Twilight Till Dusk

Learnhive is running Think n Ink Contest- Creative Writing Contest for kids aged 5 – 15. We have lots of new entries and we’ll be uploading your work here. This is one of the write-up which was uploaded for the Think n Ink Contest. 

Poem by Spoorthi T of Grade 8 for Think n Ink Contest

Portraying all shades of red,

Is what marks the end to my day.

I look in awe as the blue spread,

And ‘Beautiful’ is the only word I say.

I take a moment longer to absorb the beauty,

And take my last look at the ending Twilight.

  A god, as I know, has his own duty,

But just a moment is what I ask to highlight this Twilight.

Dark skies overtake the warmth in the sky,

As I gaze up to see the twinkling stars.

Oh, how I wish, I could be up that high,

And remain there like a permanent scar.

The Moonrise begins to take place,

Giving us the only available source of light.

I try hard to retrace,

All my memories of the moonrises that I had seen at night.

I had had the moment of life I most desired,

The one where I watch everything from Twilight till Dusk.

This is what I most admired,

That every moment of it made me bite my lips with my tusks.

I try to make out all the constellations,

The only one I find is The Plough.

I wonder about the star generations,

And how brightly they seemed to glow.

Strangers and Passersby stare at me,

Like I did to the Moon and the Stars.

 I ignore the stares and try to see,

The moving bikes and cars.

I would never get another chance like this again,

So I try to consume all I can.

That’s the time when I unknowingly began,

 To read out a poem I read before a long time span.

Everyone stares and everyone looks

I think quietly to myself and say, ‘Why?’

I transform into a closed book,

Avoiding to reply to that guy.

Twilight till Dusk, a funny but beautiful moment,

Is another thing to add to my treasure chest.

This moment I will surely acknowledge,

 Turned out just the way I had guessed!

About Think n Ink: 

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Think n Ink Contest- Learnhive Summer Contest 2013

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