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Science / Light

Science / Light

  • The branch of physics dealing with the properties and behaviour of  light is called Optics. Light is a form of energy which helps us to see the objects. Have you ever wondered why we are able to see the different objects around us, their images in a mirror, in a pond? This is simply due to reflection of light . It is the phenomenon of bouncing back of light after striking a smooth polished surface.
  • Why is the word "ambulance" written backwards in ambulance car? This is due to lateral inversion -The phenomenon due to which the left side of an object appears to be right side of the object in its image in a reflecting medium (mirror) and vice-versa is called lateral inversion.
  • Enjoy interesting trivia related to spherical mirrors(concave and convex) and plane mirror, optics, sunlight. Understand the differences between mirrors and lenses. Learn about the formation of rainbow. Do you know that you can see a rainbow only when your back is towards the sun ?
  • Light - SmartTest


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    • Questions: 27
    • Introduction to Light
    • Reflection and Laws of Reflection
    • Refraction of light
    • Speed of light in various mediums
    • Prism and dispersion of light
    • Review of Light
    • Human eye
    • Defects of human eye- myopia and hypermetropia
  • Light -- Summary

    Learnhive Lesson on Light

    • Accessed by: 414 Students

    Refraction of Light

    Learnhive Lesson on Refraction of Light

    • Accessed by: 226 Students

    Reflection of Light

    Learnhive Lesson on Reflection of Light

    • Accessed by: 200 Students


    Learnhive Lesson on Light

    • Accessed by: 157 Students

    Laws of Refraction

    Learnhive Lesson on Laws of Refraction

    • Accessed by: 119 Students

    Human eye

    Learnhive Lesson on Human eye

    • Accessed by: 196 Students

    Dispersion of Light

    Learnhive Lesson on Dispersion of Light

    • Accessed by: 111 Students

    Defects of Vision

    Learnhive Lesson on Defects of Vision

    Cause of Dispersion

    Learnhive Lesson on Cause of Dispersion




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