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Biology / Growth, Development and Reproduction in Living things

Biology / Growth, Development and Reproduction in Living things

All living organisms reproduce in different ways. Some lay eggs like the birds and reptiles and some give birth to young ones like cats, dogs, humans etc. Unicellular and multicellular organisms both plants and animals have different methods of reproduction. Both Animals and plants reproduce either asexually or sexually.
Learn about asexual reproduction in unicellular organisms like amoeba by fission and hydra by budding and sexual reproduction in multicellular organisms with the example of the lifecycle of a butterfly and then human beings.

  • Reproduction in Plants - SmartTest

    A SmartTest on Reproduction in Plants

    • Accessed by: 391 Students
    • Average Time: 00:04:42
    • Average Score: 45.25
    • Questions: 72

    Reproduction in Animals - SmartTest

    A SmartTest on Reproduction in Animals

    • Accessed by: 344 Students
    • Average Time: 00:02:48
    • Average Score: 53.98
    • Questions: 91
    • Introduction to Growth, Development & Reproduction
    • Germination of seeds
    • Asexual reproduction in Plants - by vegetative parts
    • Sexual Reproduction in plants - Structure of Flower
    • Artificial pollination
    • Sexual reproduction in Humans - Male and Female Reproductive system
    • Asexual Reproduction in lower organisms - binary fission, budding, fragmentation, spore formation
    • Artificial vegetative propagation - grafting layering and cutting
    • Pollination and it types
    • Fertilization and Seed formation
    • Fertilization and Pregnancy
    • The Menstrual cycle
    • Growth and development in higher animals - Morphogenesis
    • Metamorphosis
    • Growth and development in plants
    • Growth and development in Humans: Stages in Human life
    • Review of Growth development and reproduction
  • Growth and Reproduction in Living Things -- S

    Learnhive Lesson on Growth and Reproduction in Living Things

    • Accessed by: 682 Students




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