10 Ways to Enhance Memory for Children!

By Crystal Maria Andrade,

You may wonder how you manage to remember information for a test. Parents often worry how well their children are learning and whether schools are meeting educational standards. Parents and teachers have big dreams that their children and students should become successful in their life. But, whether you succeed or not, all depends on this one aspect: your mind.  Your mind matters and what matters more is your memory. Memory has three stages which include sensory information (replica of what you see and hear/ also called encoding), short-term memory (active/working memory also called storage) and long-term memory (permanent memory/retrieval). Learning is the outcome of memory and learning depends on how well you have processed the information. As ability to recall information is needed for students, the information they learn should be passed on from the short term memory to long term memory in order to retain information during exams, tests or whenever required.

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Here are some tips for learning that will enhance your ability to recall information and achieve excellent results:

How much is too much:  There’s a need to understand the span of attention of students and their capacity to store information in their working memory. It is not educationally sound to impose on the students huge amount of information for long period of time, this will leave them confused and clueless. Instead, giving them limited information for study and helping them to learn with vigour will aid in retaining the information for a longer period of time.

1. Adding Emotion: Anything taught with the element of emotion will be easily retained in our memory. This means students are likely to recall information that induces an emotional response. Teachers can use this tactic in English, History and Science classes. For example: if the lesson is on galaxy, the teacher can induce emotions in the students by showing them videos or pictures of the galaxy and stars.

2. Reading, writing and recollecting: Anything which is read out loudly will enhance your retention than just reading it. Writing down the important points or facts will help in retention and will be useful while studying for exams. Recollecting is the ability to retain the information after reading and writing. If you have encoded the information efficiently then you will be able to retrieve the information.

4. Rehearsal: It is said ‘Practice makes a man perfect’, therefore, rehearsing information till you master any concept is very important. Rehearsal improves your memory and gets etched onto your long-term memory. Also, rehearsing the right information is essential because unlearning the inaccurate information which is passed on to the long-term memory will be a challenging task. Hence, practice over time and ace your exams without cramming all information in one night.

5. Give meaning: If there is any subject which has many names, dates and figures; then it is always better to associate these facts with something. Giving meaning to meaningless concepts or information through ways such as poems, mnemonics, music and rhythm will improve retention of this information for future use. Nevertheless, you can use an aid such as chunking which plays a significant role in enhancing the short term memory transfer to long term memory. Chunking numbers, colours or aspects in groups helps in remembering and learning the concepts faster.

6. Make connections: It is vital to make connections or associations between the new information and the previously learnt information. The higher the number of associations made, the more chances of retaining that information easily and this in turn induces your memory power through which you can retrace the information easily.

7. Avoid distractions: While studying, choose a quiet and peaceful environment, comfortable seating and table, bright light, proper ventilation and avoid distracting things around you. Here, distracting elements include anything that diverts your attention, for instance: video games, T.V., music player, phones, and the like. While studying, if distraction persists then encoding the information suffers leading to forgetting. Hence, for encoding to be efficient you shouldn’t give ways to distraction instead concentrate and give maximum attention to avoid the inability to retrieve information.

8. Get some rest: Take a break between learnings. You have heard that ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, so take breaks after few hours of studying and relax your mind. Not only breaks but physical exercise and sound sleep strengthens your ability to retain the information. Sleep is very crucial to boost your memory. Sleep helps us learn new information and pass the information to the long-term memory. However, for most of the problems including imbalance of mind and body, stress, preparing for exams- the best prescription commonly given is get some sleep! So, say goodbye to cramming all night.

9. Teach others to help you revise better: Whatever you have learnt will be useful when you share that knowledge to another person. So, one of the best ways to learn is to teach what you’ve learnt to another person. This is the reason why teachers have mastered the concepts they teach because they have to teach the same lessons and concepts to many batches in school. Adding to this, if the concepts are thought using real life stories and examples or experiments, then the students are likely to remember them for life because anything visual stimulates our attention and learning takes place faster.

