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Science / Control and Coordination in Humans

Science / Control and Coordination in Humans

When you step out in bright sunlight, you partly close your eyes to keep away the bright light. You may start sweating as the temperature rises. These are coordinated responses to stimuli.

In animals the responses are quicker than in plants.Revise stimuli and its response in humans.

Response and coordination in animals involve the sense organs, the nervous system and hormones.

Human nervous system consists of

  • Central - brain - centre for hunger, thirst, thinking, maintaining posture, speech and writing and spinal cord which takes care of reflex actions. e.g. response to pricking of pin
  • Peripheral - control voluntary actions e.g. running, jumping
  • Autonomic - controls involuntary action e.g. respiration

When we are writing a poem of your own, it involves coordination of various systems such as nervous system (brain, nerves), muscular system (muscles) and skeletal system (bones)

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    • Introduction to Control & Coordination in Human beings
    • The endocrine system -meaning of endocrine glands and hormones
    • Understanding Structure and function of Neuron
    • Spinal cord and reflex actions
    • Central Nervous System - Human Brain, Parts and its function
    • Review of Control & Coordination in Human beings
    • Endocrine glands - hormones secreted by them , hypo and hyper secretion of hormones
    • The Human Nervous System - types of nerves
    • Peripheral and Autonomic nervous system




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