Change the mindset of education discrimination!

By Sampada Bidikar,

We come across a lot of news about the discrimination faced by people in our society, we read about the quota system in education, or the discrimination faced by the children admitted in school via the RTE (Right to Education) act. Each one of us has an opinion (rather a strong one) about this. When we read such stories we feel sorry for the kids, we blame the system or the government, we say it hinders India’s progress and many other things. Quite recently I read an article from The Hindu, about how parents and even the students don’t want kids from poor background (admitted via the RTE act) to study in the same class as theirs. They say it affects their progress; these kids might lower the level of education and many such things. I was astonished when I read that the kids were saying such things.
(The Hindu article: “Having them in our class”)

Children are born free, without boundaries of any kind. It is we the parents who teach them what’s right and what’s wrong. Even before going to school, children learn a lot from their parents. Parents instil most of the values in a kid.

Last Sunday me and my Hubby were standing in the balcony, watching few boys play cricket in our complex. We stay in defence quarters, therefore each officer’s quarters has a servant’s quarter, where servants stay along with their families. So these officers’ kids were playing along with a few servants’ kids. The game was going along well. We were also enjoying the game. Then there comes an officer (father of one of the boys) and he is angry that the high society officer’s kids are playing with servant’s kids. He literally asked the security guard to shoo away the servant kids. And then he scolded the remaining kids and instructed them not to play with those kids again. From that day I have not seen the kids play together again.

The incident left us saddened. How humiliating the servant’s kids must have felt? And as my husband said “I feel sorry for the officer’s kid. He will grow up to be a snob.” And that’s absolutely true. This will leave a negative mark on the kids coming from both the backgrounds.

This is a classic example which shows that the problem is in our homes. It’s the mindset of the people. And inevitably our kids inherit our mindset. The problem has got nothing to do with the government or society. It’s we who put the divides in our minds and in the minds of our kids. And nothing possibly will change until we break these walls in our minds first. Success of RTE or removal of the quota system in Indian education will remain a farfetched dream, if this mentality is not changed.

About the Author:

Sampada Bidikar ( is the Team Lead – Content Development at Learnhive Education Pvt. Ltd. She has over 5 years of experience in Information technology and over a year experience in Training and development; has worked in the Health care and Power domain at Siemens Information systems Ltd. She has a Bachelors degree in Information Science. Having a passion for training and development, she did her Advanced Diploma in Training and Development and has worked as a trainer and content developer at Oscar Murphy International.

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