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Science / Nutrition in animals

Science / Nutrition in animals


Animal nutrition covers nutrient requirements, how the food is consumed, and how the body utilizes the food. Digestion is process that converts complex food substances to simpler ones.

Nutrition involves the following:

  1. Ingestion,
  2. Digestion,
  3. Absorption,
  4. Assimilation, and
  5. Egestion

Ruminants are grazing animals like cows and deers. They quickly ingest the food and store it in rumen and later brings the food back to mouth for chewing it well. Amoeba ingests the food using its feet.

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    • Types of teeth in Human and their functions
    • Structure of the Human teeth
    • Taking care of the teeth
    • Digestion system in Humans-Digestion in mouth, stomach
    • Digestion system in Humans- Assimilation
    • Digestion in Grass eating animals
    • Digestion in amoeba
    • Review of Nutrition in animals
    • How do animals take in food ?
    • Digestion and absorption in small intestine
    • Digestion system in Humans - Egestion
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India is the worlds largest producer of bananas, producing nearly 26 million tons in 2009.

Around 8% of children and 2% of adults have some kind of food allergy. Common examples of food allergies include reactions to peanuts, gluten and shellfish.

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