera,
      While IGCSE is an accepted qualification in India but in conventional schools that offer admission based on percentage of marks, you would find it difficult to get admission. If you intend seeking admission to conventional schools, it may be better to join a CBSE school. For competitive exams, irrespective of the Board of study, the student will need specific coaching and a lot of hard work.

  239. gaurav on said:

    i am in class 9th i want to take admission in in 10th igcse,can i get admission

  240. Hello sir,
    I am staying in chennai – Anna nagar. My child is currently 2.5 yrs old. I planning to put her into LKG. After going through your content and the comments posted i am deeply worried as to which syllabus i need to put her. Can you suggest me a good option so that she finds a good future?

  241. Hi Sir,

    My daughter has passed ICSE 10th Board with 87% marks and is pursuing in 11th std. now in CBSE. She will be 15 years of age in Nov 14. I am working in UK and will continue here long term. I want to bring my daughter to UK and educate her here. As per UK school system she will be admitted in 10th std now. But as she has already passed 10th board, can I admit her in sixth form colleges ? or 11th std at least ? I am really lost in searching for proper information or advice. Can you help here ? Is 10th ICSE Board Exam equivalent to 11th GCSE exam of UK ?

    Your expert opinion will show some directions to me.



    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Mani,
      Since your daughter has passed ICSE Board exam , you may seek admission to Cambridge university A level equivalent. The ICSE Board exam is equal to IGCSE/ O Level exams.

  242. Ipshita Hs on said:

    My daughter studies in an excellent Montessori school in Hyderabad which follows Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy and guidelines (in terms of materials and skill development across the various developmental stages of the child) in word and spirit. I am extremely happy with the school, its teachers and the learning environment. The school is also near our house and is very convenient in terms of travel time etc. The school is affiliated to CBSC board for class 10 and 12. I want my children to do the ICSE syllabus because I would prefer the detailed exposure to English which ICSE provides. I myself did ICSE and feel my children will miss out on the joys of discovering Shakespeare or reading Dicken’s novels in the original. Of course I could do Shakespeare with them at home but doing the plays and novels in class with friends would make such a difference! I am happy with the CBSC curriculum otherwise.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      If you feel you would like your child to pursue ICSE then you must get them admitted to a good ICSE school and not bother about anything else.

  243. soumya on said:

    Hello Sir,
    Thank you so much for providing a lot of information to all parents who have so many questions about their child’s future in education!
    We are currently in USA and planning to return back to India. My daughter is in grade 2 here. I was reading about ICSE, CBSE and IGCSE syllabus in India to look for a suitability for her. If we join her in a school in India, how do we make sure the syllabus is child friendly and helps her understand concepts and why and how of the topics rather than learning it by-heart? Also, my friends in India have told the math there is quite direct in terms of statement problems. Here in my daughter’s math syllabus I see statement problems which make her think rather than direct questions like “what is the sum”. Is it true? I want her to have good comprehension and analytical skills rather than just doing it for the sake of finishing or scoring for that matter. Which board is your recommendation if I want her to be strong in concepts?


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Soumya,
      It is good that you are focussed on your child understanding what is learnt rather than just score marks. In your search for the right school, you must look out for schools that have a similar philosophy rather than worry about the Syllabus. There are a number of schools in India that do offer concept based learning environment but this can be checked out only with a physical visit to the school or through reference from existing students and parents. You may find more of the IGCSE schools that will offer such an option since the Indian Boards have a larger restriction on schools and hence those schools are limited to text book based education.

  244. Sagarika Sahana on said:

    Truly, a syllabus based education does necessitate the parents to be wise enough to get an admission for their child in a stream – that ever bring their child an escalating career throughout (apart, one’s choice & child’s real potentiality would count a lot too; thought to be primary, yes).

    Information given on various educational boards, tremendously accurate and justifies someone’s searches for the said topic. So detailed!

    Is child’s real capacity (apart from selecting syllabi that parents would mainly approach) counts when selecting a board? And if yes, how can we make it out (instead the parents may come to know that their child is not suitable for existing stream so far)?

