Short Story by a Sixth Grader

Learnhive is running Think n Ink Contest- Creative Writing Contest for kids aged 5 – 15. We have lots of new entries and we’ll be uploading your work here. This is one of the write-up which was uploaded for the Think n Ink Contest. 

Story by Devika Sharma of Grade 6 for Think n Ink Contest

I couldn’t believe it. I had made it to the finals. “You’ve got this one,” coach told me. I could feel the wind blowing in my face, the warm glow of the sun. The one shrill note pierced the silence. Tweet! And I was off. Like a rocket. The sensation of the crowd cheering, my heart pulsing, was just overwhelming. One by one I over took the other sprinters. 50 meters to go.  My legs were threatening to collapse underneath me. Finally I overtook the last girl. Her eyes seemed to burn holes into my back. I could tell she hated me for overtaking her. I remember she once told me ‘no one cares about who comes second, only about who comes first.’ Now it was her turn to experience coming second. Then I heard a ripping sound. That could only mean one thing. I had won. I had been the one to tear the ribbon first. The crowd went into a frenzy.  “Devika! Devika! Devika!” they chanted. Then the tone became angrier. And angrier. Then I woke to find my mother above me, yelling at me to wake up.

About Think n Ink: 

Learnhive is running Think n Ink Contest for Kids aged 5 – 15. Encourage your children to participate. You can register for Free! The prizes will be given in 4 categories and the best original written piece will win cash prizes and certificates. Closing date for this contest is May 22nd, 2013.

Sign up for free, participate, and win prizes by clicking here.

Think n Ink Contest- Learnhive Summer Contest 2013

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