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Mathematics / Subtraction

Mathematics / Subtraction

Subtraction is one of the basic operations in arithmetic. It means taking one number or amount away from another.
Subtraction is the opposite of addition.

Learn how to subtract a number from another by counting backwards. See how you can use the number line to help you with subtraction.

Use the concept of borrowing to subtract a number from another

  • Subtraction 3 and 4 digit numbers - SmartTest

    SmartTest on Subtraction word problems

    • Accessed by: 164 Students
    • Average Time: 00:14:30
    • Average Score: 74.48
    • Questions: 286

    Subtraction of 3 digit numbers - SmartTest

    SmartTest on Subtraction

    • Accessed by: 144 Students
    • Average Time: 00:24:16
    • Average Score: 72.22
    • Questions: 719
    • Introduction to Subtraction
    • Subtraction of 2/3 digit numbers with borrowing
    • Subtraction with 0 and 1 in the Ones Place
    • Finding the Relationship Between Addition and Subtraction
    • Using Subtraction to Compare
    • Using the Hundreds Grid
    • Subtraction word problems
  • Subtraction

    Lesson on Subtraction

    • Accessed by: 250 Students


    Learnhive lesson on Subtraction

    • Accessed by: 131 Students




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