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear sagarika,
      You have rightly understood that a one size fits all approach to education will not help since very child has a specific skill set and liking. The content of almost all syllabi are the same, the difference is in the delivery of the content and it is necessary for a parent to look at that while selecting a school. Do not choose school based on syllabus but on the learning environment that the school offers. Another important aspect is that the priority is different at different levels of education. In the KG and Primary classes, the focus must be on emotional development and all round personality which means the child must get exposure to a number of activities. The middle school must focus on good understanding of concepts and a strong foundation. Since in our country we will need to have a tangible result to apply for higher education, the senior school must prepare a student to do well in examinations.
      In the junior classes when a child is exposed to all activities, a parent will be able to see potential and help the child progress further in that field. In today’s world there is no dearth of opportunities.

  245. Rizwan on said:

    Hello Sir
    We have returned from USA and my son has joined a private school with CBSE syllabus. Being orthodox muslims, we have stayed away from music and dance and my son is finding difficulty in accepting the music and dance classes (which according to Principal are mandatory). In USA, my son was exempted in music classes due to religious reasons and was made to go to the library when music class was in session. On discussing this with Principal here, Principal informed that these classes are mandatory as they help build the child. I can understand the notes in music etc but dance classes like Bharatanatyam for Boys, I don’t understand. Please advise on what are the alternatives. Is home schooling an option?

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Rizwan,
      Education is not about Mathematics and science but about personality of a child. I fully agree with the Principal that Music, Dance, games etc are essential for all children especially in the junior classes. With regard to dance, in whatever form it may be, it helps in developing the Gross motor skills and body coordination which is extremely essential for development of a good posture. While you have the option to choose another school that may not make learning the extra curricular activities mandatory but I feel in the interest of your child , you must allow the boy to be exposed to all these skills.

  246. Tikam Sethi on said:

    Dear Mr. Unni Krishnan,

    My son is studying in class X in DPS Nagaland,Dimapur.He is interested in information technology or software development.Please provide me guidance for his future studies in class XI and XII.Which course will be better for him and which institution preferably in South India Bangalore will be suitable.I am familiar to Bangalore as my relatives are there.

    Thanks a lot

    Tikam Sethi

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Tikam,
      To pursue higher education in Information Technology and Software development the best option in Grade 11 & 12 is to join a CBSE school so that his preparation for the entrance examination is in sync with his school studies. There are a number of good CBSE schools in Bangalore and it would be ideal for you to visit the schools in person and understand the most suited option. There are a number of coaching classes as well that integrate the Grade 11 & 12 studio with preparation for entrance examinations and that is also an option.

  247. Meghana on said:

    Hello Sir,
    I am highly impressed and thankful that you are attending each and every question with the same importance, as they important for us in making our children’s future.
    My Kids are studying in UKG in Dubai with CBSE board. They are good in studies. Plus the schooling is practical oriented and is much inclined towards projects and research etc. Though it is too early to predict but still we plan to send them for higher studies in America or Canada. Now question is, can this kind of teaching and CBSE board help them to do so in their later future. Or still you suggest that they should opt for ICSE or the Other board.

    Secondly as we all know the best Indians who are picked for American companies or go for PHD and all in America or Canada are people who have completed IIT or given the higher competitive exams from India. Then why do we have to send them to ICSE board or so. As you said in earlier post all this competitive exam needs CBSE syllabus. This for my knowledge please I don’t mean to doubt you on any cost.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Meghana,
      Your point that only the alumni of IITs or such institutions are high achievers is a misnomer. In today’s world , there is opportunity for everyone to do well whatever be the talent one has. Many of the people who today are high achievers have actually benefitted from what they learnt at work rather than at school/ college. It is to reduce the learning at work period that the education system is going through a change.CBSE is a good system but owing to the intricacies of the system, change is slow. In an IGCSE syllabus , the education is more application oriented thus producing students who have an understanding beyond text books and marks.
      In today’s dynamic world , it is good to have an option of looking at non conventional channels rather than a run of the mill. If a child has a good understanding of concepts then it becomes easy to even take up rote learning for exam specific studies.

  248. karthikakrishnan on said:

    Hello Sir,
    We are settled in Bangalore. My son is December born and he will be 2 and half year old this June 2015. Can we join him in Pre-Kg(cbse). If so,will there be any problem regarding his age when he is writing his 12 th exam?

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Karthika,
      Officially the CBSE Board does not lay down any specific age for appearing in the Grade-12 Board exam. I suggest you must give the child enough time to enjoy childhood rather than rush to save one year.