10. Questioning enhances learning: Asking questions like why, how, what helps in learning concepts well because here the reasoning, thinking and analysis is involved. Anything which triggers our mental processors helps in learning the concepts faster and better. Finding answers to these questions makes memory work out as all the mental processors are involved making the memory charged and active. Besides, another way to ask question is by taking the quizzes or tests which will help in reasoning and in a way enhance your memory power. Here, the end process will be getting feedback from the tests which plays a vital role in knowing what is right and what is wrong. All this collectively heightens your memory power because your brain is at its maximum functionality.

These are the 10 ways which will help you learn efficiently and remember information so that they can be retrieved whenever in need. If these procedures are followed anyone can learn anything quickly and retrace the information efficiently. However, all these procedures have to be followed in a systematic way and one shouldn’t end up multi-tasking. The reason is because our brain processes and stores the information systematically. This is not practiced then certain glitches can occur in the process of learning which will lead to forgetting. Now, you know that the old myths of rote learning don’t work. These guidelines will help students as it will help them reason and learn using the above methods which will have a great impact on the way they can retrieve information whenever asked for. Therefore, retention depends on how well you make use of these sure-fire ways to become more effective learner by simply enhancing your memory power for excellent results. Ultimately, don’t forget that remembering is a skill that takes lot of practice and learning is a life-long process and has to go on for our existence on earth. So, happy learning as memory is like a computer, you need to press Ctrl + S (Save) for all important information, press Backspace for all irrelevant information and press Delete for unused/useless information. Now F5 (Refresh) your mind and practice these useful methods.

About the Author:

Crystal Maria Andrade is a Content Developer at Learnhive. Nature, travelling, music, movies and fun interests her. She has a profound passion for writing. She believes making the most out of every opportunity. Her hobbies include collecting quotes, learning new words and playing crosswords and puzzles. She’s a fun-lover and is surrounded by fun-loving people. Spreading happiness is her mantra.

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115 comments on “10 Ways to Enhance Memory for Children!

  1. Roosem Sharma on said:

    1.My son is complete 10th ICSE exam . He got 45% marks in Pre Board however he was done hard work i.e morning 08-00 am to night 11-00 o’clock His private tauter and and class teacher said he is a sincere student.But why he has not gain good marks.
    2.His in this situation what can i do for his 10+1 class for get good marks.

  2. Hello..
    My son is in 7th class Cbsc, he is very week in studies he does not like to study he just want to play video games, his memory is very week i prepared him for exam work hard for him he forgets to write properly the exams,he miss so many points in exam, he doesn’t have any interest to study… Iam very much worried plz suggest any solution to it.

    • Ritika Lodh on said:

      you have to make him get interested in studies, like
      1) slowly slowly take him towards stories, puzzles & indoor games.. keep him busy in such things which will make his memory power increase.
      2)start co-relating your child’s studies to the things which he likes to do because as you know children remember their favourites..
      Wish you all the best

  3. Tejashree on said:


    My daughter is in FYBA arts, she is not able to study big answers also not able to write her paper properly. She attempts properly only the objective questions and one line answers, therefore could clear 10th and 12th(in second attempt). In FYBA she is continuously failing. Please guide.

    But at the same time she is good in computers.

    Please advise.

    • Ritika Lodh on said:

      Hello parent,
      if your daughter is interested in her subjects then she should try to understand what she has studied the same day. And once she understands what is being taught then it wouldn’t take whole night studies to pass her exams. Wish her all the best.

  4. Charitha on said:

    I’m from All Saints High School and I’m in sports and and I’m interested in sports and my parents are forcing me to be in acadamics but I like to be in sports. What should i choose

    • Pooja on said:

      It’s a good question.
      There are so many students who love sports and choose their career for sports.
      Playing sports is very good but even for playing sports there should be qualification.
      My suggestion is that you have to complete your graduation in any other subject and concentrate on your favourite sport
      And play daily.
      Playing daily improves your brain power by passing oxygen directly to the brain from lungs after exhaustion.
      So concentrate on both studies and sports.

  5. O. Prasanna Kumar on said:


    My son is studying 8th standard ,he is unable to study small small words, i dont know what the school people are teaching, in home when he start studies he is unable read small small words.. we are very woried about his education, if he spends more time also he is unable to read and he studies also he is unable to remember that words in few min.. please try to help me please…

    • INDIRA KANNAN on said:

      Pl check he has any learning disability. If it is not, then he should be attention deficit. Talk to the counsellor of the school and take him to the expert if he has learning disabilities.

