Should we abolish final examinations?

By Captain Unni Krishnan, Founder and Director, LearnHive

What does examination do? It rates the examinees based on their proficiency and the result helps allow them make choices regarding the next steps.

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Let us take a look at some things in life: friends, job, marriage partner, promotion. Don’t all these things depend on our choice? When there is a choice, you select and when you select one out of many it means competition?

If as an individual we can create competition, it is bound that in this world competition will be manifold and the only way to survive is to prepare for competition .

By abolishing exams, we are treating the symptom rather than find and treat the cause. Let us understand that with an increasing population, competition is not just bound to exist but will only increase.

Well then what can we do? The best way to handle competition is to prepare for it. This means we cannot wish away examinations.

Let us re-look at the world around us. Education in addition to creating awareness must also prepare students for their profession. The biggest opportunity is that just as the number of students has increased the avenues of careers/ profession has also increased.

Unfortunately the education system in India has not changed accordingly especially at the school level. We can think and will realize that school education need not be so broad based. The subject skills required by an engineer are not the same as what is required by a journalist, media analyst, economist, fashion designer, dancer or a movie editor. Also as per the theory of multiple intelligences, children are adept at different skillsets and hence perform better in certain subjects.

Aim of restructuring education should be to prepare students for the current scenario. One of the possible ways of doing this is to rework the number of subjects that a student is being examined in. If a student is going to be examined in the subject he/ she likes and wants to specialize in, it is quite possible that the student will not be stressed. We all know that we have to prepare more in subjects that we are weak in. While a student studies a broad base of subjects, when it comes to the important Board/ Qualifying examinations, the choice of subjects that they wish to pursue may only be examined. This will see a larger motivation among students in their preparation for exams and also bring down stress levels.

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Captain Unni Krishnan is a Founder and Director of LearnHive; he is also the Founder and Managing Trustee of Primus Public School, Bangalore. Prior to that he was the Founder and Trustee of Indus International School. At Primus, he has been instrumental in implementation of new teaching pedagogies. He has seamlessly integrated the International and Indian syllabi to help prepare students for higher studies both in India and Overseas. Capt. is a ‘Sword of Honor’ from the prestigious Officers Training Academy of the Indian Army.

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