  249. Harish on said:

    Hello Sir,

    My son is studying IX in DPS Bangalore North and he is an average student.. He gets about 60 to 70% marks and very week in English. We made him take up Sanskrit as 2nd language and that has helped him to some extend..

    He has not show any clear signs on his interests ( or we are poor in identifying one..)… We expect him to clear 10th with about 60% – 70% scores..

    Since he is very week in English, obvious choice has to subjects where his English skills are not important.. But since his overall marks is expected to be be lower than 70%, we don’t expect him to get PCMC or PCMB groups.. We parents are really worried about his future.. I need your advice as to what subjects should he choose post 10th Std so that pressure on him reduces at the same time he can find a course which has good job opportunities.. Will taking up Diploma/Polytechnic a good choice or should he pursue Commerce… As parents we are confused.. Please help.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Harish,
      It is heartening to note that as a parent, you are wanting to support your child rather than put unwanted pressure on him. Polytechnic/ Diploma courses are a good option if his understanding of science concepts are good. NITTE in Bangalore offers good technical diploma courses. If science is not his field of liking, Commerce is a good stream and today it offers a number of career opportunities. In both of these cases, from Grade-11, since the focus is on the core subjects and only one language is required, he will be able to focus better.

  250. RAJESH SANGHVI on said:

    You have provided a wealth of information. Its really amazing. Great work

  251. Kanika Gupta on said:

    Dear Sir
    My son is in Grade 8 in The Doon School – ICSE board. The school offers both IB and ISC in Grade 11-12.
    I read in this blog that Indian – CBSE education is the best Board in east Asian countries and prepares students for abroad suitably, over IB-DP and other boards. It is also mentioned that ISC is the toughest board among CBSE, ICSE and IB.
    Is it advisable to opt for ICSE (the toughest) in 11-12 or move the child to a CBSE school, since IB wouldn’t help him much to pursue undergraduate studies in India?

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Kanika,
      To ensure a good mark list , the best option is CBSE especially if the main focus is to study in India.

  252. Hi, Mu dauaghter completed her 10th from CBSE and is now in the PU board of Karntaka 1st year.Is PUC board admissable qualification for US/UK under garduate programs.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Kiran,
      Yes PU is considered as a qualifying exam for admission to under graduate programs in UK/ US etc. In addition to clearing Board exam,colleges ask for scores in SAT . For some courses such as Engineering and Medicine, a student has to appear for General SAT and also Subject SAT in subjects they wish to pursue. You will get the details of eligibility from the website of the universities you wish to apply. It would be ideal to appear for SAT before you finish your Board exam so that admission process is easier.

      • Is there any advantage of IB over PU if you are planning to join a US/UK undergraduate program in terrms of admission or aid.

        • Unni Krishnan on said:

          Some of the Universities especially in the US give preference to students who have completed IB Diploma with a good grade. Some universities also offer a waiver of one semester for IB students. The best option is to look up the Universities short listed and make a choice accordingly.

  253. Bhavika Shah on said:


    I think you are actually explaining each and every parent at a stage where they are so confused. Its really great effort. My son is 2 yrs and am looking forward for taking his admission in school from Nursery. I am sure that i dont want him to go for CBSE or ICSE as i dont believ in text book study. I want my son to grow in all direction including sports, music , art and i believe that these things are taken care off in IG and IB boards. But now i am too confused between IB and IG. I need clear understanding between both. Also i need to know the best schools if you can guide me for Mumbai Kandivali, Borivali area. Also what i know is that in IB PYP is IB education and MYP is again IG education till 10th. After which he can go for Diploma IB for 11th and 12th. Also i would like to know what is the future scope of IG or IB student in India as most of the parents have view point that they have to go abroad for future education or there is no value for this board in India. Also some people have reviews that they will never be able to cope up in India in comparision with CBSE and ICSC students.