    • Sandeep on said:

      You have observe him by siting with him atleast 2 hrs daily in the evening and along with ur kid, u also read and see the improvement. make fun not presure during study time and treat him as a school friend

  6. Vijay on said:

    This is Very good for giving suggestions as well can Motivate & also helpful for childrens

  7. Sujatha on said:

    My daughter is studying 12th standard as she isn’t getting good marks she is crying like hell we are trying hard to stop her.Can you say me the solution?Reply fast….

    • Ritika Lodh on said:

      hello distressed parent,
      you need to start motivating your child because somewhere the child thinks that if she brings less marks it would make her parents feel bad..
      you need to start interacting with her more and help her understand what she is learning & try to make her studies easier. Help her co-relate her studies so that she remember it..
      Wish you all the best!!

  8. Nandana nair on said:

    Am happy for my English exam I had a practice from learnhive and almost everything whatever I practised was asked in the exam
    Thnx learnhive.very helpful.

  9. Nandana nair on said:

    Dear learn hive master,
    I am also facing problems in maths.I study in the OXFORD senior secondary school.I am in 6th standard.can u plz suggest me some ways to improve my maths.i also don’t get too less marks also but I face some difficulty in doing the problems.plz reply as early as possible

    Nandana nair.

  10. Plz help me to increase power of concentration of learning in subjects like history im in 10 std cbse

  11. vahidakalaskar on said:


    • Dr.Bagali on said:

      Children who are good or very good performers in descriptive subjects, but unable to do maths, are facing from a conditions called dyscalculia.
      We have to use different techniques and methods for learning maths for such children.
      Your child psychologist will assess the child’s score in any of the algorithm that tests dyscalculia. If it is found, then surely, remedial classes will help the child to perform better in Maths.

  12. Roshni dadlani on said:

    My brother is in 8th std he don’t want to study he always play games on phone and tv all time he has no interest in studying even he is brilliant student he had scored 90 above till 7th me and my parents are too worried about him plz plz suggest something

    • Ritika Lodh on said:

      you can start motivating him, and tell him that what he had scored before he can do way more better than that…
      but you need to talk to him I in a different manner. As a elder sibling you need to understand why he isn’t getting interested to study. You would be able to understand your brother better than your parents….
      Wish you good luck….

  13. K Indumathi on said:

    I am teacher in CBSE school. I need some ideas from you. Even well prepared cĺass failures some time. When 70% of the students understand the concept and 30% fail to do. As a teacher what shall I do in this case. Please give me some suggestion.

    • Ritika Lodh on said:

      hello teacher,
      you need to understand why some of the students are not paying attention while you speak. You can make your students get attracted to your speeches and lectures. Most of the students don’t pay attention because the teacher is always sticks to the point thus, they start getting bored..
      Wish you all the best…..

  14. In my school…here a hindi teacher who always scolds me and beat me so much and i comes 2nd rank…but she always beats me so much…please tell me what should i do? I am going to suicide…please tell me…

  15. In my school…here a hindi teacher who always scolds me and beat me so much and i comes 2nd rank…but she always beats me so much…please tell me what should i do? I am going to suicide

  16. junaidyousufnaikoo on said:

    Sir I have bad handwriting and forget after some days a lesson what I do now

  17. What is the best timetable for a sixth grade child? Hey, I’m Anisha. And I’m in sixth grade.whenever I used to concentrate in maths I will be becoming weak in others subjects. And when other subjects become weak in maths.

    Waiting for your reply. (As soon as possible)
    Thanks for the help#

  18. I am in std 8 and i want to complete my syllabus for exam but i don’t know how to start and from which subject to start

  19. Dear Sir/madam,
    My son is in class 8 CBSE .Still he is not studying by himself .He makes more mistakes and he dont know to write sentences.His class work also incomplete,teachere always complaint about him.He is getting to much angry .now a days if i hit him hardly ,he starded hitting me back.In this condition how he will write public exam.Sending him to bording school is good ,I am working and we are in oman.Please help me…

  20. My passed 12th with help of another child he has problem in brain the connection of the both brains are not proper develop but he has good memory slow and bad writing bad in maths excellent in computer which study after 12th he can do

  21. This site is very nice as l am in class 9 l am confused in making my study timetable and l am also weak in algebra and geometry as l wake at 4o clock and school is of 6o clock and l came home at 1o clock pm

  22. dear friend my bro is becoming lazy….he never study plus either go to school…he has been given warning…… … he won’t be able to appear board exam CBSE……. class 12…… so he has hard time in studying……. especially sociology and political science.,… do something….

