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Science / Soil

Science / Soil

Soil layers

  • Apart from water, air and sunshine; all living beings need SOIL for existence.
  • A section through different layers of the soil is called the soil profile. Soil has various layers called horizons. Sandy, loamy, and clayey are the different types of soils.
  • Water percolates at different rates through different types of soil. The water held in the soil is called the soil moisture. Different types of crops are grown in different types of soils.
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    • Introduction to Soil
    • Erosion
    • Understanding the different layers of soil
    • Types of soils
    • Properties of Soil
    • What types of soils are suitable for various plants
    • What plants take from the soil
    • Ways in which pollution can affect soil
    • Review of Soil
  • Soil -- Summary

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There are 10,000 types of soil in Europe and about 70,000 types of soil in the United States.

Review the soil map of India.

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