    Your answer will really be helpful to me.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Bhavika,
      The international syllabus does offer children a wider spectrum of knowledge which is not limited to text books and helps in better understanding of concepts. Most International schools in India offer the IB PYP program in primary, the MYP program in Grades 6 to 8 and then offer IGCSE in Grade 9 and 10. They shift to IB Diploma in Grade 11 & 12. The main reason for taking up IGCSE in Grade 9 & 10 is because the MYP program does not have a Board Exam in Grade-10 and hence it becomes difficult for a child who has passed MYP Grade-10 to take up any program other than IB Diploma.
      The option of joining an International school that offers PYP and then IG in Grade 10 is perfectly OK. Bothe the IGCSE and IB Diploma are accepted in India for higher education but it will be difficult to compete in the entrance examination since the entrance examinations are held based on CBSE syllabus.
      A good option would be to complete IGCSE unto Grade-10 and then take up CBSE in Grade 11 & 12 . This will need you to keep your child in touch with the Indian system of with practise of Math and science problems from CBSE books. This can be done at home so that the transition in Grade-11 is easy. By this approach , you will have benefit of both International education and Indian rigour.
      If your child is getting into nursery then you can choose the international school as the education system is bound to change over the next 10 years and as per the change , you can take decisions later.

  254. sameer ahmed on said:

    Respected sir,
    I belong to lucknow( UP). I am a teacher and i teach only one class i.e class 10 and only one one board i.e icse board since 2002. On 2 september, i read in hindustan time exclusive(hindi edition) that icse board is not recognised by any govt body or by and legilative assembly and centre parliament. The centre govt told in that column that it is totally independent body.I am very confuse on this topic as i am expert in class 10 icse board examnation.
    warm regard
    sameer ahmed

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear sameer,

      I suppose what the article would have meant is that the ICSE Board is a not a government body. The ICSE Board is a quasi government body but both the ICSE and ISC Board exams are accepted not only in India but across the globe. The Association of Indian Universities, have equated the ICSE to Grade-10 and ISC to Grade-12 and students who pass these exams are eligible for admission to any further education program in India.

  255. Hi,

    My son is in 11th standard in indian school muscat.
    my contract is completing this march and i have to move to another country within the gulf region.

    is my son will get a admission in 12th standard in any country in gulf region?

    what is the procedure to be followed, kindly advise.


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear sampath,

      You can change schools if they follow the same Board and will need to get permission from the local regional office and embassy to transfer registration.

      • dear sir
        I have been studying in UAE for 10 years in Sharjah indian school and had also studied in Indian School Muscat before for 2 years.I have just completed my grade 12 this april from Sharjah Indian School.It is possible to get admission into grade 12 in UAE but is very difficult as most schools do not accept admissions in grade 12 as their seats are full for the grade 11 students going to 12th grade.But some schools might give admission for grade 12.More information can be found through the school websites and also by meeting the staff of the respective school.

  256. Dear Sir,
    Now a days syllabus for KG-I, II is so vast.Is there any syllabus defined by CBSE or schools are taking
    their own decisions i regarding syllabus.I deeply feel little kids should not have huge syllabus.It seems schools wants to
    teach everything ti kids in play,LKG and UKG.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Umesh,
      I fully agree with you. Kindergarten is the time for children to play and incidentally end up learning the basics. Unfortunately nowadays even in KG the focus is on projects, evaluation, assessments etc.The end result of course is that children are not taught social skills that so much essential in life.
      As per CBSE, the fouled syllabus is given for Grades 9 to 12 and schools must prepare the children for that. In the current scenario, all schools seem to be worried only about getting toppers in Grade 10 & 12 and hence the focus on learning is lost. It is only marks that matter and this has taken away the fun from childhood.
      There are a few non conventional schools that are trying to be different and they are good options.

  257. saravanan on said:

    My child wishes to complete her final year of secondary education (grade 12) in India for the Year 2015-2016 because my job transferred to India.

    Currently she is studying (grade 11) in Scotch College Adelaide, Australia under Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS) syllabus.

    Kindly asssit whether she will be admitted in Indian school under CBSE, ICSE or State board.

  258. Hello Captain,

    Thank you so much for coming with this platform to clear the doubts of many parents on the education systems. I have gathered a lot of information from your blog. I have the below situation. Please help me with your inputs.

    My daughter is in Class 3 (ICSE), in Bangalore. We are moving to Kuala Lumpur in June/July next year, and will be there for atleast 4 years. I learnt that CBSE and IGCSE are options available in KL. There are equal chances that we would be returning back to India, or, moving to another country after 4 years. Which curriculum do you suggest to opt for, in Malaysia. And, do you have any suggestion on good schools to consider in KL. From your inputs to many other parents, I understand IGCSE is better, but would like to have your word too.

