Keep your concepts warm this summer with Learnhive!

By Arindam Nag,

Summer vacation is that time of the year when extra-curricular activities are in full swing. We at Learnhive encourage all to use this time to focus on hobbies and sports that may have taken a back seat, especially over the last couple of months of academic rigour. Take that art class or music lesson or enrol in your favourite sport camp.


But summer is also the time when we tend to forget some of the important concepts we may have learnt in Math and Science. This is where Learnhive can help you with the basic nourishment you need to keep your Math and Science brains sharp and be ready for the new academic year.

Each week we will send you a topic each in Math and Science that you need to revise and/or get introduced to a new topic for your upcoming year. All you have to do is 3 simple steps:

Step 1: You log in to Learnhive with your account

Step 2: View the video related to the topic, and play some games that are listed

Step 3: Take some fun practice exercises on the topic you just read or watched video on.

All it will take is an hour of your time per week. And you can do it at any time, anywhere on your PC or phone or even if you’re on a vacation, as per your convenience. And best of all it costs nothing! Also, you will earn points each time you view a video or take an exercise. These points will add towards the Learnhive Summer Contest.

You will need a Learnhive account to access this program. If you do not have one, sign up here for your account. We will send you a calendar listing the various topics being covered this summer to your email address. This program is presently targeted for students moving to Grades 5 – 10 in the coming academic year.

About the Author:

Arindam Nag is a  Founder and Director at Learnhive; he has over 17 years experience in information technology. He worked for over 13 years at one of the world’s leading investment banks, Goldman Sachs in various engineering and technology leadership roles. He has a Masters in Computer Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. He is a recipient of National Talent Search Scholarship. He is a staunch believer in using technology to bridge the gap in the educational divide that exists not just in India but the world over.

About Learnhive: 

Learnhive is a leading provider of technology based learning solutions for K-12 students, parents, and tutors. Our goal is to make curriculum based learning more effective and fun. We specialize in providing after school learning solutions for students and parents. Our flagship product, Personal Concept Tutor™ gives students the flexibility to learn concepts at their own pace using a wide variety of materials and resources suited for their individual needs. Our technology is compatible with multiple device formats such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones to make learning more fun, interactive and available to students anywhere and at any time. Signup for free to access the learning materials (lessons and exercises).

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  1. Manoranjana Kothari S on said:

    Can i know why their were no question on Magnestium chapter of Cambridge Checkpoint 7.But this website is amazing.

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    Really very good service for kids thanking your helpful works

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    I stay in KSA and for admission in XI th Std in India I require the original class X CBSE marksheet however this will be made available after 20 days. Kindly suggest alternatives

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    Nice Education by nice people.

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    It’s really good. My both kids r enjoying while study on your site.

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    Good venture.Very effective.

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