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Mathematics / Knowing our Numbers

Mathematics / Knowing our Numbers

Learn more about numbers. Their properties, classifications, types of operations performed on numbers. And also learn about the BODMAS rule used in all simplifications.

  • Rounding numbers - SmartTest

    An SmartTest on Rounding numbers.

    • Questions: 109

    Comparing Numbers - SmartTest

    SmartTest on Comparing Numbers

    • Questions: 129

    Place Value - SmartTest

    SmartTest on Place Value

    • Accessed by: 137 Students
    • Average Time: 00:15:10
    • Average Score: 56.35
    • Questions: 16
    • Introduction to Knowing our Numbers
    • To understand the meaning of a numeral / integer
    • To use numeral in a variety of ways
    • To write numbers in both the Indian and International systems
    • Place Value
    • Comparing numbers
    • Rounding Numbers
    • Review of Knowing our Numbers
    • Negative Numbers and Integers
    • Roman Numerals
  • Place Value

    A lesson on Place Value

    Rounding Numbers

    A lesson on Rounding Numbers

    Negative Numbers and Integers

    A lesson on Negative Numbers and Integers

    • Accessed by: 186 Students

    The Number System -- Summary

    Learnhive Lesson on The Number System

    Place Value and Face Value -- Summary

    Learnhive Lesson on Place Value and Face Value

    Roman Numerals -- Summary

    Learnhive Lesson on Roman Numerals




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