    Also, I understand the academic year in Malaysia starts from April for CBSE, and September for IGCSE. If we opt for CBSE, will the school accommodate my daughter in Class 4, considering she would have missed two months by the time we move there.
    If we opt for IGCSE there, her academic year would end only in July. If we move to India or any other country, what is the likelihood that schools will accommodate her for the next class, if she had missed a couple of months in the academic year by then.


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Indu,
      From an overall exposure point of view, it may be a good idea to opt for an IGCSE school. It will be a good experience for the child and when you come back to India , you can either continue with IGCSE ( There are a number of schools offering that in India) or shift to CBSE. As you must have understood from the blog, IGCSE is accepted in India as equivalent to Grade-10. When you come back to India and seek admission to CBSE, while the old conventional schools may make it difficult to admit the child who joins late but most of the new private schools will accommodate your request. You can do some catching up at home once your plan to return is finalised. Even when you are in Malaysia and undergoing IGCSE, it may be worth keeping in touch with the Indian Syllabus especially in Math and Science. On line platforms like Learnhive have number of resources which can help you in this .
      Warm Regards

  259. Prabhu on said:

    Hi Sir,
    We are planning to join my son in a school from next year, from oct we are planning to put him in play school. He is 2.5yrs old now. We are in confused state whether to select the IGCSE or CBSE syllabus from starting. As we understood from the replies after 10th, it would be better to select the syllabus based on their interest of undergraduate. But for now, to give him a good basement from lower classes, we need your suggestion, whether to go for IGCSE or CBSE?

    Please suggest!!

    Mr and Mrs Prabhu.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Prabhu,
      Rather than syllabus, please check out the school, its delivery of curriculum and emphasis on overall development of the child which are the key factors in education especially at a younger age. You can shift from one syllabus to another when the child enters middle or senior school.

      • Prabhu on said:

        Thanks for the reply!!!

        Can you plz suggest for such organisations in Chennai. It would be helpful for us to decide with your guidance.

  260. Hi

    We are moving to the UK next year from Dubai. I will be finish my 10th Std CBSE Board Exams in March 15. I will complete 16yrs in June ’15. Please advise if I have to apply for admission into Sixth Form/A level or do I have to do O level. Do I need a migration certificate?

    Also my brother is in 9th Std CBSE. Which year will he need to apply for admission? Year 10 or should he apply for Year 11/O levels board exam? He will complete 14yrs in May ’15 (he is a year young for his class).

    Thank you

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      After your CBSE Grade-10, you can apply for A level and it is better you take migration certificate. I suppose you have opted for Board exam in Grade-10. If you opt for school exam then you cannot join A level.
      For your brother, he will need to join O level

  261. My daughter is in grade 10 studying in CBSE . She wants to do biotechnology and genetics later. But some people say that it is necessary to take math in grade 11&12 And some it is not. But is bad at it. She is scared to take math . I would kindly like to know wether to take math or not.


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Raja,
      In most Universities, it is not mandatory to have taken Math at Grade-12 level if you wish to pursue Biotechnology.It is OK to drop Math after Grade-10.

  262. Hisham Ahmed on said:

    Hello Captain Unni Krishnan

    First and foremost like many other parents I would like to thank you for the invaluable information you have shared here. I am sure in this spam filled internet this is one of the very serious works done.

    I have the following questions for which I request your comment, confirmation:
    1. What is the difference between IGCSE and ICSE, which is better?
    2. Reading through the question/answers in this page, I understand one of the best options is to let the kids study under ICSE from 1st to 10th Grade and then move them to CBSE for 11th and 12th so that they are eligible for higher education in Indian universities. Correct? which one is better 1-10 IGCSE/ICSE then 11-12 CBSE or 1-12 CBSE?
    3. In case we continue 11th and 12th in IGCSE/ICSE also what are the drawbacks?
    4. Which one is the least expensive CBSE or IGCSE or ICSE?
    5. Knowing Indian universities are not in the first 100 or 200 in the worlds best for both Engineering and Medical, if I want to keep my options open for international universities, which would be the best syllabus to follow?
    6. For your kids which option of syllabus did you choose? -)

    Thank you very much in advance.

    • Hisham Ahmed on said:

      Ofcourse I would like to know if IB stands better compared others as well.

      Thank you.

