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Mathematics / Fractions

Mathematics / Fractions

Fractions are parts of a whole or parts of a collection. A proper fraction has numerator smaller than the denominator. Improper fraction has numerator larger than the denominator. Improper fraction can be converted to a mixed fraction having an integral part and a proper fraction.
Fractions can be added, subtracted, multiplied and divided.

  • Fractions - Unit SmartTest

    SmartTest on Fractions

    • Accessed by: 811 Students
    • Average Time: 33:50:23
    • Average Score: 57.18
    • Questions: 1684

    Division of Fractions - SmartTest

    SmartTest on Division of Fractions

    • Accessed by: 293 Students
    • Average Time: 00:25:38
    • Average Score: 47.27
    • Questions: 99

    Fraction concepts - SmartTest

    SmartTest on Fraction concepts

    • Accessed by: 402 Students
    • Average Time: 00:16:18
    • Average Score: 76.73
    • Questions: 686
    • Introduction to Fractions
    • Finding Equivalent Fractions
    • Reducing a Fraction to Its Lowest Term
    • Comparing Like and Unlike Fractions
    • Addition of Unlike Fraction and Mixed numbers
    • Subtraction of Unlike Fraction and Mixed numbers
    • Multiplying Fractions with Whole Numbers and Fractions
    • Dividing Between Fractions and Whole Numbers and Fractions
    • Review of Fractions
  • Fractions -- Summary

    Learnhive Lesson on Fractions

    • Accessed by: 690 Students

    Arithmetic Operations on Fractions -- Summary

    Learnhive Lesson on Arithmetic Operations on Fractions

    • Accessed by: 405 Students




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