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Learnhive is running Think n Ink Contest- Creative Writing Contest for kids aged 5 – 15. We have lots of new entries and we’ll be uploading your work here. This is one of the write-up which was uploaded for the Think n Ink Contest. 

Article by Prajna Chaudhary of Grade 7 for Think n Ink Contest

I’m a girl. 13 years old. I wear shorts and dresses. I own a mobile. I feel that a late night party are all right and so is roaming with guys. It is my life after all. My wish, whatever I want to do & whatever I do. But that doesn’t mean that any guy can rape me and ruin my life. All you rich modern people, sitting in your homes, watching TV, or chatting with your friends, its high time now. We need to do something. All of us need to pull up our socks. And when will we do that? When the rape victim is someone from our family? We are forgetting that children smaller than us are being raped. A 5 year old kid, then an 11 year girl and then an 8 year girl. Imagine, such a horrible thing happening to our moms, sisters or any dear ones (God forbidden). We need to change our mindsets. We may be modern in the way we dress or the way we talk, but let’s admit it we are still a little backward in our thinking. You might be thinking that I’m wrong, but I’m not. In a relationship girls are expected to say ‘tum’ to guys whereas guys call ‘tu’. Now, you must be wondering how this is connected rape. But let me tell you, it is, not directly but indirectly. Baby steps matter a lot. Yes, the rape victim is someone from my family. All the rape victims are because I belong to a family of humanity where everyone is equal. If girls can be raped, then why can’t boys be? Because, our ancestors had a thinking that males are superior to females.

Even though we are still schooling, we can do a lot for our country. Usually, the rapists are uneducated. As students, we can go to various NGOs or even chose a particular house in a slum and educate all the family members of the house. And, we can start this by teaching our helper (Yes, she is our helper and not our maid) and her family. Guys, please I make a humble request to all of you that this won’t get us anywhere, we need to take action. We sit in our air-conditioned rooms and blame the rapists. And yes, put “punish the rapists” statuses on Facebook and once in a while, go on a candle march. But let’s admit it, we go on a candle march, with our friends, nicely dressed and socialize and click pictures over there to upload on Facebook. We also criticize our very own country, even though we’re its own children (I’m not telling you to support politicians). We crib about our country’s low education percentage, its infrastructure, its poverty and the poor health of a large number of people but we are forgetting that we need are the ones who have to change all this. Do you know why USA is so developed? Because all the well-to-do and educated people of India go to US. Let me tell you India is a very diverse country with more than 200 languages and 100 religions. India has the best education worldwide, but unfortunately only a few get it. Please guys and girls, do something for your country. Its future is in our hands.

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2 comments on “Article by a Seventh Grader

  1. Veena on said:

    I absolutely loved her thought process. This is a child who I see becoming a leader. Her power of persuasion and call to action along with social awareness is simply amazing. I wish more people – men, women, and children learn from this 13 year old. Wow! If I had thought this way when I was 13,

    Yes, it starts with basic things like respecting a girl. “Baby steps matter a lot. Yes, the rape victim is someone from my family. All the rape victims are because I belong to a family of humanity where everyone is equal”.

    The sentence above makes you take pause, because she first said the victim is from my family. This is shock factor. Then when she explains why they are from her family, it is eye opening. I tell myself, “This is an amazing human being. If these thoughts can come from the mind of a 7th grader and the new generation, there is hope for humanity after all!”

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