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Hisham,
      There are no perfect choices in life and similarly there is no syllabus that is the best option. In the blog, I have detailed the pros and cons (to the best of my knowledge) of ICSE, CBSE , IGCSE and IB. All these syllabi are accepted in India and Abroad for admission to Higher education. Each may have certain benefits and certain limitations. The main point to consider before choosing the syllabus is the kind of education you would like for your child and the quality of delivery of education in the school that you choose.
      With regard to expense, considering the fact that most CBSE schools are government run, it is the least expensive.
      While many top colleges do prefer students from the IGCSE and IB streams but Students who pass Grade-12 in CBSE are eligible to study abroad with an additional pass in SAT. Thee are a number of students from CBSE who have also qualified for scholarships in universities.
      Please note that irrespective of the syllabus / school you choose, the most important aspect is the effort put in by the student to learn and the intent to excel.
      With regard to my son, he completed his IGCSE in Grade-10 and then shifted to Karnataka State Board ( They incidentally follow the CBSE syllabus in Grade 11 & 12).

      • Hisham Ahmed on said:

        Thank you Captain for your input.

        I understand from the posts that the learning method used in IGCSE is better than CBSE.

        What exactly is the difference between ICSE and IGCSE?

        • Unni Krishnan on said:

          Dear Hisham,
          While the content in both may eb more or less same, in ICSE learning is more text book based and questions in the exams are more or less from the text book in IGCSE learning is more concept based and the examinations are aimed are at understanding of concepts. If implemented well, IGCSE method of learning enhances understanding among students. IGCSE also offers options of subjects to choose from which helps students focus on subjects that they are good in and wish to pursue.

          • Hisham Ahmed on said:

            How is Australian curriculum compared to CBSE/IGCSE?

          • Unni Krishnan on said:

            Sorry Hisham, I am unaware of the Australian bit.

          • Hisham Ahmed on said:


            Pls advice – IGCSE syllabus is available from which grade?

          • Unni Krishnan on said:

            Dear Hisham,
            Cambridge offers syllabus for all classes starting from Kindergarten . It depends on the school as to which class they would like to commence the syllabus from. The IGCSE Board exam is conducted based on content covered in Grade 9 & 10 . Some european countries do the Board exam in Grade 11.

    • banasree banerjee on said:

      my child is studying in IX grade in ILS, Lagos.Due to some problems we had to come to India in July 2014 but keep the hope of going back whose date is uncertain. Under this condition can my child get admission in CBSE school so that he can appear SA1.Please suggest me and my child has not been withdrawn from ILS yet.

      • Unni Krishnan on said:

        Dear Banasree,
        If your child had been studying in a CBSE school, then a transfer would permit the child to continue Grade-9 in the new school.If it is a transfer from a non CBSE school, then you will have to check details with the school where you are seeking admission. If they have not registered their students with the CBSE Board , the it should be possible to accept the student. The school may seek TC when you apply for admission.

        • banasree banerjee on said:

          Thank you so much for the information. I must inform you that Indian Language School, Lagos is under CBSE. Only I am worried if my child is registered here and if we happen to go to Lagos again, will he be allowed to appear for X board exams? What would happen to the registration procedure then?

          • Unni Krishnan on said:

            Change from one CBSE school to another is permitted by CBSE Board. You an seek the assistance of the CBSE regional office for transfer of registration. The point to keep in mind is choice of subjects, if the subjects chosen by your child are available in the new school, transfer should not be a problem.

          • banasree banerjee on said:

            I need your guidance. My child will get admission here in ahmedabad after coming from Lagos, Nigeria, but Hindi would be his second language in SA1. As he had French in his previous school in 9th grade, can it be changed to french in SA2 if we move to Lagos again in the same grade?

          • Unni Krishnan on said:

            Generally registration of students and their subjects is done in Grade-9 but I am sure if you write to the regional office , they will permit change of second language. Change may not be permitted in Grade-10.

        • banasree banerjee on said:

          I am thankful to you for your valuable suggestions.

          • Banasree Banerjee on said:

            Respected sir,
            Once the CBSE board registration is done in india for 9th grde, is my child eligible to get admission in lagos, Nigeria if we move there by the end of this year where he has previously studied ?

          • Unni Krishnan on said:

            Dear Banasree,
            CBSE does permit change of school ( From one CBSE to another CBSE) with same registration. You may contact the regional office and seek transfer.

