Discovered But Still Unknown – A Short Story

Learnhive is running Think n Ink Contest- Creative Writing Contest for kids aged 5 – 15. We have lots of new entries and we’ll be uploading your work here. This is one of the write-up which was uploaded for the Think n Ink Contest. 

Short Story by Manaf of Grade 6 for Think n Ink Contest

Professor Jade is successful in making the potion. A potion consisting of chemicals, a dead rabbit, ants and a bumblebee’s eye. He also used some plants, a poisonous snake and his own blood in creating this mixture.

“Yeh! I have made it.” he shouted “just I need to try it.” No one is aware of what he has made .He went to the sea shore and put the potion on the sand.  What was this!?

A giant massive ball came from the sky and fell there and as it touched the ground it became as small as an ant. It again grew big but this time it rolled over Jade and became a perfectly fit spacesuit for him. The space suit made jade fly for a few minutes but then it took him to space. During his journey Jade wondered what was happening as he wasn’t aware of such a thing and finally landed on a vast, gigantic sphere.

“Which planet is this?”He thought to himself.

“Hmmm mars? No it is the red planet and has red soil whereas this planet has a yellow land.”

“Mercury? No it is the nearest planet to the sun and here in place of a sun I can see a brick kind of a thing.”

“Venus? No it is the hottest planet and here the climate seems to be pretty pleasant.”

“Jupiter? Nope it’s the largest of all whereas it has a moderate size”

“Saturn, Uranus, Neptune? No, no, no it’s impossible to live there.” he spoke to himself.

“Where am I? What is it? I just know that it is a planet as I can just see a few stars around me here”

“Oh, oh, oh” A wraithlike voice came from behind. He turned and saw it was a creature with a body made of ants which he had used in the potion. Its leg was a part of the snake and the face was of the rabbit killed by him. Well the hands were the only thing were the only thing not obnoxious. You must know what the hands were; they were the plants which he had plucked off.

“You created that potion using us. But you don’t know that when we fell on the scorching sand and because of your pungent chemicals and the red water, we got are life back just the fault was that we all have combined. Then also we are enjoying are lives on this fantastic sphere.” Its voice was like that of a bumblebee.

“According to logic I have created you and you shall accept me as your master.”Jade replied.

“Yes you are right we must accept you as our king, master, almighty et cetera. Sir I apologize for my rude behavior.”The creature said. “It’s ok but shall not be repeated next time.”Jade replied proudly. “Do we have the permission to touch your foot as you are the first king on this planet?”It asked. “You have the permission to” This time he spoke as if he was accepted the king of a galaxy and was speaking before a trillion men.

The creatures went under his feet and –

“Aaaaaaaaaah” The rabbit’s strong teeth bit him so badly that tears rolled from his eyes.

Jade did not further speak and then took out a carrot from his pocket and threw it on the land. Then he took out a rat (which was going to be a part of his potion) and threw it on the other side. The leg (snake) tried to be separated from the body with full pressure but could not move to eat the rat as there were no eyes with him.

The face (rabbit’s face) separated itself easily but fell on the ground as there was no support. All the ants started digging a hole to search for something sweet they could smell. The plants died because they were already getting less nutrition from the mud on the ants and when the ants went there was nothing for their nutrition.

“These useless creatures have died now I have to decide my way back home and then tell everyone about this awesome planet.” Jade said.

Jade was suffocating after speaking this as he was unable to breathe because there was no plant to provide oxygen. He died.

Instead of using his over intelligent brain if Mr. Jade would have told the creature the interdependence in nature they, would have agreed to allow mankind on the planet. The plants and animals are much more mature than we humans.

Well, the planet is still unknown, no one knows it. The secret of the potion is also a mystery. Maybe it was god who did this all purposely.

This was another example which proved man an over smart fool.

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  1. Sampada on said:

    Very well written. Good imagination. The point that, survival of mankind depends on nature and we should protect and care for it, is well made. Great job Manaf.

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