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Chemistry / Matter and its Composition

Chemistry / Matter and its Composition

Crystals Matter : Anything that has weight and occupies space is called matter.
States of matter: Solids: A solid has a definite shape and volume. Examples of solids include ice (solid water), a bar of steel, and dry ice (solid carbon dioxide).
Liquids: A liquid has a definite volume, but takes the shape of its container. Examples of liquids include water and oil.
Gases: A gas has neither a definite volume nor a definite shape. Examples of gases are air, oxygen, and helium.
Plasma is recognized as fourth state of matter.
Interconversion of three states of matter:
1. Melting : Change of substance from solid state to liquid state.
2. Evaporation or boiling: Change of substance from liquid state to gaseous state. Transpiration is the evaporation of water into the atmosphere from the leaves and stems of plants
3. Condensation : change of substance from gaseous state to liquid state.
4.Freezing or solidification : change of substance from liquid state to solid state.
Kinetic Theory of Matter
Change of state of matter on the basis of Kinetic theory of Matter
Law of conservation of mass: matter can neither be created nor destroyed.

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    Matter and its Composition

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    • Introduction to matter and its composition
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    • Brownian Movement
    • States of matter
    • Interconversion of states of matter
    • Kinetic Theory of matter
    • Change of matter based on kinetic theory of matter
    • Properties of matter
    • Law of Conservation of mass
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