      • Banasree Banerjee on said:

        Respected sir
        I badly need your guidance.The transfer certificate which I received from ILS, Lagos has the date if issuance on 8th sep’14 and the last date attended by the child as mentioned is 8th july. The school in ahmedabad is not ready to accept the date of issuance as they say there is a big gap between last day attended and date of issue of TC. Though i told them that the school in lagos was closed down due to break out of ebola virus. They want to show my child’s admission on 31st july to avoid complications in registration procedure with CBSE. I have requested the former principal for the date change and do me a favor. If not agreed, then my child will loose a year(presently he is gr IX) and SA1 is already at the doorstep. Is there no consideration for overseas children? or what should I do to save my child’s one academic year?kindly suggest at the earliest.

        • Unni Krishnan on said:

          Dear banasree,
          Please request the Indian embassy to issue a letter confirming that the school had to close down because of Ebola and at Ahmedabad, approach the regional office and meet the secretary and request for special permission. You can request the school to go ahead and take the date of admission as 31 July and consider his registration.

          • Banasree Banerjee on said:

            things are getting difficult on our part to put the child for admission in 9th grade,CBSE as time too short. Is there any option for admission after SA1 which is very near?
            we could not imagine things would be so difficult.
            please suggest as to how we can save one precious academic year.

          • Unni Krishnan on said:

            Dear banasree,
            CBSE schools have a lot of regulations and all decisions are regulated by the Regional office. Please contact the regional office with your concern. Another option is to opt for IGCSE which is lenient in regulations and easier to deal with.

  263. G Shankar on said:

    Dear Sir,
    My daughter will complete IGCSE (year 11) in Malaysia and we would like to admit her in a CBSE school in India for +2. Since she will complete year 11 now, is she eligible to go to 12th directly or she has to do +1 and +2 in CBSE?

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards,
    G Shankar

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Shankar,
      The IGCSE Board exam is equivalent to CBSE Grade-10 and hence your daughter will need to join Grade-11 in CBSE or any other Plus 2 program that she chooses.

  264. Krtika on said:

    Thank for Sharing informative post which helps parents to choose the best syllabus for their kids. I moved to Bangalore recently and I joined my kids in Candor International school which is providing IGCSE curriculum.

  265. Sankar on said:

    My son is in 12th.( Did his 10th in india) studying in Bahrain. We may have to move back to india in October 2014. He studies commerce, economics, accounts, physical education in 12th.

    1. If we move does he have to appear as a private candidate?
    2. If we manage admission in a cbse school but that particular combination group is not available what is the recourse ?
    3. Will he lose a year , because I am moving ?


    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear sankar,
      If your son is studying in a CBSE school then it is possible to shift to another CBSE school in India which offers the same subjects if not then he will have to appear as a private candidate. Please check with the CBSE regional office/ CBSE website for exact details.

      • Sankar on said:

        Thank you very much for the immediate response.

        Assuming we get a CBSE school that has the same subjects except one ( mostly PE, as this combination is not widely available ) is there a provision to accommodate in that school? And will he get an option to write that subject as a regular candidate ?

        • Unni Krishnan on said:

          That should be possible if the school writes to the CBSE board for permission.

          • Sankar on said:

            Thank you Mr.Unni. I have approached the right person for the information. My best wishes for your concerted effort to support people with information. may your tribe increase.


  266. hi,
    I am a resident in gulf region.i have two kids studying in grade 8 and grade 2 (CBSE) curriculum.i am planning to settle now in india.Will my elder son get admission for grade 9???,please help me to get your advise ASAP.Thanks

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Rosy,
      Transfer from one CBSE school to another is surely possible and also it is a good that you are planning to shift in Grade-9 instead of Grade-10 so that there is time to settle in the new school.

  267. My daughter is in 10th grade Maharashtra board. She is very good in studies and wants to get into iit for undergraduate level. (Btec, BSc).
    My question is which is better for her in 11th and 12, State board, cbse, icse, or igcse?

    • Unni Krishnan on said:

      Dear Deepa,
      If you intend to have your daughter study in India then CBSE and State Board are the best options.

  268. jyothi on said:

    hello sir,
    my son is 7th class cbsc syllabus in Andhra Pradesh. Now we shifted Indonesia but my son is in hostel. he want to become a doctor, next year i want to shift my son here. is this correct decission or not, In Indonesia how is the education and what about medicine. i dont understand anything.
    please give me a good suggestion.