  23. syeda fatima on said:

    hey, I am syeda fatima I can’t learn anything in my science subject also in history civics and geography.I got help to read this so,thank you for your this good information. ☺ ☺☺☺☺

  24. hello sir/mam. I am karan of army public school kalimpong, west Bengal. I am really week in maths I don’t know how to get good marks in maths. I have only got35/90 in SA 1. whenever I use to study for maths, whenever I can’t do a sum I just use to go my first room and see T.V and I want to do good in SA2. what should I do?

  25. Shubhasree on said:

    Hi I am sweety I am 7 class in 6 class I am not well in studies I want to become at lest I should get better marks. I am dull in chemistry physics history civics mathematics. So can you please tell me to how get good marks I have exam tomorrow so can you please say me fast. I will wait for your reply.

  26. Suprava Behera on said:

    My baby is in lkg in Kidzee. She can’t write numbers after 7. She is very confused in all her stuff. How can I help her? I feel she can’t understand things for which she is doing the mistake but can’t help. As she says number correctly but writes it wrong.plz help me

  27. Neha Narangikar on said:

    Hi my son is in 8std and has fear of maths and weak in maths suggest how to improve in this stage

  28. SHRAVANI on said:


  29. Durga on said:

    I Wanna share one thing about my child, My son is studying 4th std CBSC. i just thought the subjects to my son very well prepared for FA1 exam but he has written only for 4marks in one subject and 1 mark out of 30 in maths. I just shocked after i revised with my kid. I did not bet my son and with a smile i told like get good marks in next subjects. Can any one please help me how to teach my son and he is forgetting any thing even he is answering every thing at home. but he is not writing any answer in paper.

    He is sensitive mentality, Wont participate in any thing (extras) and he will forget answers easily.
    i didnt expect 30 out of 30, i just expect 20 minimum marks..

    Can any one please suggest how to make my son at least minimum marks to get scored in exams…Waiting for reply.

    Kindly advice..

  30. I’m a 11th class student of stream sci-bio. When I sit for studying I use to get distracted. I’m not able to obey my timetable. I loose interest in studying. My aim is medical but unfortunately I’m not working for that even though I try but I can’t. Please give me some effective guidelines to solve this problem. Please.

  31. Shwetha on said:

    Hi, My son is in 3rd and he is not able to concentrate on his studies ..he is not writing anything & handwriting is bad… Most of the time his book is incomplete ..and he is not able to recall anything whenever he tries to learn the lesson after few minutes he forget everything.. Exam paper also not attempting all the questions due to slow writing, please help me how to make my child brilliant for this i am beating my son very much please please help me i am too much worried about my son please reply fast..

    • Dear Shwetha,

      We suggest that you should stop hitting your child as this can make your situation worse.

      Your son may have distractibility which might prevent him from concentrating. He may be brilliant but in a different way from other children. Please consult with a child psychologist to diagnose and proceed with next steps.

      You are not alone! Millions of parents around the world face the same situation. There is help available.


      Please contact us if you need further assistance.

      • Hi.I m Anisha. I m studying in 8th standard. I m trying to concentrate in my studies, but i couldn’t. Please help me. That too my mom scolds me bcz i have got only 53 percentage. Because of my mind i get less marks in my examination. Please help me to become brilliant

      • Sowjanya on said:

        Respected madum my son is studying 7 class ICSE pattern but he is unable to concentrate answers he read as soon as forgotten 2 subject s also failed he told me I forgot answers what do I do any treatment available his memory gained

      • Sowjanya on said:

        Respected madum my son is studying 7 class ICSE pattern but he is unable to concentrate answers he read as soon as forgotten 2 subject s also failed he told me I forgot answers what do I do any treatment available his memory will be gained will I take to him any psychriatic doctor plz tell me really I am feeling mourn about my son studies

    • Tanushree on said:

      He should follow the rules here it has worked with me and my brother and sister who has got the 1st rank in the state

  32. T.srivenu on said:

    Dear sir or Medam my name is T.srivenu. I Am studing 9th standred. I have got very bad score in my 8th standred so . I want to improve my studies .I have to get very higest score in my 10 standred so will you please help me in my 10th standred

    • T. Srivenu, for a 9th grader you are not too shabby but I would recommend you too start breaking your head over studies. Either you wasted a lot of time in your previous years or are having a trouble to understand concepts. I would suggest you should memorize but understanding them and then memorizing will be way better! I did my 10th in this way!

