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Chemistry / Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

Chemistry / Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

As we look around, we can see that most of the matter around us exist as mixtures of two or more pure components, for example, sea water, minerals, soil etc. are all mixtures. Mixtures are of two kinds- Heterogeneous and Homogeneous.
A solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances. The concentration of a solution is the amount of solute present per unit volume or per unit mass of the solvent.

Pure substances can be elements or compounds. An element is a form of matter that cannot be broken down by chemical reactions into simpler substances. A compound is a substance composed of two or more different types of elements, chemically combined in a fixed proportion. Properties of a compound are different from its constituent elements, whereas a mixture shows the properties of its constituting elements or compounds.
Mixtures can be separated into pure substances using appropriate separation techniques. Learn about these techniques in this module.

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    • Introduction to Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
    • Elements- Characteristics and Classification
    • Concept of molecules
    • Compounds
    • Mixtures
    • Solutions
    • Suspension and Colloids
    • Properties of Colloids
    • Separation of Solid-Solid Mixtures
    • Separation of Solid-Liquid Mixtures
    • Separation of Liquid-Liquid Mixtures
    • Separation of Gas-gas mixtures
    • Review of elements,compounds and mixtures
  • Elements, Compounds and Mixtures -- Summary

    Learnhive Lesson on Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

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