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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Learnhive?

Learnhive is an online learning community comprising G1 through G10 students and parents. Our goal is to enrich the curriculum-based learning experience of students and help them do better in school. Our flagship product, Personal Concept Tutorâ„¢ gives students the flexibility to learn concepts at their own pace using a wide variety of materials and resources suited for their individual needs. Our technology is compatible with multiple device formats such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones to make learning more fun, interactive and available to students anywhere and at anytime.

2. What is a Personal Concept Tutor?

Personal Concept Tutorâ„¢ is our flagship product that leverages technology innovatively to create a customizable and immersive learning experience for students. It presents lessons to students based upon their school curriculum, grade level, subject proficiency and learning style, to amplify the relevant concepts and educational materials to make learning effective and results oriented.

3. What is Learnhive's approach towards learning?

Students have different learning competencies, different rates of comprehension and different learning styles. Some are more auditory while others are more visual or perhaps kinesthetic learners. The classroom teaching is created to cover the prescribed curriculum in a one-size fits all routine, irrespective of the individualistic learning abilities of the students attending the class.

If we could provide every student with the right educational material that fits their learning style, a judgment-free environment and adequate time to learn, they would be able to:

  1. Learn and retain concepts better.
  2. Enjoy the learning experience and want to repeat it.
  3. Keep a sustained interest in learning and achieve success in school.

Every child has the capability and the right to learn every concept prescribed in the curriculum. As long as they are given adequate time and relevant examples aligned with their interests, they will definitely grasp the concept. This is the philosophy underlying our approach.

4. Will this improve my child's grades?

We believe that a deep understanding of concepts will not only help with your child's grades in school, it will go a long way in preparing her for the variety of competitive scholarship and entrance exams which primarily test the child's understanding of a topic rather than the ability to regurgitate rote material.

5. Is Learnhive a paid service?

Learnhive online learning materials for Math, Science and English covering Class 1 to Class 10 are available for FREE. No subscriptions or dues need to be ever paid.

6. I forgot my password. Can you help?

You can reset your password by clicking here.

Thousands of students from India, USA and 30 other countries are using Learnhive to master concepts and get ahead in school with our FREE content. It's time to get the Learnhive advantage for your child as well.




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