    • DIVY CHARLES on said:

      first u should try to catch those chapter which is easy like that your hadaque of covering all the chapter is solved and many times we see that most of student firstly they cover hard chapter and all time going to involve in that only they do not get time to revise the easy chapter this make the condition worst.we should go step by step this is only the way to get final destination.

  33. PRATIKSHA R. PATEL on said:

    this site is very nice ..my son is in std 1 and he is not able to concentrate on his studies ..he is not writing anything in his class.. everyday his book is incomplete ..and he is not able to recall anything whenever he tries to learn the lesson after few minutes he forget everything.. please help me how to make my child brilliant for this i am beating my son very much please please help me i am too much worried about my son please reply fast..

    • Saurav nautiyal on said:

      Mam, First of all beating your child is not a solution to his poor academics.
      There is a saying, ” All work and no play makes the jack a dull boy”.
      You should make a proper schedule for your child and you too…
      There should be a pain pleasure criteria, for example if you make him/her study for about a hour then there should be a reward, like playing games with him/her etc etc.. But keep in mind mind don’t make promises which you can’t fulfill.
      Most important thing, be as friendly as much as u can, the reason for this is, when your child will face any problem whether academic or related to his /her personal life he /she may tell you frankly avoiding further damage to himself /herself.

  34. Mrs.Rekha on said:

    My son is studying in CBSE 5th class but he always do a spelling mistake. Not memories perfectly.

    Please advise

  35. Ishani Ghosh on said:

    Dear sir or madam,this is Ishani and i m a student of class 8.I had performed very bad on class 7 actually i have lost the interest to study so can u please help me to get interest .I want to score very good in ICSE especially in science group so i will be glad if u say how to do the same

    • I am another student just like you and by the time you see this comment you would be doing your 9th grade from this July. I am studying in ICSE especially in science with computer science as my optional subject. I experienced the same loss of interest in subjects as you have but I recovered from it in an unconventional way. The way I used is setting goals each day. I loved an animation series known as “Fairy Tail” and was thinking how to use this to fuel my interest in studies. I kept a target such that if I finish a certain portion, I see one episode of it. Soon I started studying on my own and am awaiting the boards. All the best for yours too!

    • Vijay on said:

      Dear Ishanu,

      Don’t worry do not loose interest. don’t waste time listen/concentrate in the class the same do re-call the same at home on same day without any negligance be active.

  36. Humera Kiran on said:

    I am Humara Kiran and i am the student of grade 8th in AKHSS.hunza I have a problem that i forget things very early and suggest me some ideas how i improve my maths and what i do to keep things in my memory for long time?

    • Kallen Singh karam on said:

      Practice make men perfect. Practice a good number of times whatever you want to keep in your memory. Recall the same thing every 15, 30,45min than again recall it after one hours, two hrs, three hrs…five hrs…. Practice the same for at least 3 consecutive days for the same topic. After that according to your convenience,recall it time to time…..

    • Vijay on said:

      Practice a lot don’t see timing put efforts do work you can succeed..

  37. affi the princess on said:

    good evening,
    i am in 6th grade CBSE and i am very pleased with this website.I have practiced some tests of science from learnhive and i must say i have improved and really scored good marks.I even loved the summary of subjects bcos normally i coudnt understand my teacher and this explains me very well.Since i am sometimes rarely absent my friend dont help me much so i am requesting you to show me notes plz.and my teacher gives me hard projects from coursebook so i want you to show me a tutorial to make projects.And plz include more subjects like social science,hindi,etc. thank you so much and i am exeting as earliest reply as possible.oh and 1 more thing plz give me codes for joining a student group as my frirnd want to keep it a secret

  38. NILESH MISHRA on said:

    Such a good point and I would like to suggest you that stuck these point in newspapers for everyone help.

