Save Earth – A Poem

Learnhive is running Think n Ink Contest- Creative Writing Contest for kids aged 5 – 15. We have lots of new entries and we’ll be uploading your work here. This is one of the write-up which was uploaded for the Think n Ink Contest. 

Poem by V.S. Manasa of Grade 10 for Think n Ink Contest

The green mother

Is choked with smoke

She is soaked in dust

She cries and yelps

Never do we help.

The earth is burning

Who is caring?

She filled our needs but filled we are with greed

Didn’t leave a seed

Didn’t do one good deed.

Her skin has lost its flamboyance

So part her with greenery

Fill her with scenery

Sketch her with lilies and roses

And, stuff her with tweets and growls.

Do not litter; make her glitter

Do not bore, just for an ore

Please do strive to make her thrive

Be her helper not her chopper

Let us be her lover, never let her suffer

Let her rivers flow gay never let it grey

Just be keen to keep her clean

Let seas flow free never let the wry

Reuse reduce recycle

Enjoy life with a cool bicycle!


Then my friend

You will see your mother (earth) twirl and sing

I am safe! I am safe!

No more wounds, no more cries

Neither will I brood nor will I sigh!

About Think n Ink: 

Learnhive is running Think n Ink Contest for Kids aged 5 – 15. Encourage your children to participate. You can register for Free! The prizes will be given in 4 categories and the best original written piece will win cash prizes and certificates. Closing date for this contest is May 22nd, 2013.

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Think n Ink Contest- Learnhive Summer Contest 2013

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  1. Ashmita on said:

    Excellently written. Well done!

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