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Physics / Magnetism

Physics / Magnetism

Magnetism was discovered about 4000 years back in ancient Greece.
Some items such as iron and nickel get attracted to magnets and are called magnetic materials.
Items that do not get attracted to magnets are called non-magnetic.
Learn about the 4 basic properties of a bar magnet:

  • Directional property,
  • Attractive property,
  • poles exist in pairs and like poles repel while opposite poles attract.

Learn about magnets and magnetism.

  • Magnetism - SmartTest

    A SmartTest on Magnetism

    • Accessed by: 669 Students
    • Average Time: 00:09:39
    • Average Score: 74.56
    • Questions: 114
    • Introduction to magnetism
    • Magnets and its types
    • Properties of magnet
    • Magnetic field
    • Earth as a magnet
    • Making magnets
    • Electromagnet
    • Care of magnets
    • Uses of magnet
    • Review of magnetism
  • Magnetism

    Learnhive lesson plan on Magnetism.

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    Magnetism -- Summary

    Learnhive Lesson on Magnetism

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