  39. it is the best way for kids to score good marks

  40. Dear sir/madam
    My son is in 10th std ices board.he can not cop up with mathematics.always gets confused about so many formulas .what should I do pls suggest me

  41. Anwesha Dey on said:

    Dear sir,
    I am a student of grade-8.i cant study well especially Geography.While studying I am getting diverted. I am loosing my confidence.. and I am not getting nice marks these days and also to memorize something by heart, I need to read that lesson plenty a times which makes it monotonous. How can I become a brilliant student? and also at the same time not making the lesson monotonous?

  42. mamtha srinivas on said:

    hello its a very excellent site , getting more benefit from u guys. i want a help from you to make a study time table, my daughter is in 10 and she comes back from school by 4 pm. how long a kid of 10 std must work daily.

  43. viji on said:

    Dear Sir / Madam
    I have registered my both kids today. I really feel happy this site would be so helpful for my kids during this summer. I can really provide them good knowledge. This also helps to recall and also learn new things.

    My daughter is in 6th grade, my main stress is her lack of concentration. she is vague many times. When I teach her she will be seeing me but she is mentally absent. I didn’t know what to do. She reads nicely because of this she is not scoring nicely.

    Please help me out

    Waiting for a earliest reply for my child’s good future.

    • Crystal Andrade on said:

      Hi Viji,
      Meditation is a very good method of improving concentration. Another method of improving retention is writing answers. Rather than just read, writing answers after having understood the concept would be a good practice. Hope this will help.

  44. shravya on said:

    im shravya .. i study in 10th grade..in a cbse school…i have problem keeping things in memory for a long time…evn though i read and write well.. i cannot keep the info in mind for more than a months..it brings difficulty in SA’s as i have to learn everything all over again ( FA’s portion)……please suggest some tips for my help…. i have determined to do well in class 10 board exams.. :)

    • Crystal Andrade on said:

      Dear Shravya,
      Every time you complete a topic, make a gist of important points which will help you recollect the topic. Have all these notes in one note book and refer these points whenever you find time. This will also be a good revision aid before exams. Hope this will help.

  45. Arina Lakhanda on said:

    I read in Class VII, and am studying CBSE syllabus. Our exams are due this month, and the CBSE board has declared that all KV schools will have their question papers made from other schools. So, I try, but I can’t study without distractions, as my 1-yr old brother keeps entering in my room and disturbing me. I am one of the toppers of my class, but our books have points I can’t usually remember. And fairly enough, our Maths and Science teachers explain the lessons in a way our whole class can’t understand except a few students. And I don’t have many classmates who are ready to help me out (The ones I have also don’t understand any points explained by the teachers). I’m also getting distracted with information out of my syllabus. Can anyone help me out?…

  46. i feel so happy

  47. I’m a student of 10th grade
    i get difficulty in following my study time table and sometimes i am unable to concentrate on the concerned subject.
    please provide me some suggestions to overcome this.

    • Please review our new blog that explains how to prepare well for your exams:

    • Crystal Andrade on said:

      Hi Shikha,

      Thank you for writing! Don’t worry about not being able to follow your time table. You can reverse the time table way on first few days by studying and making note of the time you took to study what lessons and which subjects. Also make note of the breaks you took and how long. Based on this you prepare a time table for yourself. Also, we have released a new article on how to prepare well for exams. Read it here: http://www.learnhive.net/blog/2013/11/how-to-prepare-well-for-your-exams/ It might be helpful. Good luck!

    • Mr.Savant on said:

      1st u have confidence in your all subject that i can do setup your time table.i reading subjects put mrning time for eveninng excercise’s subject like maths science

  48. sidharth on said:

    Dear sir,
    Iam a student of grade-9.i cant study well especially science and maths.while studying iam getting diverted.im loosing my confidence.. and iam not getting nice marks these days. how can i become a brilliant student?

    • Crystal Andrade on said:

      Hi Sidharth,
      Firstly, try to keep all the things that distract you away from your study desk. Once you do this you will be able to confidently study and give attention to the subjects you want to study. For science, try to do group study or whichever suits you best. When it comes to math- its always practice and practice. Do not lose hope. Be confident and ask help from people whenever you need it.

