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CBSE Class 5 Math Smart Learning Cards

CBSE Class 5 Math Smart Learning Cards

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For the first time in India, Learnhive has introduced Smart Learning Cards and integrated Online exercises for Mathematics. Each Smart Learning Card explains a particular Math topic and provides a visual summary of that concept with attractive illustrations and examples. The cards are ordered in a special sequence to help students progressively build their knowledge about all the Math concepts required for CBSE Class 5. This uniquely organized deck of learning cards will help you understand, revise, and recall all concepts with ease.

Each deck comes with a unique code that you can use to activate your online account. Once it is activated, you can quickly access online exercises related to the topic or concept explained in the learning card. These summarized concepts and topic-focused exercises will help you learn quickly and practice effectively. Get the Learnhive advantage today to get ahead!

The CBSE Class 5 Math deck consists of 72 Learning Cards that cover all the essential concepts required. This is a highly popular learning product from Learnhive. Carry smartness in your pocket!

  • Power packed Math learning cards for CBSE Class 5.
  • 100% syllabus coverage. All chapters covered.
  • Free online exercises for topics related to every card. Activation code included in the box.
  • Free shipping anywhere in India.
Subjects Mathematics

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