My Dream

Learnhive is running Think n Ink Contest- Creative Writing Contest for kids aged 5 – 15. We have lots of new entries and we’ll be uploading your work here. This is one of the write-up which was uploaded for the Think n Ink Contest. 

Poem by Ashmita Dasgupta of Grade 7 for Think n Ink Contest

My dream is to be a girl, who is perfect,

In anything and everything and every aspect.

My dream is to become a fashion designer,

Partnership with beauty, dresses and eye liner.

My dream is to become an author too,

Writing away interesting stories, with princes and fairies and “I Love You!”

My dream is to have infinite friends,

Watching movies, having fun and shopping for trends.

My dream is to have popularity and fame,

Everyone would admire me and know my name.

My dream is to fly like a fairy,

I would fly past everyone, my head held airy.

My dream is to be someone who can be loved,

Rest is to the people to realize my worth.

My dream is to live long forever, till the end,

And ‘the end’ would come only when a message I send.

My dream is to have whatever I wish,

But it will always remain an unfulfilled wish.

All of this is just a big, an adorable dream,

Which will gradually flow away with life, like a stream…


About Think n Ink: 

Learnhive organized Think n Ink Contest for Kids aged 5 – 15. The above is a poem submitted by Ashmita Dasgupta of Grade 7 for Think n Ink Contest. Read and ‘Like’ it. Entries which get maximum ‘Likes’ could be the WINNER. The prizes will be given in 4 categories and the best original written piece will win cash prizes and certificates.

Think n Ink Contest- Learnhive Summer Contest 2013

12 comments on “My Dream

  1. Rachael Styles on said:

    Amazing…’s the word! Superb dream I truely love it….!

  2. thota.jyothi on said:

    wow…….good meaningful poem

  3. Nice poem n thoughts

  4. khulood on said:

    Nor am i so enthusiastic like her, nor do i have same dream like her,but would like to appreciate her,and her dreams from bottom of my hearts wishing her to be sucsessfull, which she deserves .And i would like to encourage her to fly and reach great heights by becoming like a fairy,which is her dream.

  5. Sreelakshmi on said:

    it was cool……

  6. Truly Nice! I guess every girl of her age is as cute as she is, starts from fashion and ends in dreaming! But in that, some get chance to be like fairy and loved by all. God bless Dear!

  7. Nice and cute poem .God bless you

  8. subhashree panda on said:

    ambition is everythng…………….career z imprtnt………


  10. Kiran Wala on said:

    Dear Ashmita you r truely ambitious . Nice n cute poem like u . Stay blessed

  11. Meenakshi on said:

    Nice and cute poem.God bless you,little girl.

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