  49. i am a student of class 10,i have a big problem,i am not able to do things faster as normal people does especially during exam preparation.also i am not able to complete exams at a particular time.because of this my grades had gone down.can u please suggest some solution

    • Crystal Andrade on said:

      Hi Reshma,
      Be well-prepared for exams. This means revise by answering 3hrs paper at home. What happens most of the time is we start thinking about the answer and the times goes off without notice. Whatever important points or answers you know start answering them first. Also, do not be nervous and panic during exams. If you panic then you will forget whatever you have studied because the memory cannot function if one is tensed or panicking. So relax and try practicing old question papers and see the difference.

  50. Neville Newman on said:

    I have a 8 year old daughter in the 3 grade and she has issues in remember spellings. I’ve tried old school tact like writing the words down 5 – 10 time etc.. then take it up orally but then she still has a hard time remembering. Is there any other way that would help? Appreciate the help I can get

  51. Sir,
    My son is in 8th std. and he is Studying ICSE syllabus. When he goes to 10th std., is it required to study / refer books from different publishers. I am very much worried as the current syllabus is becoming tough but he is taking it very lightly and he studies well. Please advice in referring books. If so does he need to refer books for all the subjects or just Maths and Science will do.


    • Crystal Andrade on said:

      Dear Sunitha,
      While it is Ok to study the text books if the aim is to get marks in the exam but if you wish to get a good understanding of the topics and prepare to do well in competitive exams, reference books are a good idea. Additional practice especially in Math and Science will surely enhance performance. The aim of our providing practice exercises on www.Learnhive.net is to assist students in this endeavor to excel.

  52. Kiran Singh on said:

    Hai, I am a teacher. I joined the blog recently. This article is quite interesting and useful. We teachers are aware of these things, in fact we do practice a few of them in our class.Thank you for such a good article.

  53. ayushi pareek on said:

    i study very well
    but sometimes i lose my confidence..can you suggest me some ways for which i could gain my confidence??

    • Crystal Andrade on said:

      Hi Ayushi,

      Thank you for writing. Well, students at your age tend to lose confidence and there are ways to gain your confidence back. You have to note down the things which you feel have led to cause this low confidence in you. If in case you feel that getting less marks in exams has led to low confidence in you then try to gain back your confidence by having a open communication. If you have not understood a concept then don’t feel shy to ask your doubts to the teachers in class. Everybody makes mistakes and one needs to learn from them. Read more on the topics which you feel you haven’t understood. Sometimes repetition and practice helps you understand concepts better. Be positive and ask help from your teachers, students and parents. They also play an important role in your self-confidence. They will surely help you out. Read books on positive attitude and self-confidence, it might help.

  54. suhani rajput on said:

    very nice it will help all the students and i will also follow this.

  55. Hello Crystal,
    I liked the thoughts shared in you. I am mother of 2. I ve concern about my son (9 yrs). He is good in studies, understand the concepts well, very good imagination and analysis. But he lacks focus or motivation to do anything. Just want to waste his time. I keep on pushing to finish his work on time like changing his clothes after coming from school, eating his food, completing his homework etc, he just ignores. Never seems to be bothered about time. So we worry about him. I always have to remind him of his books, clothes which he never keeps in place.
    Can you suggest us some ways to help him.

    • Crystal Andrade on said:

      Hi Anu,

      Thanks for writing! Your son is very young and just growing up. It is very common at his age as their attention is always diverted to other things surrounding him. I would suggest you to engage him in his area of interest. Some of the responsibilities will come with age. Be a good friend to him and see if you can build in some of the chores as part of a puzzle or maybe something you can trade with. If you know the kind of puzzles/games he likes to solve/play then ask him to complete his chore and give him a puzzle or game as his earning. Hope this will help.

  56. kanika on said:

    Too good for me.

  57. Sinjory Bose on said:

    Hey! This article really works. Can u just help me with one thing: I am used to study while my mom is at home but last year she became a business woman and she is really busy. Father stays away in his office and comes late at night . When I am alone I really don’t want to study. But since i am in class 9th I have to and I do study but with distractions. Speaking the truth studying has become really boring. I was among the toppers but now I am falling. What should i do?

