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Chemistry / Air

Chemistry / Air

  • Air is mixture of gases like oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water vapor and inert or noble gases. It is a transparent medium, invisible, tasteless and odourless.
  • Air is a natural resource and essential for the survival of living organisms.
  • The earth is surrounded by a thick envelope of air called atmosphere which extends up to 200 kilometers into space.

Learn about

  • air,
  • its composition,
  • atmosphere,
  • perform different activities to understand the characteristics of air and
  • air pollution.
  • Air - SmartTest

    A SmartTest on Air

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    • Average Time: 00:07:19
    • Average Score: 57.85
    • Questions: 120
    • Introduction to Air
    • Air is a mixture of gases
    • The importance of air for all living things
    • Plants also respire, throughout the day/night
    • Oxygen from air is used in all forms of burning
    • Carbon dioxide is released as a result of burning
    • The amount of oxygen in air
    • Rusting-takes place in the presence of air
    • Review of Air
    • Air Pollution. Causes of Air pollution.
    • Air Pollution. Causes of Air pollution. (Case study : Taj Mahal)
    • Control measures for air pollution
  • Air

    Learnhive lesson on Air.

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    Air -- Summary

    Learnhive Lesson on Air

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