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Science / Sound

Science / Sound

  • How do you come to know that a class is over in your school? You hear the sound of a school bell.
  • You come to know that someone is at your door when he knocks or you hear the sound of the doorbell.
  • Sound is a form of energy and it comes from vibrations. These vibrations create sound waves which move through mediums such as air and water before reaching our ears.
  • Understand how sound waves come from vibrations and how your ears give you the ability to hear them.
  • The difference between musical sound and noise:
  • Music is produced by periodic vibrations, having regular wave pattern e.g. sound of musical instruments. 
  • Noise is produced by irregular vibrations, having irregular wave pattern. e.g. sound produced by moving vehicles.
  • Human sound is produced by the vibrations of the vocal cords inside the larynx. Learn about the characteristics of sound.
  • Loudness - distinguishes between loud and feeble sounds.
  • Pitch - It distinguishes between shriller and flatter sounds.
  • Timbre or quality - It distinguishes one sound from another having same loudness and pitch.
  • Sound - SmartTest


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    • Questions: 33
    • Introduction to Sound
    • Propagation of sound
    • Introduction to terms- amplitude, frequency & wavelength
    • Characteristics of sound - loudness, pitch & quality
    • Measurement of sound
    • Musical sound and noise pollution
    • Sources of Sound
    • Production of sound
    • Types of sound
    • Musical instruments
    • Review of Sound
    • Speed of sound
  • Introduction to Sound

    Learnhive lesson on Introduction to Sound.

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    Sound -- Summary

    Learnhive Lesson on Sound

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Some animals can hear sounds of frequencies higher than 20,000 Hz. Dogs have this ability. The police use high frequency whistles which dogs can hear but humans cannot.




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