    • Crystal Andrade on said:

      Hi Sinjory,

      Thanks you for your valuable comments! The problem you are facing is very common and with today’s technology, there are lots of distractions. I would suggest you to have a study friend who is good in studies and is equally interested in studying. This wouldn’t make studying boring and it will help you remember the concepts better and also clear your doubts. Another suggestion to make your studies interesting would be to go online and watch YouTube videos related to your studies. For example, there is a video on Force and laws of motions. These will give you better explanations and examples. Similarly, there are lot of Video lessons to make you understand the concepts better. Also sit in a library or go to a place where you can study well and see that you are away from things that distract you. This will help you concentrate better. Hope this was helpful.

      • Sinjory Bose on said:

        yeah i have tried that. my good buddies r all studious but they rarely help…

        • Crystal Andrade on said:

          Hi Sinjory,

          If your buddies don’t help you then you can study on your own too. Doing hard work and succeeding has more plus point than depending on others. Lately, we have released one more new article on preparing yourself better for exams. So, read this new article here: http://www.learnhive.net/blog/2013/11/how-to-prepare-well-for-your-exams/ This might help you. Good luck!

  58. VINAMRATA GUPTA on said:

    All points are good. It will be help to all age group.

  59. Mrittika Ganguli on said:

    Excellent article! Very easy to implement!

  60. ms. renu sambyal on said:

    very nice ideas and i do follow most of these. my son is in second standard and he is good in studies but he is very slow in doing his work .he grasps things quickly but as he keep lost in his own world leading to delay in his work and even he forget few things due to that.what should i do ? pls help……..

    • Crystal Andrade on said:

      Dear Ms. Renu Sambyal,

      Thank you for writing! I’m glad that you are following these learning techniques to help your son. While sometimes being lost in thoughts is a sign of developing thoughts but if there is an issue of loss of focus and delay in completing work, it may be an early sign of certain ‘Learning disability’. When the child does not comprehend and understand what is being taught, they either become distracted or just seem lost. Many parents tend to ignore this at the early age and when the child enters Middle and Senior school, this becomes a major problem since they would have missed out on the foundation and then correction becomes a serious issue. It would be a wise decision if you were to take your son for an assessment with a Special Needs educator who will identify the problem and suggest remedies so that corrective action can be taken and soon the child can get back to main stream learning methods. Hope this will help.

  61. arun kumar sinha on said:

    I think that there is an age specific mode of developing memory . It would nice if little experience is shared by the author

    • Crystal Andrade on said:

      Hi Arun,

      Thanks for writing! Children’s memory develops at the age of 3. Research has shown that children’s memory develops dramatically up until the age of 6 or 7 after which it is similar to adult memory in many ways. The period between ages 3 and 6 appears to be particularly important because during this time, the number of events children can remember about their past increases linearly and the amount of information they can recall about these events doubles. By the age of 7, there is more awareness and learning arises. During the late elementary school years, Children can understand the advantages of using memory strategies and make use of strategies like categorization or naming. In the early adolescent stage, they begin to process information more deeply and understand their root cause. These teenagers, also start planning and reasoning. Nevertheless, brain continues to grow and develop into young adulthood, middle age and then the memory declines with old age.

  62. seema on said:

    Thanks, Its a very useful blog for the parents like me. I have a problem that my daughter understands well and even learns the things but I don’t know why she is not able to do well in her exams .please suggest some solution.

    • Crystal Andrade on said:

      Hi Seema,

      Thank you for writing! I understand your daughter’s concern. Maybe she is unable to recall information during exams due lack of rehearsal of information processed in her memory. All you need to do is check whether she can recall information by giving her small tests at home. If she is unable to recall then make her associate it with things pertaining to her interests. Also make her write those information in points. Usually students recall when they write information in points. Practice these steps and you’ll see the change. You can also read my article on learning: http://www.learnhive.net/blog/2013/03/secrets-of-learning/ so that you get an idea of how information is processed in our memory. Hope this was helpful.

  63. Prerna sharma on said:

    After reading your article i am quite impressed by your rational thinking….
    thank you

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    Very good article.. very helpful for parents and teachers..

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